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Food, Family, Love, and Naps.

If you know nothing else, know that food was consumed, naps were taken, and love was celebrated. Of course, there is always more to the story with me!

This weekend was a little weird because, if I just listed things out and didn’t qualify at all, it would seem like a lovely summer weekend. Well, it was a lovely weekend, indeed, but summer? Not so much!

Weekend Recap!

I knew I had spoken too quickly with my post Friday. I jinxed us all–we woke up to temps in the 40s… after eating outside the night before! We were all, whatever, we are going to DC, where it is much warmer and in the 60s/70s for the weekend (in the 90s when we arrived), but I will tell you, we must have brought the wind with us as well! 

Irregardless, after a pretty C+ lunch at the airport (which was a bit of a bummer considering that we got dishes that we normally get and are usually pretty good) and a brief delay + some comment reply catch up and people watching, we were on the plane! I continued to do work on the plane while Alex napped, and we arrived to an onslaught of humidity. Aka my natural habitat. 

Hot and bothered, but at least I have a Slurpee! Dealing with the heat with wireless headphones and cold drinks.

We spent the afternoon with Alex’s family (mom, dad, sister in law, nephew, and finally, brother) playing in their backyard. Our nephew is turning 3 in about 10 days, and Alex was fresh as a daisy after his nap and a beer, so we pretty much let the nephew wear him out. 

After dinner, Alex and I convinced ourselves to go be social and involved in the reason that we had flown to DC for the weekend–his co-chief’s wedding! That evening, they were having a reception/drinks and dessert following their rehearsal dinner, so we headed into downtown DC to an awesome restaurant called Boundary Road.

Any place that serves apple pie with this many levels + barely baked brownies for dessert and then bacon sandwiches and corned beef crostini as well… is ok in my culinary book, and the decor took it over the top. I could live there. 


Saturday morning, I got up and went for a nice long walk (as you may have seen in my IG stories). First stop was Starbucks for a decaf Americano and then I headed up the Potomac and marsh area towards Old Town Alexandria while listening to the Chelsea Handler episodes of the Anna Faris podcast. When I got back, people were waking up, and I had some Love Grown Oats (that I brought with me) + yogurt and other odds and ends (I am trouble in other people’s houses, lol!)

Mid morning, we headed into Old Town Alexandria, per my request, and we were lucky to hit the Old Town Farmer’s Market! It was a little overwhelming for the nephew at times, but he is so chill that he handled it well.

Samples that were acquired: kalamata olive bread, various salsas, and the most decadent and sweet and succulent peaches and cantaloupe EVER. Nothing like local produce….

Lunch was a little less “well behaved,” both with regards to the weather (the temps dropped and got windy) as well as our selections. But hey, there were some vegetables involved. Alex and I shared this BBQ platter and a salad (topped with some pretty awesome chicken tenders and cornbread).

And then this happened. No veggies here! I wish I could say that I took this whole thing down myself, but this was a team effort so that neither one of us would spend the afternoon in a stomach pain tailspin. Oreo ice cream (old fashioned style) in a cake coke. 

Amazing old fashioned cookies and cream oreo ice cream from Old Town Alexandria! @suzlyfe


Question: what do you call these types of cones? I called them sugar cones growing up, but Alex calls them cake cones. I was always a waffle cone person, but now I like these best (the bottom of the cone is the bombbbb). 

The rest of the afternoon before the wedding was about naps and letting the grandparents wear out and get worn out by the toddler. 

The wedding was held just blocks from the White House at Decatur House, in the courtyard, and was simply spectacular. Simple, gorgeous, and heartfelt in the best way. The food…. OMG. The drinks were amazing (the groom’s drink was a strawberry rhubarb mezcal creation with mint and lemon and just AWESOME) and the passed apps included prosciutto wrapped dates, crab cakes, mini fried goat cheese balls, and more. 

Dinner was glorious–wedding food aspires to be this good. Grilled asparagus with lemon, corn souffle (Alex’s favorite bite of the night), BBQ salmon (incredible), and tender beef short rib. The band played throughout dinner and they were FANTASTIC. Bennett Miller Entertainment (I think?) if you are getting married in the area!

After the Horah and some more dancing, we dug into cake (chocolate with chocolate mousse and strawberries and vanilla with a raspberry coulis) and Chicago mix popcorn (caramel corn and white cheddar corn). I ate myself to a state of stomach pain and I am OK with that! One of the best wedding cakes I’ve had in a while!

We stayed until about the same hour as the night before, but it was chilly, and we knew we had a day of travel, so we headed home. But it was a lovely night of great food, amazing people, dancing with the man I love, and just so much joy!


I started my day with a lovely night sweat 😀 and then a walk to Starbucks again. I was still pretty fatigued so after a rambling breakfast of all the things (how could I ever be hungry again after the night before?) I curled up for a little nap. Oh, and then passed out for the entirety of the plane flight back. 

I sent Alex to the gym and I went to pick up Ridley, who was just as exhausted as I had felt not too long before! This picture was literally 2 minutes after putting her into the car…

Oh, and I fixed the vacuum! There was a something not closed completely, but it is fixed, so I vacuumed (aaahhhh). I met Alex for a Trader Joe’s run (we were out of EVERYTHING but unfortunately so were they, so I will be going back to the store in the next day or so).

For dinner, we had a ton of pita chips and roasted garlic hummus and then dove into simple dinners of baked salmon with roasted Brussels sprouts, cauliflower rice, capers, balsamic, and honey mustard. Simple, healthy, delicious. 

Master of None, basketball, chocolate, and Raisin Bran Crunch brought the evening to a close!

Food (OREO ICE CREAM) + Family + Naps => What more do you need? #sweatpink #fitfluential Click To Tweet

This week is back to basics: Remicade today (Monday) and the standard week, except for our anniversary on Friday!

Frozen Custard or Ice Cream? You know my feels about egg yolks.

Are you a wimp in fancy dress and cold weather? Yes.

Do you color coordinate with your significant other? Usually, Alex and I try to have some sort of plan, but he totally ignored me this time…

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