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Five Reasons to Blogfest is Worth the Investment (Friday Favorites)

Thank you to Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney for the Friday Five, Jill for Fitness Friday and Heather for Friday Favorites!

Ah, Blogfest. So many things to say, so much to tell. I started to tell you a bit about it yesterday, and I’m sure that I will have quite a few more things to say–I’ll do a takeaway’s post or two as well. But I want to start with a few things that I have realized after just a day of the conference. What I think my body woke me up at the a$$crack of dawn to tell you.

What makes Blogfest worth the money, the time, and the energy investment and expenditure?

Five Reasons IdeaWorld Fitness Blogfest is Worth the Investment Suzlyfe

Five Reasons to come to Blogfest (5 Favorite Aspects of Blogfest So Far)

1) To Gain a new Perspective and Make You Question Yourself

I Know I keep posting this, but I am truly inspired by this thought right now!

I Know I keep posting this, but I am truly inspired by this thought right now!

One of the best takeaways from sessions yesterday was that we should ask questions. I have long had the idea to do a survey of what you all want to see here on Suzlyfe. To ask what you all think of certain initiatives that I have here, and to then use those findings in conjunction with my own thoughts/wishes/desires/interests to start to focus my direction. It is time for the Suzlyfe to be more than just a dumping ground of everything that I like and want to talk about. While that is fun, it leads to disorganization and is keeping me from growing in a dedicated direction. 

2) To be Educated/To Try Something New

Swords Coupon Blogfest

You are at a conference and expo surrounded by about 14,000 people who are involved in the same industries as you. If you can’t find something that is new and or mindboggling to you…. well…. I don’t know what to tell you. Ask questions, investigate. Companies are not sending just anyone to stand in these booths–these are their top reps (or else the top reps are here somewhere). The people teaching the sessions are at the top of their craft–otherwise they wouldn’t have been chosen. Get your money’s worth by investigating and picking their brains! Plus, if you are curious about some trend in the fitness world, my guess is that there is someone here representing it.

3) To have your Suspicions Confirmed or Denied


I’ll be honest: much of what I am being told in sessions (thus far) is not necessarily new to me (so far). So what makes it worth hauling my booty out to LA? I am hearing it from the proverbial horses’ mouths. Nutrition myths are debunked by dietitians; the most effective strategies to take me to the next level are the topics that make the cut. I have the chance to ask questions, to gain that new perspective and to have the findings contextualized so that I an make better use of them rather than having them be floating heads yapping at me. The comprehensive picture.

Yoplait Plenti Blueberry Greek Yogurt with Pumpkin Seeds, Oats, and Fruit Suzlyfe

Furthermore, as I said in #2, I can go to the expos and try the products, ask the questions, and have my curiosity satisfied. Do I like Arctic Zero? (No) Are there some truly hilarious fitness apparatus out there? (you bet) Am I correct in thinking that the best diet is one that leaves you happy, healthy, and fits into your lifestyle? (yep) Ask your questions, satisfy your curiosity.

4) To Push Your Comfort Zone and Get Inspired

An incredible speech from a beautifully well spoken young man with an incredible spirit. Make it Hard but Make it Possible.--Anthony Robles

An incredible speech from a beautifully well spoken young man with an incredible spirit. Make it Hard but Make it Possible.–Anthony Robles

If you come to a conference like this and aren’t inspired to gain a new perspective, to ask questions and engage with people, I honestly don’t know why you are here. Maybe you wanted samples, but in that case they aren’t really free, and you really aren’t getting that many. Or you just wanted to prance around in your clothes. My advice in how to make Blogfest, and any conference, for that matter, worth every cent is to find one session or to engage in one conversation each day that pushes your boundaries–talk to someone that you are a bit intimidated by (you might realize that they are much more human–or even more pompous–than you could imagine and maybe they take a liking to you and tell you the secret of life). Try a new product. Discover. Keep your eyes, ears, mind, and heart open to what can be.

5) (of course) To Meet People You Already Know

I am meeting a number of people to whom I’ve never said a word in my life. And yet I know the names of their children, how they take their coffee, their dietary and fitness strengths and weaknesses, and their personal struggles. I am “meeting” some of my best friends for the first time. And I am making myself known to people that don’t know me…yet. We were playing Blogger Bingo yesterday and you had to find people that met the criteria of the square. Well, we all knew who to turn to for each prompt!

Suzlyfe Collage with Fellow Blogger Friends Met at Idea World Blogfest

If nothing else, the investment in Blogfest is worth the once in a lifetime chance to have a hundred of my closest friends in a room with me. 

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For those who have attended a big blogging or other conference, what are some ways that you have tried to make the most of your time at the event? 

Are you naturally a skeptic when it comes to salespeople? I totally am

Tell me something awesome about your week, and what you are looking forward to this weekend!

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