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Fleet Feet Chicago Fall Fashion Show #SeeandBeSeen


This Wednesday night I headed just a little bit uptown for the Fleet Feet Chicago Fall Fashion Show held in Second City’s Up Comedy Theater.  I’m no idiot. I know the last thing on earth I need is yet another piece of clothing. And, even further, the last thing I need on earth is another piece of workout or running clothing. But when I heard about the event, you know I was totally going to go. I mean, was it even a question? Especially when I heard there was a goodie bag lol.

And that goodie bag? TOTALLY worth it. I haven’t even delved into it yet, haha, but I saw Swiftwick socks, among other things!

They put on quite a show, with 18 companies and men’s and women’s outfits from nearly all of them (a few companies where women only). I sat with Erica and some of her friends (who I obviously quickly adopted as my own, because that is what I do) in a booth to the side and we took in an hour of nonstop tech fabrics, hidden pockets, spandex, and antics.

fleet feet fall fashion collage

And I finally got to meet Coach Sara!

Like, try a 50-something sportscaster, of questioning sobriety, trying to take over the show from Dave Zimmer, doing a head stand on a prop chair IN CWX APPAREL (ie not necessary), sexual innuendo, and carrying around his girl counterpart on his shoulders.

The after party in the store was great fun as well. We enjoyed complimentary apps from Adobo Grill (next door) and Crafthouse cocktails (I personally was not a fan of the Moscow Mule. It was spicy, which I don’t usually mind, but not in a MM!). BibRave provided koozies for the beer, and I almost got a beer just for that reason.

We were also provided a $20 credit towards a purchase that night (I went with a Smartwool neck gaiter), and the remainder of the proceeds from the night’s sales and the show itself went to Imerman Angels, and Jonny Imerman himself walked in the show! He seems to be the most genuine, grateful guy, just a great soul, and a real inspiration and proof that cancer doesn’t mean the end of your life. He has survived multiple bouts of cancer, was luckily able to beat them all, and has turned his battle into a mission to help improve the lives of those stricken with cancer through one-on-one cancer support. He actually reminds me a great deal of my friend Leah, who turned her own life around and upside down after her own cancer diagnosis and remission. And Social and Imerman Angels have teamed up throughout the year–Imerman Angels is Social’s affiliated charity! And join us for Social’s Blue and White bar hop next weekend on Wells to benefit IA!

Before the Women’s Half Marathon this summer, Mo, Erica and I were standing around reminiscing about the old days. Ie the days when you thought that it was perfectly acceptable to wear large, heavy cotton crew necks and soffees with your cotton sports bra and Nikes. My my my, how the times have changed.

new balance windstopper jacket

There were so many pieces that this is just no way for me to effectively recap all of them, so I thought that I would talk about the pieces that stuck out the most to me (ie the ones even though, as I said, I do NOT need more clothing, that I would still consider spending money on/almost spent money on). Please excuse the pictures—it was incredibly dark in the audience area and INCREDIBLY bright on stage. I will supplement as best I can with stock images!

The big “trends” of the show:

  • Wind stopper fabric, mid-layers, and all the thumb holes
  • Interesting detailing, hemlines, shapes, and cuts including asymmetry
  • Longer hemlines and higher necklines for coverage
  • Colors, textural graphics, and reflectivity
  • Keyholes in the back of tanks
  • Color coordinated interiors/lining/seaming

MY Faves:


new balance windblocker jacket

New Balance Windblocker Jacket–I am obsessed with this jacket. The color, the cut, the fabric. It’s on my Xmas list.

pearl izumi fly softshell

Pearl Izumi Fly Softshell Run Jacket–This color is to die for and the fabric is fantastic.


lole love tank

Lole Love Tank (I actually bought this in black from the yoga studio a few weeks ago–love the braided back!)

anue mantra practice layer

Anue Mantra Practice Layer–loved this but didn’t care for the bottom ruffle thing. If you could take that off I would snap that sucker UP.


oiselle off the grid knicker

Oiselle Off the Grid Knicker (also the Go Jogging Tight)–I am ALL about the pockets on their pants right now–I think that the placement is great, and will provide for easier access and less moving around.

anue spider spree capri

Anue Printed Spree Capri–This pants are great. They remind me a lot of my purple geometric Old Navy capris. Slightly reflective but super flattering.

smartwool phd run tech tight

Smartwool PhD Run Tech Tight–Flattering seams, merino wool, zips and all the details. Want to live in them.

Have you ever gone to a fitness fashion show?

What do you have your eye out for this winter?

Are you concerned with how you look, or are you all about the function?

Thank you to Heather and Nicole for hosting the link ups today!

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