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Fitness Inspiration and Giveaway Winner! (Friday Five)


Well, guys, it is here. The big ol’ bad marathon weekend. Even with my great advice, I still have had my moments of taper crazies. And thank you for bringing me back to the real world. Or at least the semi-realish world that I kinda sorta exist in. Anyway, like I wrote about in July, when I was having a sort of tough time getting myself engaged before my long runs, I thought that the Friday Five this week was particularly relevant–Fitness Inspirations.

DC_linkup_ friday_5

I am not one of those people that pins a photo on the wall that I want to “work toward.” I know that doing so works for many of you, and I applaud that! But it just isn’t for me. Maybe because I’ve always just wanted to be me. Or maybe because I’m just lazy. Regardless. I am not one of the people that gets going by posting inspirational quotes all over the place, has fitness or life mottoes (sure, I have a few, but they are more so words that I use to explain how I operate, rather than to insight me to operate in a particular way), or idolizes someone. Maybe I am too practical, too realistic. Too self absorbed. Too lazy. Or maybe because I am someone that operates in the moment.

live every day of your life suzlyfe

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about happiness, both here and on other blogs. For example, I LOVED Urs‘ post on choosing to be happy, Heather’s, Katie’s, and please forgive me, my friends, for the others that I am not mentioning. But for me, inspiration and happiness come in the moment that you decide to participate fully in the HERE and NOW.  And, even more so, I think that they start from within you. It is a fluttery feeling in the pit of your stomach and a wash of warmth over your body, like when you see your crush–yyyyayyyy hormones ;). So, rather than telling you where to find your inspiration, I challenge you with this:






There is your Friday five 😉

world in a grain of sand suzlyfe

But, for a little be of inspiration for us all, I hope that you will take the time to read a few former posts of mine:

My Top 5 Racing Moments–The MCM paragraph, in particular. This is perhaps the time that I felt the greatest external inspiration of all. Truly one of the most moving moments I will ever experience.

My Wedding (pictures)–this was an inspirational moment for me because it was the moment that I realized how much I truly loved Alex. That he was indispensable to me. That as much as I had put that boy through in the years that we had been together, they were pebbles to him. I never thought anyone but my Mom and maybe my animals would ever feel that way about me in my life. He is my inspiration to open my heart, to allow the world in, and to love myself. His love helps me get over myself in those moments when the little mental monster rears its ugly head.

I Run To Believe–This is a multi–my mom, my Crohnies, and myself. My mom has given me the greatest gifts in my life: my life itself, my horses, my running (the post explains why), and my relationship with Alex. After all, if she hadn’t approved of him that night (2 weeks after our first date and the night we decided to be official) and asked me the same night if he had told me he loved me…. well, who knows what I might have thought!

otter half

In the Team Challenge races, when I wear that singlet, I am More Than. Yes, I run for me, but really? I am running for everyone else that has ever thought they couldn’t (for whatever reason). It truly is about showing Crohn’s just “who wears the Brooks in this relationship.” And you know EXACTLY who that is. Even if I have to wear them with orthotics made for my feet. Hey, I may not be super high maintenance, but that don’t mean I’m cheap 😉

When I ran that first race, I found a new part of me, of my body. And a new admiration for it.

get it? step? yeah

But everything in this life, every moment that has served to inspire me and spur me on–they have happened because I took a chance and stepped forward. That should be the greatest inspiration of all. Take a step. And when you take that step, give yourself a freaking high five for it. Then do it again. Marvel at the mechanics of your body, how it accomplishes the seemingly impossible. Push it to the point of discomfort because it makes you feel alive. And do it again next time–maybe you’ll even be able to get a bit further.

Inspiration comes when you open up–your eyes, your heart, and your hope. See what is out there for you. Find the thing that makes you believe. That is all the inspiration that you will ever need.

What makes you believe?

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