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FLIPping Out #WIAW

First off, thank you all so much for your response to my new haircut! I’m glad that you all like it as much as I. Alex literally said, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think it looks WAY better than the other one (the before).” Hahahahahaha well, me, too!
Holy bageezus, guys, Alex and I spent our afternoon yesterday doing out tax return thingies and let’s just say it took about 4 hours. We had to file in 3 states, figure out what type of residents we were multiple times, basically pay for the right to breathe, and I’m not really sure what we netted. I’m just glad that it is done, and that he helped me. Otherwise, we would’ve been veeerrryyy sad. And likely audited. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat. Well, they do really, but no one wants it.


In the aftermath of the Suzlyfe March Through Atlanta (Sherman was not involved. And fun fact: I am directly related to Gen. Hood, who surrendered Atl to Sherman. Yup, OLD Atlanta.), I was largely fine on Monday (not sore, really, until late Monday night, when the insertion point of my soleus at the back of my knee started to hurt. Well, today, it HURTS. Missy (my PT) doesn’t think that it should be too bad, but you know that I am worried. Will keep you abreast of the developments.

For now, let’s talk celebratory eats from Sunday night in Atlanta!


Thank you as always to the radiant Jenn for hosting our shindig of foods.


If you are a foodie, a Bravo devotee, or from Atlanta, you have heard of Mr. Richard Blais. Though long a chef on the Atlanta scene, he really gained traction following his stint on Top Chef, and he won the season he returned to the Top Chef kitchen. He specializes in inventive culinary creations that are meant to test your perceptions of flavors, ingredients, textures, and preparations of foods. He takes his food VERY seriously, but one of the things that I really admire about his style of cooking is that, for all of his intensity, he imbues his dishes with a definite sense of humor. Flip Burger Boutique is one of the earliest and greatest haute burger restaurants in the South. It was one of the first places to offer the Krispy Cream-bun burger. Blais is also a lover of liquid nitrogen: anyone who has ever watched Top Chef knows this, and he puts his talents to great use in the famous Flip milkshakes. And then he throws old-school-meets-new-school out the window with the tuna tartare burger, with its compressed veggies, mango sphere, and avocado puree. This is my typical go-to.


This time? I decided to switch it up. Not only did we go to a new location (no longer being at our family home, which has a location not far from it!), I got a different burger, and one of the awesome craft cocktails.

Samplings from dinner:

heaven flip7edited

Heaven or Las Vegas el jimador blanco tequila, cranberry-jalapeno puree, lime, agave (I got light agave)
Loved it. Great, but not overwhelming heat. I’m glad I got light agave–the cranberry gave it a nice zing and refreshment without being sweet. I remember when people would get the margs with light agave at the resto and I hated them. But this was DELICIOUS. Next time, though? I’ve got my eye on the State of the Union (hangar one vodka, apricot-maple syrup, lemon, ginger beer).

wedge flip8edited

Chopped Wedge Salad chopped iceberg, bacon crumbles, celery, grape tomatoes, bleu cheese dressing (on side)
Exactly how I wanted to start–just decadent enough from the properly crisped bacon so that I could have some clean flavors to start me off. And a great complement to the sweet potato tots.

tot flip edited

Sweet Potato Tots coffee bbq spice, blue cheese dressing
Ordered for the table. Demolished by the table. As good as it sounds. Coffee bbq spice? YES.

shake flip10edited

Red Velvet LN2 (Liq nitrogen :D) Milkshake
I don’t even know how Dan chose it. I honestly don’t think I could pick just one. Or resist adding the alcohol.

Mom and I both got the Oaxaca--hers was easier to photo, lol.

Mom and I both got the Oaxaca–hers was easier to photo, lol.

Oaxaca beef, avocado, cilantro-lime mayo, queso fresco, pico de gallo
Delicious patty, and the mayo was so so tasty (I got it on the side, and then dabbled in it). And we know that queso fresco is one of the few cheeses that I really like (along with Cotija). I will say that the avocado didn’t lend much to it–it just wasn’t ripe enough–and I would have loved more pico. The pico was so good, but just not enough of it. And the bun? so light and airy, that the interior pulled apart like cotton candy. But still had that great film/skin/crust. The individual components (sans the avocado) were great, but I wish that it had come together a bit more. I had more fun disecting it and eating it like a steak with sauce and sides than a regular burger (in my defense, I did try!).

Next time I come, Alex is coming with and we are getting the RBQ, which Dan got (beef, pulled brisket, coleslaw, rbq (I think root beer?) sauce, and smoked mayo) or the farmer (brasstown grass-fed beef patty, tillamook aged cheddar, apple chutney, kale, smoked mayo). I seriously debated both of these, but the oaxaca called, especially in light of the fact that my stomach had been a bit gurgly from all of the food shoved into my gullet over the course of the day. I also have my eye on the lamb burger (saffron pickled zucchini and harissa ketchup???).

I guess I’ll just have to go back to ATL. Shucks.

Flip is a great choice for lunch and dinner, and whether you are a carnivore or herbivore. They have patties made of shrimp, chorizo, and a house made veggie burger (beet, black bean, brown rice). Also–check out the sampler of mini burgers (butcher’s cut, rBQ, fried chicken).


I love this place. The Buckhead location is very chic, sleek, and modern, and always is filled with people getting ready to do something. This time we went to the Virginia Highlands location, and it was much more dark, cozy, and family oriented. Either way, you are guaranteed, as you always are with Blais, to find something that slightly blows your mind, and in a good way.

Which milkshake or cocktail would you have gotten?

drinks flip4editedHave you ever had a shrimp burger? Ever been to one of Blais’ restaurants?

Who was your fave Top Chef winner?

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