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Five Inspiring Examples of Independence (Day)

Because you gotta. #respect #hesthepresident Just don’t talk about the fat lady. You’re obsessed with the fat lady.

Ps, love how obsessed everyone is with summer fruits and then ice cream for their healthy/unhealthy snack. I holding out for some wild cards, though, people! Tell me and you just might win a new favorite healthy (but doesn’t taste healthy) gluten free treat! Plus, you get to learn more about me. 

Today’s Friday 5 is, as I am sure that many blogs will be, focused on Independence (Day).  Cue Miss Kelly:

You already know that I am a pretty independent and self sufficient person. Today, I want to celebrate 5 inspiring acts of independence that I have witness/experienced recently!

1) Same Sex Couples’ Rights. 

Ok, ok, this is a bit backwards–Susie, what are you talking about? Isn’t granting them marriage rights etc celebrating the fact that they are actually declaring their dependence on each other? Well, yes, that is valid. But they are able to declare the independence as an autonomous family unit within a system that before they were entirely at the mercy of, dependent on, working so as to keep the family together.

Gay Pride Chicago

Homosexual individuals and couples are now more independent than ever–to choose who they love, to choose where they declare their love, and to move out from underneath their “safeties” (their fallbacks within the system).

2) Allyson Felix at the USATF National Championships

I have no clue how many of you all witnessed this, but the USATF National Championships were this past weekend in Oregon. It was so impressive seeing so many athletes, established in the international realm as well as in the collegiate arenas, come together and compete on a so-called even playing field. One act of independence? Athletes stepping out as their own entities from underneath the umbrellas of their teams. 

From the Olympics

From the Olympics

But the person I really want to talk about, even in the midst of all of these amazing feats of human ability, is Allyson Felix’s winning performance in the 400m. Why was her run so impressive to me? Because she ran her own race. If you watch the race, video here, you will watch her get challenged by the other runners, even to the point that you just know that she isn’t going to win. But she does. Because she ran her own race. Her own damn race. She runs that race as if she is the only person on that track–like the others do not even exist. Miss. Independent. But dependent on her training. #balance

3) My Post on Paleo Running Momma

I try not to throw other work too much in your faces, though obviously I sometimes do, but I was so happy with the reception of my guest post on Michele’s blog last week. As you all know, I am really adamant that people fight their fight, and that they live on their own terms. This doesn’t mean that you give everyone and everything the middle finger and tell them to go to hell; rather, it means that you declare independence from your expectations of where you/others feel your life should be going. 

baby fist pump 2

I know you all love it!

If you don’t like your fate, CHANGE IT.

4) Resident Doctors becoming Increasingly Independent

Many of you (ie those who don’t exist at the mercy of the medical field) may not know, but the final weeks of June mark the transition of residents and fellows. Ie: new interns start in the hospital, interns become full-fledged residents, residents become senior residents, senior residents move on to their fellowships or stay for a chief year (like Alex will next year), fellows might finally be considered fully specialized physicians. Irregardless, all are introduced to a new situation, a new level of responsibility, a new level of independence. 

Alex acting independently last December.

Alex acting independently last December.

Spread your wings, my friends, and good luck. We are all rooting for you!

5) Speaking of, Susie’s Independence from Alex (for the week)

This week has been one where I’ve seen Alex for a mere handful of hours as he has been working night float in the medical intensive care unit. And as 3rd year resident, he has even more responsibility than ever, which then requires him to spend even more time at the hospital. Consequently, I have basically operated completely independently of him this week.

Zoe asleep with Alex

And he, meanwhile, has been rather dependent on me (and Zoe, to keep him safe) to make sure that laundry is done, food is prepped and supplied, and that he can get as much rest as possible (whether or not he can actually sleep is questionable). Tomorrow, he will get off work, get a few hours’ sleep, and then the idiots will arrive. Again, I love them, but I wish that he had an extra day off to rest and spend with me!

Alex and Susie are not normal

Not that I like him, anyway. Also, this is my favorite new picture of us. CRACK ME UP.

Regardless of whether or not you are American or Venezuelan, I hope that this weekend, you make note of the balance between dependence and independence. One cannot exist without the other, and one is not always better. Again, it is reactions, good will, and adherence to morals that are everything.

Happy Independence!

And thank you to Heather for hosting Friday Favorites!

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What are some acts of Independence that have inspired you recently? How so?

Canadians, how did you celebrate Canada Day? Americans, what are you doing this weekend? Everyone else, how do you celebrate national pride from whence you hail?

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