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Five Friday Favorites

I’m going to take a break from my recipe posting (mostly because I have no really good pics to share, nor have I typed up any of my recipes), and combine two great link-ups into a double-whammy of a feel-good post. Thank you to Heather at Housewife Glamour for the Friday Favorites party and to Clare (ps, holler for spelling it without the “i”–Irish spelling for the win! AND GIVE CVILLE A HUGE HUG FOR ME) at Fitting It All In for the Five Things Friday party!

I thus bring you:

Five Favorite Things Friday



Here are 5 things that I am lurving this Friday:

1) Remembrances of foods past

I was obsessed with Team Cheerios. They debuted them for the 1996 Centennial Olympics in Atlanta (where I grew up), and they were seriously the best things ever.  They were out for a limited time, taken away, and then briefly re-surfaced long enough for me to believe that they would never leave. But they did. And my heart broke. Frosted + Original + Brown Sugar Cheerios in a single box.



Also, I loooooved Extra’s Green Apple Gum.  Literally would go through packs a week.  The flavor didn’t survive the change in gum packaging, alas, but it is still one of my favorite flavors ever.

OMG I wish.

OMG I wish.

Heath Bar McFlurries and TCBY Wild Cherry Crackle


I couldn’t find a pic of the Wild Cherry Crackle, but it was Wild Cherry Ice Cream with PopRocks in it. I would get a scoop of it and Mom would get a scoop of Banana Pudding on the way back from the barn. And then we graduated to the Health Bar McFlurries. We didn’t patronize DQ, so we weren’t Blizzard people, but I don’t want to think of how many HBMcF we demo’d back in the day.

2) Feeling just the right amount of sore following my chest day work out on Wednesday.



Not only did I do chest (flat/incline/decline with flye and 100 pushups) I also did decline sit ups, which I haven’t done in a long time. Consequently, I can feeeeel my abs even today. I need to get back to really focusing on my core and my PT work so that I won’t have as high a risk of injury.

3) Ridiculous Zoe Poses

zoe 10 21

zoealex1 zoealex2 zoealex3

My cat really is out of control. And freakin adorable.

Boy isn’t too bad either 😀

4) The fact that soon Alex will be off inpatient and on VA Clinic Ward, meaning that we might have a chance of seeing each other more than 2 times a week, and he won’t have to be working 12-16 hour days every day and carrying the max patient load. He is just exhausted, and thank god he has the personality that he does, and not mine, because otherwise we would all be in TROUBLE.

100 prct

5) Making real relationships even more real by sharing a bit of myself as they share bits of themselves. I knew these people (I had been following their blogs and tweeting with them for a while) but I feel like we have reached a whole new level now that I have started blogging. I am so, so grateful for your support and tireless commenting, and I am so glad that we have grown even closer!

mental instabl

Talk to me, Goose:

What bygone food do you miss and would pay real money to have back?

Any big plans this weekend? I will be getting snowed on and working doubles, so give me something to keep me warm, fuzzy, and awake!

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