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Five Netflix Streaming Shows To Watch


Last week I talked my favorite podcasts, so why not cover my favorite little known Netflix streaming shows this week? Now that I have had some time to detox from Netflix (holy moly I used to watch a lot!), I wanted to look fondly upon those good old days and the great programs that I watched that you may have never heard about.

Favorite Netflix Streaming Shows that You May Not Know!

Lesser Known Netflix Streaming Shows to Watch. My Favorite TV Series that you can bingewatch at any time! @Suzlyfe

So if you should find yourself with time on your hands (while the kids are off doing things on Spring Break?), grab your remote, a soft blanket, and curl up with these Netflix streaming shows. Honestly, narrowing these down to just 5 was really, really hard… #thestruggleisreal


River with Peter Skaarsgard is one of my favorite Netflix streaming TV shows! @Suzlyfe

If you are a fan of MI-6, one of the best espionage programs of all time (the BBC is amazing), you will be a fan of River, largely because the actress who played Rose is in the cast. River is a fantastic character expose cum murder mystery, and Peter Skaarsgard is fantastic in it. Fantastic cast, fantastic story, amazing acting, I highly recommend it. You might even cry at the end.

The Fall

The Fall with Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan is one of my favorite Netflix streaming TV shows! @Suzlyfe

I never watched The X-Files, (and I probably won’t watch the reboot) but can we all agree that Gillian Anderson is ageless? Another beautiful character study of two “hunters,” as the description of the show reads: a serial killer and a cop. Oh, and the serial killer? Just so happens to be Jamie Dornan, aka Mr Christian Grey of 50 Shades of Grey. Unfortunately, he has a beard the whole time, but turns out Mr. Dornan has some serious acting chops. I couldn’t stop watching.


Luther with Idris Elba is one of my favorite Netflix streaming TV shows! @Suzlyfe

Can you tell that I like character studies and crime dramas? Also the Brits? Truly, they have the formula down, it seems! Luther is another look at a flawed, tragic hero who must balance his own tendencies and what has come up against him with his job and calling. Idris Elba is electric! 

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders by the BBC is one of my favorite Netflix Streaming shows. Check out my other favorites @suzlyfe


What can I say? The BBC and the Brits know how to build some serious story arcs and characters. You know that a show is good when it makes you feel magnetically drawn to someone (Cillian Murphy) who you previously found borderline repulsive, you thought he was so creepy. But those ice blue eyes, that tough exterior and interior softness…. I may or may not have rewatched this one immediately.

Gracie and Frankie

Grace and Frankie with Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen, and Sam Waterston is one of my favorite Netflix streaming TV shows! @Suzlyfe

Okay, enough drama, how about some American laughs? Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin KILL it, and Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston are gems. The characters are caricatures, but they are portrayed in such a way, and by such deft actors and writers, that you eat it up, loving every minute. Regardless of your age, you will love this show!

And Five Better Known Netflix Streaming Series that You Should Binge Watch:

Nurse Jackie

Unbreakable Kimmie Schmitt

Friday Night Lights


Borgia/The Tudors/Reign 

Now, I think that you should be set! 

Obviously, there are so, so many more that I have watched and could list, but these are the ones that stick out in my mind and that I would revisit. And perhaps already have! Have a great weekend, everyone! I have a full day of members getting fitness consults yesterday, apartment applications to get in, and Alex and I are going to see UVA play in the Sweet Sixteen (and hopefully the Elite Eight!) at the United Center. WAHOOWAH!

British Crime Dramas and Jane Fonda: @suzlyfe's picks for @Netflix streaming #bingewatch #netflix Click To Tweet

Any lesser-known shows that you want to give some love to?

What was the last show that you bingewatched?

Anyone going to an NCAA tourney game? 

Happy Easter to those that observe!

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