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Five Easy Summer Recipes You Need Now


Between busy schedules and blazing temps, we all need to have at least five easy summer recipes on hand so that we don’t fall apart. Here are my favorite easy and healthy summer recipes!

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I love that having Alex at home more and living in our new place (even though we had a slight catastrophe at home Wednesday night–note to all, shoving food down your sink pipes WITHOUT A DISPOSAL is a very bad idea. Thanks!) has inspired me to start cooking again. One thing that hasn’t changed? Our crazy huge appetites and my need for straightforward cooking of a semi-homemade variety. So Wednesday, when we got home to filth and water gushing into our apartment, you better believe that my first thought was, ” But I’m so hunnnnggrrryyyy.” 

And well, since there was nothing to do until the plumber got there, and Alex and I were both starving, I got to making dinner (one that didn’t involve the sink, obviously. Thanks again, other people). And you better believe that I needed that dinner to be healthy, easy, and FAST. #runger

Five Easy Summer Recipes That You Need

Between busy schedules and blazing temps, we all need to have at least five easy summer recipes on hand so that we don't fall apart. healthy, delcious, easy, and gluten free!

1) Spiralizer Veggie Noodles with Protein and Easy Mustard Sauce


I don’t have the recipe for what I made posted officially, but we had sweet potato noodles with chicken and mustard sauce. Get the recipe for my mustard sauce here! A bit about my process (too easy to be called a recipe): I cooked onion and jalapeno in the pan next to a seasoned chicken breast, then removed those and added the raw sweet potato noodles to the pan, added water, and topped with a lid. While the noodles steamed, I made my sauce and chopped the chicken, then added everything back to the same pan, stirred and brought to temp, and served!

Vegan Gluten Free Savory Oatmeal Patties Recipe over Zoodles for a delicious healthy dinner! |

Another option? My zoodles recipes!

2) Fish Tacos 

taco ready mahi mahi suzlyfe

Need something hearty but also cool, crunchy, and refreshing? Fish tacos are one of the easiest summer recipes possible. Take my taco-ready seasoning blend to your choice of fish and all you need otherwise is to grab some tortillas or lettuce, salsa or tomatoes, guac or avocado, and saute some onion and jalapeno (if you like) or grab some hot sauce and BAM you done. 

Healthy and Clean Cabo Shrimp Jicama Tacos | These clean eating, healthy, low calorie, and gluten free shrimp jicama tacos will pineapple are amazing and ready in 5 minutes! |

Want to elevate those fish tacos but still keep everything simple, delicious, and healthy? You need my Cabo Shrimp Jicama Tacos.

3) Easy Burger Patties in Lettuce Wraps or with Buns

Pesto Turkey Burgers with Swiss Chard Wraps. Easy, delicious, and gluten free! Get the scoop at

Want a burger, but don’t want it to take over your life? There are so many options and versions of the good ole burger. Recently, I made Pesto Turkey Burgers and wrapped them in swiss chard for a delicious twist on the typical grilled burger. If you know how to cook ground turkey properly, you will never find yourself eating hockey puck bird burgers.

You won't miss the meat in with these gluten free ranch beet burgers with avocado yogurt sauce! Get the healthy recipe at @suzlyfe

Need a vegan, gluten free option? Try my oatmeal burger patties or my beet burgers. Other great burger options are my Southwestern Turkey Burger with Epic House Aioli, my Piri Piri Turkey Burgers, and of course my Turkey Meatballs with Italian Herbs.

4) Potato Chip Crusted Salmon with Microwave Corn on the Cob

mustard salmon suzlyfe

My potato chip crusted salmon and the honey mustard baked salmon are some of our favorite easy summer recipes, especially when we do it on the grill! Even better? Minimal clean up, minimal ingredients, and basically all hands off time. Make it with a side of my microwave cooked corn on the cob and maybe some green beans or sweet potato, and you are ready to go!

5) Hibiscus Margarita or Hibiscus Limeade

slim lizzy hibiscus margarita suzlyfe 1

Not a food, but refreshing, fun, and ready at a moment’s notice, whether you need a DRINK or you need a drink. We didn’t have this on Wednesday, but we did have a Manhattan. So if you have the ingredients for a Manhattan on hand, go for it 😀

See? Easy summer recipes can be delicious and healthy, and they can be on the table in as little as 10 minutes. You make make them outside on the grill or inside on the stove, with minimal use of the oven (because who has time for that to preheat, lol). For more of my easy and healthy recipes from breakfast to dessert, check out my recipe page! Most of them are gluten free, many are vegan or dairy free, and all are tried and tested by yours truly and Alex. 

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What are some of your favorite no fail easy summer recipes? 

Have you ever had to clean up someone else’s/previous tenant’s mess?

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Between busy schedules and blazing temps, we all need to have at least five easy summer recipes on hand so that we don't fall apart. healthy, delcious, easy, and gluten free!

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