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Friday Five Lyfe

Five Thoughts Friday (Socialization, Weekend Home, and More!)

I’m still getting my mojo back from all of our travel, so I thought that I would give my brain a little time off and do a Five Things Friday. 

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Five Thoughts Friday

Because I can’t go without talking about the puppsters, let’s start with Ridley.

1) We (slash I) have decided to set Ridley up with daycare. Turns out that she was barking when we weren’t at home because she would get bored (see what I am talking about from yesterday??), and with Alex and I having coinciding late nights on certain days, I needed to have a place to take her. I can only take her to the park so much–and yes, she has gone to the puppy park every day this week. 


We are going today (Friday) for her daycare “socialization” test. Basically, proving that she can play well with others. I think this is a great idea for all humans as well. I know more than a few people would would fail that!

2) I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit… unsure… about the weather. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning were gorgeous, if a little bit windy, and then the temps dropped Wednesday night and now it is in the 50s and feels COLD. I still only have summer clothes in my closet, but I’ve made Alex promise to help me get my other clothes from storage so that I can have somewhat appropriate clothing. And then I’ll wear only gym clothes, but still, the options will be there. 


In other news, I had a really cool phone call about a potential new clothing partnership that I am SO FREAKING PUMPED ABOUT. And it will be perfect for Chicago winter!

3) I am wearing my pink Cubs hat like it is my job. Sorry, Jessie, Jesi, and Rachel, but I can’t be excited about the Indians going to the World Series unless my Cubs get to go to the World Series as well. And then I can’t be excited about it unless we beat you. Because I am from Atlanta, and that is what teams from Atl do in the World Series (1995 World Series Braves beat the Indians).


4) I FINALLY got to make a real dinner on Wednesday night, and it was FREAKING DELICIOUS. I wish I had better lighting (the continued bain of my existence), but I made Peanut Sauce Spaghetti Squash Stirfry for Alex and I (he had regular noodles because he is weird). It felt good to actually CREATE something again! It has been way too long since I actually cooked! And it will be the only time we are eating together at home this week, but Saturday and Sunday, it is on. 


5) I start fertility treatments again today. We took the last 2 months off so that I could get over my Crohn’s Disease flare, work to gain some weight, decrease stress, and then Alex and I basically never saw each other. So I am going back in for another round of bloodwork and an ultrasound and then we will start me on another round of Clomid or the Clomid alternative, and then it is likely we will head straight into IVF. 

Poor Alex...

Poor Alex…

It was kind of bittersweet doing my favorite race memories post, as I don’t know when I will be able to add on to those again. But racing never defined me before–I care much more about running. But it still was a little bit of a pang in my heart. Then again, there really aren’t many good race options that I would have any interest in beyond Rock n Roll NOLA, which I will be coaching for with Team Challenge! We have an entirely new group of awesome runners, and I can’t wait to work with them! Many of this group have Crohn’s Disease or Colitis, so you know that I am excited to get hands on with them. 

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Don’t tell me you missed out on my other posts from the week!

This weekend… we are BOTH home. YASSSSSS

Have a great weekend, everybody!

What are you all up to this weekend?

Who else is not quite sure about the weather REALLY turning?

Do you think that we should institute a socialization test for humans?

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