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#Flatsfriday to #MarvelousMonday and Running in Between

Marvelous. Monday. Let’s discuss.

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

Marvelous is being excited about Monday because it is the beginning of a workweek, not just another freakin day.

Marvelous is #flatsfriday for the win! Thank you so much to all who participated! I think that I will do it throughout the summer–and again, don’t feel that you have to be a runner or whatever to participate, or if you wear your flats another day of the week, take a picture and send it to me anyway! Instagram me (@the_suzlyfe); tweet me (@suzlyfe); email me (suzlyfe [at] gmail [dot] com) or put it on your own blog and let me know in the comments over here! I will capture it and feature it on my Monday post as well as on my Pinterest page dedicated to #flatsfriday! This is not only a celebration of cute footwear, but also to our dedication to our dreams–we work hard, we deserve to take care of ourselves! Here are the submissions for this week:

flatsfriday 1 collage suzlyfe

flatsfriday 1 collage suzlyfeB

Marvelous is an amazing setting for my work lunches. I know. I’m spoiled. I’m ok with that.

lunch view suzlyfe

Marvelous is knowing I’m doing a damn good job. And getting told so 🙂

Marvelous is the longest run since my marathon this past fall. 12 miles Saturday morning (thanks to the flats) that were exercises in mental and physical toughness. This is the furthest I have run since my marathon, and it is so weird to find a distance that used to practically be a go-to for me be trying. That said, it was the perfect morning to run.

Marvelous is a marvelous lunch with my boy before picking up good friends and driving to Wisconsin for Resident Retreat (their entire class of interns gets the weekend covered for them. I drove, we played 20 questions and Heads Up (using the app on your phone) and just talked nonsense and it was great. And then holy balls, guys, the house was incredible.

green lake res retreat house green lake res retreat

Marvelous is eating too much but not beating myself up about it. Do I wish that I had more control over my gorging in group settings? Absolutely. But more importantly, I got calories in that I know will not go to waste, and I wasn’t bad overall–lots of veggies were had, too.

I honestly wish I had taken a picture of the food when I first walked in. It was unreal. This x2 + alcohol and a keg

I honestly wish I had taken a picture of the food when I first walked in. It was unreal. This x2 + alcohol and a keg

Marvelous is Remicade this week. Always a good thing, and I’m sure will be helpful after the less-than-stellar diet I have been enjoying.

Marvelous is doing paper work at work and making another step towards becoming an official employee!

I’m taking my car in today (not so marvelous, but needs to happen) and I am NOT excited to see that bill… but I would be less happy to get a ticket, so there is that.

getting tally

Marvelous is sleeping in a bed. Saturday night Alex and I shared a couch. He is a large human. Luckily I am rather small. But still.

getting hugged

Marvelous is looking forward to more and more bigtime events!  For those who don’t know, here is a little bit about Cheeky Chicago:

CheekyChicago is an online lifestyle magazine for the women of Chicago. It is your social destination to the most exciting happenings in the city. Cheeky is your monthly event host, your weekly newsletter and your daily dose on all things fresh, feminine and fun. Cheeky gives back to our savvy community by offering fabulous perks and VIP status with our exclusive Cheeky Card Program.

This Sunday is Cheeky Chicago’s Fit to Be Cheeky Event, hosted by Cheeky and held at Lincoln Park, the Lincoln Hotel, and the J Parker Rooftop. Equinox, Lululemon, SHRED 415, and the Daily Method, among others, will be hosting a plethora of fitness classes throughout the event (I have signed up for too much, but I don’t care 😉 ). I cannot wait to go and try out all of the classes, go to the “Zen Den” and just be out and about in Chicago with some amazing women. Sure, the event may be the day after my next long run, but I’ll be damned if I miss out on this opportunity!

Lastly, Marvelous is Father’s Day, and the love we all have for the special people in our lives. 

Well, that is my weekend in a nutshell. So much else, as always, but there is ice cream to be eaten, my friends.

How did you celebrate Father’s Day? I went with the never-fails phone call. My dad is recovering from a sinus infection–I was glad to hear that he was better! And it was an exciting first Father’s day for Alex’s brother!

Look backward–what was marvelous about your weekend? Now look forward–what is marvelous to come this week?


Did you wear your flats but miss out on submitting! Send anyway!


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