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Five Common Fitness Myths


As a personal trainer, runner, lifter, yogi, and blogger, I would like to dispel five common fitness myths once and for all.

I am super excited because last night, today, and tomorrow are super big mega days in my healthy, fitness and wellness worlds! Last night (Thursday), I arrived in Bloomington, IL, for the NOW Foods Blogger Immersion, and that getting to meet so many of my favorite people who I’ve never gotten to meet in person while learning all about NOW Foods fantastic products. And you can bet there will be some coming your way!

Tonight (Friday), I will return back to the city to celebrate the conclusion of Alex’s residency with the senior dinner. And no, I have no clue what I will wear (honestly, I don’t even know if I have everything I need for the blogger immersion!). Tomorrow, I will have Team Challenge first, then I will meet Tiffany at Anytime Fitness to kick off our brand new group exercise classes! I am so excited that she is going to be leading those for us this summer. And for all of the sushi dates we are about to have. 

For today’s post, I am joining up with Heather for Friday Favorites as well as Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney for Friday Five and lastly Jill for Fitness, Health and Happiness. Let’s get to it and uncover the truth behind five common fitness myths!

Five Common Fitness Myths

Don't be fooled by these Fitness Myths!

1) If I Didn’t Sweat, I Didn’t Work Hard Enough

Anyone who has ever run with me knows that I do not sweat much. I don’t drink a lot of water, either, when I run; I am essentially a camel. Seriously, ask Erica and Mo about the multiple times that I have been running with them where they have had sweat pouring off of them and I’ve been pretty much dry. Try and tell me that I am not working hard enough after 10 miles, mkay? We will have words. 

night sweat meme

And yes, you can sweat without getting a workout!

Everyone’s body is different. I run rather cool and don’t sweat much. Some people just are sweatier. YOU know how hard you are working–if you are giving the intensity and not sweating, it could be the temperature of the place, the humidity of the room, or you might just be that efficient at cooling yourself! HOWEVER if you normally sweat, and you are not sweating like you should be, please err on the side of caution and make sure that you are not developing symptoms of heat or hydration related illness! 

2) I Don’t have DOMS, I Didn’t Work Hard Enough

Another common fitness myth? No Pain No Gain Dwight Meme

DOMS are not necessarily a good thing! You can get a fantastic workout and still walk up the stairs the next day! Here is a great article explaining “DOMS: The Good, the Bad, and what It Means For Your Training.” I myself prefer to aim for tired muscles, rather than sore muscles. Sore muscles can be an indication of a great workout, but if you cross the line of diminishing returns, you could be doing yourself more harm than good. Thus my preference for tired and, fine, slightly sore muscles. 

3) I Need to Drink BCAA’s Before and Pound Protein After I Work Out

This meme of the Rock is a bit of a misnomer. A common fitness myth is that you need tons of protein!

To each their own, but I don’t do either of these things. I do make sure to get in protein after I work out, but I make sure that carbs accompany that protein, and I don’t exceed 25-30 grams (the amount for optimal muscle protein synthesis. Here is a great article on protein for athletes). Yes, athletes need a higher protein diet than the average person to build and repair muscles, but the other macro nutrients are extremely important as well.

4) I’m Not Ready For a Personal Trainer Because I Just Started

Ryan Gosling's Hey Girl Memes often remind me of why we need support! A common fitness myth is that you should wait to hire a personal trainer after doing it alone at first.

Actually, starting out on your fitness journey with a trainer is the perfect way to do it! Why allow yourself to develop bad habits in and around the gym, and why not make yourself accountable from the start? Then you will have good behaviors reinforced from the very first, and you will have no excuse to miss your gym sessions. Just because you can’t lift a lot yet doesn’t mean that you can lift or get huge benefits from working out with a trainer! That is like saying you can’t work with a teacher yet because you just learned to read….

5) If I Didn’t Post to Social Media, It Didn’t Happen

If I didn't post my workout on social media, did it really happen? And other common fitness myths!

Much like my theory on guilt free ice cream, even if you don’t put #proof on social media, you workout REALLY DID HAPPEN. I promise. You might even have sweat and or DOMS to prove it. The best proof? The day you look  up and see how fantastic you look and realize how incredible you feel. If you like posting to social media, go for it. Or go for the big reveal and blow everyone’s minds when you pop up out of nowhere and you’ve got it going on! 

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So stop believing the rumors and start believing in yourself! And next time someone tries to convince you of any of these common fitness myths, you send them my way. Have a great weekend!

What are some of the silliest fitness myths that you have heard?

Are you guilty of believing any of these common fitness myths?

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