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Five Friday Favorites (Spyder, Supereats, More!)


How about we have some fun with Five Friday Favorites that have NOTHING TO DO with IVF? Check out my favorite foods, what I’m watching, and my new love for Spyder apparel!

Obviously, IVF is what is foremost in my mind right now, but after two posts dedicated solely to it this week (and a few more in the pipeline), I feel like we could all use a break. Speaking of posts from this week, here’s what I was up to!

So now, let’s leave all of that shot talk behind us, and look at what I’ve been into this week. Looking at it via 5 categories!

Food Favorites

I am officially back to being the snack master, and I have a few new yummy ones to share with you! Shred Pop is a local (Chicago) popcorn product that I discovered late summer and then recently rediscovered at Whole Foods. I am a popcorn afficianado, as you might remember (my first giveaway ever on the blog was popcorn!), and I’ve tried a lot of different ones, and this stacks up there. LOVE the Honey BBQ!

I also found another delicious munchy, Supereats Puffs. I got a box of them at a steep discount, so I bought them on a whim and they are finger lickin YUM. Great flavor, great texture, and 8 g of protein per serving, gluten free, and vegan. WHAT?

But I haven’t only been eating packaged things this week. I USED THE SLOW COOKER TWICE! Monday, I made an Italian Chicken and Pepper Marinara stew (we’ve had it both as a sauce and as a stew), which I think is something I might just have to share with you folks.

I still haven’t shared the turkey chili with you guys, have I? Shameful. Soon! Tuesday, I made French Onion soup, but I kicked it up in a special way with protein! But you would never ever know. I didn’t have cheese for Alex’s bowl, so we are having it for dinner tonight.

Entertainment Favorites

With all of my walks, I am podcasting it up, and I had the best time listening to the Stuff You Should Know episode about Scooby Doo. Fun fact: I’ve seen almost all of the classic episodes. I’ve seen all of the original series. Love. Scoob.

Alex and I have finally started Game of Thrones! We are doing the DVDs, which will keep me from bingeing on it without Alex, lol. I’ve seen the first few episodes, but it was early in summer, so it is like seeing it anew and I’m pretty pumped.

Ladies of London. I’m in hog heaven.

Life Favorites:

Ridley has been smelling a little ripe of late, so after we got a coupon for a bath for her, I decided it was time to get the stank taken out. I took her to Petco yesterday for her first bath, and now she smells soooooo good. That will last about 2 seconds, but I’m enjoying my silky, sweet smelling puppster for as long as I can!

And how cute is she in her bandana!

Clothing Favorites:

With as cold as it has been in Chicago, I have been living in layers, like I mentioned yesterday. My Spyder clothes have been coming in handy in a big way!

I am living in the Caydence hoodie, but over the course of the past 5 days, I’ve worn every jacket that they sent me–we’ve had such a range of temperatures!

Savoring the last miles of the year and my last miles before IVF. Love my @SpyderActive gear! @suzlyfe

The Ardour Jacket and Slash tights

The Ardour Jacket is smart and sleek and perfect for both running as well as going around town. (LOVE the cable and the quilt details). I wear the full length Slash tights in the gym, and the Slash capri tights are perfect under my jeans because of the sleek fabric, flat seams, and flat waistband.

You’ve seen me wearing the Timeless Down jacket just about everywhere! It is so freaking warm, and is my first choice if I’m not wearing my giant puffy jacket. Love the peppy colors, too! And you know that I’ve been wearing these clothes everywhere, because you’ve seen the evidence! You can also ask my clients–they will confirm that I wear one of the jackets every day!

TOTALLY coveting Suz's Friday Favorites! Check them out! @spyderactive #spyderwomen #fitfluential Click To Tweet

I received the clothing from Spyder via my ambassadorship with them. All opinions are 100% my own. I LOVE THESE CLOTHES!!

A Final Favorite:

You guys. This community. Your support. I am taking this so well because the blog gives me a major outlet for my feelings, for knowing that I have people in my corner beyond my immediate family. You all are my tribe. As Jamie wrote in this great post, we all need our tribes. Thank you for being a tribe and a safe place for me.

BTW, if you don’t know Jamie, she is an awesome mom to three kids and her talk of infertility, raising a special needs child, and the craziness of parenting while trying to remain yourself is must read material.

When was the last time that you were introduced to a brand that ROCKED your world?

BBQ, White Cheddar, Kettle Corn, Sea Salt, or Butter?

Scooby Doo? Or did you not like fun?

Joining Nicole for Fit Fashionable Friday, and Rachel and Lacey and Meranda for Friday Five 2.0.

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