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Five Things Friday (Thrive360 Eatery, Sweatworking, Charity Miles)

I’m taking a page from my girl Erin’s book with a Five Things Friday featuring Thrive360 Eatery, Sweatworking, and Charity Miles! TGIF!

Also hooking up (hey hey) with the Friday Five Crew (Mar, Cynthia, Courtney) as well as with Heather for Friday Favorites.

Looking for the 5 Glute and Core Exercises that YOU MUST DO if you are a runner? 

How about some updates on my life now that the Olympics are over?

Five Things Friday

Sweatworking Nutrition

Last night, Alex and I joined Erica and running friend Amanda for a pre- and post-workout nutrition Sweatworking event at Marianos. The last time I went to one of these nutrition/cooking Sweatworking events, I had just (unknowingly) broken my back, and I was still in quite a bit of pain! This time, though, it was nice to be able to move around a bit better.

This black bean burger is healthy, delicious, and satisfying. Thank you Marianos and Sweatworking for a great nutrition event! @suzlyfe

We tried some really delicious snacks, breakfast, and meal options (as you saw on my IG stories) including a carrot cherry nut energy bite (loved the giant juicy cherries here!), lemon blackberry chia overnight oats, black bean burger (with a really great sprouted hamburger bun!), and farro kale avocado salad. I think that, for most of us, the black bean burger stole the show–just 5-6 ingredients, and I loved the pairing with the guacamole (though I could have used a big slice of tomato 😀 ). 

Another great Sweatworking event, and I loved seeing some great friends!

Thrive360 Eatery with Erin

Speaking of great friends, Erin and I FINALLY got to spend some actual time together at lunch at Thrive360 Eatery in the loop. OMG YOU GUYS a) it was so awesome to see my friend and have lunch again like we used to do weekly and b) I’m kind of obsessed with Thrive 360. It is a sister business to Protein Bar, but I would say that I like it even more! Think Lyfe Kitchen meets Protein bar.

Check out the Jenny's Asian Noodle Bowl at Thrive360 Eatery! It is delicious, nutritious, and a must try for lunch! Get more info at

I got the Jenny’s Asian Noodle Bowl with chicken instead of tofu, and I left satisfied both in stomach and taste buds. 

And then we went by Revival Food Hall, which is totally happening. But for now, I’m dreaming of Thrive360. 

The Sweet Spot of Summer

I am in love and lust with the weather right now. I would take it to bed, if that was possible. I feel like we are, or at least were, at the beginning of the week, in the sweet spot of summer where the weather is breezy, not too humid, and the temps right around 80. Essentially, perfection. Perfect for runs, eating outside every night, and walking everywhere. 

How gorgeous is this weather! Perfect for a late summer run along the lake front of Chicago @suzlyfe

Using Technology for Good and for Evil

You want to know what is kind of fun? I’ve been getting a little caught up on my recorded shows outside by watching them on my iPad! How lovely was it to be outside, enjoying the breeze and the warmth of the sun while also seeing what the Real Housewives of Ridiculous (OMG Luann, you have no shame. Kelly Dodds, you need to be… well, I can’t say it here. And don’t get me started on Melbourne) are up to.

Now, lest you all think I am a terrible person, I have been doing a lot of the aforementioned walking in the aforementioned gorgeous weather, and I am trying to make the most of my walking by giving back. I have known about Charity Miles for years now, but it wasn’t until I listened to a podcast that Denny did with the founder of Charity Miles that I finally downloaded the app and started using it. 

WHAT THE HELL WAS WRONG WITH ME? It is so easy, and I always run with my phone. Now, when I go for walks or runs it can actually give back to CCFA (and others, but you know where I put my loyalties). If you have ever considered using the app before, I URGE you to do it. So easy, it doesn’t tax your battery, and it doesn’t seem to take up much data at all. Also, for you Pokemon Go people, think of all of the good you could be doing!

Neighborhood Patrolling (and Awaiting Openings!)

Ok, more walking and gorgeous weather, but get over it, it is amazing. Alex and I have been trying to walk our neighborhood while it is still amazing out (before that which shall not be spoken of (winter) arrives. That means finding new places, ogling incredible houses (and pretending that we could EVER live there), and checking out what new businesses and such are coming soon. We are going to get a new grocery store (Mariano’s, our favorite) about half a mile from my apartment and a Hopcat just a stone’s throw away!

Hopcat is coming to Chicago!

Alex and I went to Hopcat while we were in Grand Rapids, and I am going to live there. If I’m not pregnant, you can find me drinking all of the rotating beer selections and eating Crack Fries. If I am pregnant (willing), I’ll just be there eating Crack Fries. And then getting froyo, because, well, I have to make up for the lack of brew.

From @Thrive360Eatery to @CharityMiles to @aSweatLife, what Suz is LOVING #bgbcommunity Click To Tweet

I would say that it is going to be a low key weekend around here, but you know about how likely that is. Alex has his first fellowship interview tomorrow, and I have my last long run before the half marathon as well as a lunch date with Tiffy today and lunch date with Erica tomorrow!

Have a great weekend, all!

Tell me something that you are obsessed with this week!

How is the weather where you are? Dog Days or Sweet Spot?

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