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Five Things that Changed Me this Summer


First off, happy birthday to my Dad! I hope you have an epic water ski this morning 😀

Dad Skiing Lake Oconee Georgia

Yes, I want summer to stay a bit longer. Yes I have pumpkin o’s but I’m not eating them yet. I’m still on the zucchini train. But I am also, in the vein of the end of one month, a bit reflective about the past few months. So I am joining my fabulous pallies Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia for Friday 5 and Heather for Friday Favorites in order to reflect at some of my discoveries over the past months.

Five Ways I’ve Changed this Summer

1) I started taking more (but calculated) chances again. 

I’m not going to say that I ever truly stopped taking chances, but for a while I was definitely feeling a bit fragile. I’ve discussed the fact that I’ve had some concerns regarding our future monetary situation (for the purposes of children) and that I’ve been struggling with, well, with what it means to be Suz. WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN? I know who Susie the person is, and I cemented that with my mission statement. But who is Suz? Who am I, even in my own circles? Am I doing what makes me happy while also maintaining balance? Am I staying in certain situations because I don’t necessarily trust the outcomes? Am I stuck in a holding pattern that is just going to make me more unhappy in the long term? 

Right track

I definitely don’t have the answers to all these questions, and I am still working on moving towards resolutions, but I am once again working toward said resolutions. I feel a bit like I did last February/March, when I stopped trying to make one path work when I realized that it just wasn’t for me, and instead I made a life changing leap. I have a bit more security in some of my changes this time around, but that doesn’t mean the chance for failure is any less. 


But I’m taking those chances, taking those steps, and surrounding myself with the right people to support me (and who I do my damnedest to support as well). Ultimately, I’m taking the chance on my world.

2) I am being both active and passive: accepting luck but also working for what I want. 

I think that Ragnar, Blogfest, my ambassadorship with Brick Betty, and my new job at I Love To Run are testament to this. I put myself out there in some of these situations, and in others, I welcomed the help of others. In my mind, ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you got the opportunity (luck or work), what matters is how you react and move forward: do you act with gratitude and make the most of the opportunity? Or do you just expect handouts and take it for granted? 

It matters not what happensin life.What

I personally do not believe that everything happens “for a reason.” I think that things happen; you choose the reason to fuel yourself moving forward. So choose wisely.

3) I Moved Beyond Myself. 

Coaching has been transformative for me. I think that I already had many of the qualities in myself, but coaching has really reminded me that I am capable of balancing my own desires and needs with those of others. Yesterday, I was talking to fellow Brick Betty Fit Pro Lin (in town for the Les Mills summit), and she just smiled at me and told me that I was so ready to be a mom. I think that last year’s marathon helped me get over my fears of my body and my fears of challenges. This winter’s marathon taught me that I can blow my own damn mind if I set myself up properly and surround myself with the right people (COUGH ERICA) who know (or perhaps don’t!) just how much to push me. This marathon has taught me that I can live my own life as well as that of others without losing myself in the shuffle. Am I as fast as I used to be? No. Do I care? Maybe a little. My solution? Do your best, enjoy being a part of this process for others. Move beyond yourself.

4) I Grow Ever More Confused About My Future Location

Every time I go home to the East Coast, I think, “This is where I need to be.” But then I look around me at my friends and my family that I’ve put together here in Chicago, across the lake early in the morning as I head down to coach, and suddenly I find myself conflicted. I probably will remain conflicted until the cold really hits again…. What I have taken away from this summer is that I will be OK no matter where we end up. As long as I have Alex and my family, be they blood or not. 

sometimes home has a heartbeat

5) I am Susie, Suz, The Suz, and I will Continue to Live #LikeaSuz

I know that my site needs work. Trust me, I know! I know that there are things that people would rather I talked more about or less about (food, running, heavy topics). But when I look at the results of my survey, I realize that I am who I am. The feedback was great, I needed to check in with people, and I 100% think I needed to do it. But I can’t change who I am. I can perhaps package things a bit differently, but let’s face it: I am Susie. I am Awesome. But the Suz can mature and grow, and she should. But growth takes time. Adaptation don’t happen overnight, just as we tell the trainees. 

Marathons are the Culmination of Small Steps

Get over yourself, and take the first step.

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How have you grown over the past few months?

Tell me a favorite memory!

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