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#FlatsFriday Friday Faves Lyfe Sweat Pink

#FlatsFriday Numero Dos and Friday Favorites!

Welcome to #FlatsFriday, party people!!!


cat pick me

Had to use it again, it is too funny.

Before we get to my actual favorite thing about Friday (pssssssst….it has to do with SHOES), I want to give mention to a few other things making my week extra stellar.


1) The growing support and response for my Tough Talk posts. It chuffs me to no end that you are willing to hear my thoughts, and for whatever reason think them valid enough to respond/play devil’s advocate/agree. I am so the person that has an opinion on just about anything (REALLY?), and I like to think that I have a decently solid perspective on life. But I always, always, say, I am always willing to admit to being or be proven wrong, and I love it when people make me reconsider my own conceptions of the world. You all are just as much my inspiration for posts as is my life. So thank you for being troubled. If you’ve missed any of the discussion from the past few weeks, I encourage you to revisit them. Recently we’ve covered Learning to Ride the Downhill (also informative about running!), Intuition, Relaxed Readiness, Fear vs. Nerves, Regret, Gratitude, and Stop Thinking…. Thank you for being a sounding board, and for sharing your thoughts, stories, and inspiration. #sharesomethinginspiring

2) Learning to balance work, fitness, life, and cooking. I know, I am a bad foodie. I post picture after picture of delicious eats, and I tell you I have all of these recipes for you, and then I…..yeahhhhhh. Well, fear not. They will be coming. Not 100% sure when, but I have some that are in the works (like for Purple Cauliflower Crust, and Goji Berry Funfetti, and GF Chicken Parm,

chicken parm suzlyfe

and what may or may not be the ULTIMATE refueling food of the summer.), I just haven’t found the balance in the posts to get them done. Alex actually said to me the other day, “You don’t take pictures of what you make anymore,” and it struck me that even he is noticing! Ha! Soon, my friends, soon.

PS You all had me CRACKING UP over what Alex could be up to.

3) Putting that Guide to Chicago Summer Festivals to good use. I am really excited to have content on both blogs. I am not responsible for all of the content on the other one (yet 😉 ), but I am super pumped to find these other melieus for the thoughts and interests in this gourd of mine. Also? Best. Office. Mascot. Ever.

boar csp mascot suzlyfe

Thank you to those that are helping to support me in both arenas by liking and following us on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. And why not get rewarded for doing so and enter into my GIVEAWAY???? Psssssst. Check out the post from yesterday to find out what is included in the prize.

work survival giveaway suzlyfe

4) Big time taking-care-of-business. Literally. Car, Remicade, Contracts, running, yoga, cooking, taking lunch to work, blogging, Alex time. Whewf. And a bussssy weekend as well, with a long run tomorrow (thus the footwear) that will be a good test of the readiness of my body (and I’m pretty nervous about, actually), and then the Cheeky Chicago Fit Fest on Sunday! SO excited about that. And it makes me even more nervous for tomorrow’s run!

Another run I was rather nervous for. Marine Corps Marathon

Another run I was rather nervous for. Marine Corps Marathon

5) You knew it was coming. Didn’t you? It’s time…. for #FlatsFriday

flatsfriday 2 suzlyfe

Post your pic or send me one if you like! Don’t forget to #flatsfriday on the various other avenues and spread the word! Also–it doesn’t matter if they aren’t “cute.” What matters is that you are doing this to save yourself for a larger goal! We are all working towards something that we are proud of, we all have to balance our work life and health for our extracurriculars, so let’s celebrate!

And be sure to head over to Jill’s blog, where lots of other fitness-minded peeps are sharing their posts!

What has been your favorite random thing about this week?

What are you saving your feet/legs for?


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