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My Five Summer Fitness Goals 2016


Without a major race on the horizon, I have decided to set myself five summer fitness goals to accomplish. Why am I deciding to do this now, and what are they? 

This post is sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill and my partnership with Sweat Pink. All opinions and comments are my own!

What are your Summer Fitness Goals? From pull ups to half marathons, check out how I am planning to stay #summerstrong!

As mentioned in my post on the Five R’s of Post Run Recovery, this summer, Bob’s Red Mill is committed to helping us all get #summerstrong by fueling properly and going after our next fitness horizons. In the midst of everything going on, I think having something to focus on will be beneficial for me! Also, these fitness goals will help me from getting complacent and static in my own training–I have so much fun coming up with workouts for my clients, but I need to put that to work for myself!

We know I’ve got the fueling in hand… delicious protein smoothies that I have started craving, all you can eat sushi, and healthy BBQ Chicken Guacamole helps 😀 But what about my own fitness journey?

My Five Summer Fitness Goals to Get #SummerStrong

1) Get Over My Fear of Lifting Heavy

After I broke my back, I could go to the gym, but I was limited to weight lifting only. The problem? I couldn’t lift all that much weight because I had to be so careful with my back. As a result, I lifted moderate weights and never really allowed myself to get to fatigue. Part of it is a fear of getting hurt or angering some stupid ligament or whatever (which is just the ongoing battle of recovering from stress fracture and severe injury), another side of it is that I just want to run, and lastly, I’ve just gotten stuck in a rut of doing work, but not doing work. I want to get myself back to where I can feel that tiredness in my muscles again.

Spot me Bro! Never underestimate the small but mighty!

2) Do an Unassisted Pull Up (Again)

I used to be able to do a few unassisted pull ups. Actually, I used to practice off of my loft bed in my first year dorms. When I got married in 2013, I think I was up to 4 or 5? I would like to get back to at least one. Developing my back again will help bolster all parts of my life (I’m a big believer in the importance of a strong back!) from running to lifting to life in general.

3) Run a Half Marathon that is no more than 10 minutes off my PR time (1:41:30)

I know that this isn’t the year for a PR in anything, but I would love to run a half marathon that is within limits of my old times. Doing so is going to take some real work, though, and that means that I am going to need to get back to doing speed work at least in a general sense. I don’t think I want the pressure of exact paces, so I will likely be using perceived exertion training. I think this will also help as the temps rise (stay safe with my tips for running in hot weather!).

I'm totally into fitness! Fitness whole pizza in my mouth!

4) Buy A Bike OR Get a Dog

Ok, ok, I’ve been threatening to do both of these for a very long time. This summer, I either need to get the dog or get the bike. I don’t think that a triathlon is in the cards this year (but who knows), but it definitely won’t be without a bike! And you know that having a puppy will get you moving! And stopping. And moving! And stopping….

5) Run with Alex at Least 1x a Month

Our running schedules aren’t always on the same days, but every time I run with him, I am so happy. I love that we can share that, and that I can support him and pace him and push him and keep him going when he doesn’t think he can. I am so proud of him when he finishes! I can’t even pretend to be on a level with his lifting (he benches almost 3 of me at a time…) but we CAN run together. 

We all know that I will be the end of him.

We all know that I will be the end of him.

Bonus: Get Alex to Do His First Race! 

I was approached by a race group about doing one of their races, and so I am trying to negotiate Alex’s entry. I’ll keep you all informed.

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So there you have it! My Summer Fitness Goals. The priority of the summer, of course, is to work on getting a little Lemmer growing in my belly, but I think that all of these goals are will within line of supporting, and not hampering, that priority. Though, if I do get preggars, that is going to make the pull up goal much harder… Well, that is a long way off, either way!

What are some of your fitness goals and intentions for the summer? What are you working on?

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