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I Need to Focus on the Process, Not the Goal


In an ironic turn of events, my goal is to focus on the process, not the goal, in order to live a happier, healthier, life. Here is how and why I’m making that decision.

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Many of you (hi, Mom) likely realized that Tuesday was a Tuesday unlike the others. You didn’t get a new post from me on Tuesday. I decided to take advantage of the NOW Foods Giveaway momentum and take a day off. Just a litmus test of the blog. You see, for the past few months, I have been thinking, pondering, considering changing my blog schedule up. Maybe posting a little bit less.

But when you have such a routine, a schedule–Mondays recap the weekend, my Tuesday posts wax poetic and get metaphorical, Wednesday is Running Coaches’ Corner, Thursday’s are for Thinking Out Loud, and Friday is for Foodie Friday/Friday Five/Friday Favorites–you find that inertia, commitment, and fear make it hard to break your pattern. 

This spring has been amazing for me (Remission! New job! Back to running! New apartment!) but it has also be tough. Like, really tough. This spring I’ve dealt with depression and feeling lost as I worked to survive unemployment and trying to get employment, anxiety attacks stemming from performance anxiety, changes in hormones, fear of physical regression back into my injury, dealing with pain, and I’m sure some worries about the future fertility battle. 

I am the type of person that has learned to be in tune with herself, but not too in tune. I have a 3 strikes rule, more or less, when it comes to my physical or mental/emotional behavior: if I notice the behavior 3 times, it is time for me to call myself out and see what is going on under the surface.

Well, this week, I hit strike three. The anxiety is better, I’m not capital D Depressed, or capital A Anxious. But something is off. The Ish Whacked the Fan on Monday as I realized that I was not going to hit certain performance goals that I had set for myself due to changes in my client base both for coaching and for personal training, and it just threw me off for the rest of the day until I had a client that helped pull me out. Then as I was talking to my Coaching Mastermind Group yesterday (Wednesday), I finally admitted to them what I had been afraid to admit to myself: I am in a bit of a rut. 

But why?

I am falling victim to focusing on the goal, not the process. 

If you commit to and focus on the process, not the goal, you will find greater success than ever. How do you gut check yourself?

Back in January, I declared that I wasn’t going to set goals for myself this year, but rather to focus on priorities. I’ve done a rather good job of doing so thus far. I feel much better, healthwise, I am working on my family-starting, I am enjoying running for running’s sake. I have a job that introduces me to the most inspiring people.

But I let slip ups cut me to the core. Slip ups that have NOTHING to do with me. It is NOT my fault that someone else lost their job, or that their personal trainer that they worked with for years moved back to the city, or that they simply are terrible with time and keeping appointments. It is not my fault. Not my problem.

What is my fault, my problem? That I am letting it get to me so much. That I am focusing on the number of people that I can bring to the table, rather than the discussion at hand or the food I am placing upon it. Please don’t take this to mean that I am offering a substandard product. I will never let that happen! Rather, I mean that I am letting the wrong aspects of my jobs influence my emotions and how I FEEL about my job.

Part of the issue is that I do have a performance based job–I have to bring people in for personal training for the club’s bottom line. But I have to remember why I chose to work here over a big box gym–I am here to be MORE than just a salesman. I am here to change people’s lives and in so doing, they change mine. THAT is what I need to be focusing on. I need to shift my focus to the process, not the goal, with regards to all of the performance areas of my life: personal training, managing members and gaining clients, coaching, and the blog.

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Focusing on that process will lead to a more thorough, genuine, and effective process and produce a superior result. 

So let’s see how this goes, shall we?

How do you gut check yourself?

Do you find yourself getting too focused on the goal and not the process?

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