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Now what? Fitness Aspirations for my Future

Ok, I am going to try my darnedest to make this the last post-marathon post, because I have other things in my life to discuss, damn it! (Ok, that is a total and complete lie, but roll with me). Back in the first few weeks of January, I talked about all of these big bad goals/aspirations/intentions that I had for myself over the course of the year. Well, let’s just say that this is one time when intention/result were very much inferior to the follow through.

Did I run and PR ALL THE RACES? Heh.

I walked a half–so not a run, but I did get a walking half PR! And I got Mommy her PR!

mom me atl publix marathon

I ran a 10 miler. This time I actually ran it, and I guess technically it is a PR because I haven’t done any other 10 mile races.

lakefront10 suzlyfe

I missed running every single half that I had planned on running, and the two halfs that I did run were done last minute and part of larger runs.

rnr chi suzlyfe

No PR’s there, but PR for a race run with a friend!

Stolen from Mo's IG Account.

Stolen from Mo’s IG Account.

One PR that I will TOTALLY claim: my marathon PR.

tcm running

And I’m running a 10K this coming Sunday, which I am not planning on pushing, but rather to see where I am right now.

So I PR’d some races by proxy, but the only real, true, honest-to-god PR was that of my marathon. And I am indeed very proud of it.

But you know what? I want more. I know that I am capable of the BQ. I really do. That is what my training last year told me, and if I hadn’t pushed certain things the wrong way, the wrong amount, and known what I know now, then I likely could have achieved that goal. It’s funny, I didn’t start with the dream of running a Boston Qualifying marathon, but then that little sliver of an idea crept in, and since then, the seed has been there, chillin out, like a bulb over the winter.

As much as I love the marathon, and I love training, I know that I can’t do them forever. It isn’t fair to myself or Alex to always be in training (mentally or physically). But I do have 2 final marathons in my mind: the first, which is yet to be determined, is one where I will attempt to BQ. Maybe. I’m afraid to say it, honestly. Because we’ve seen what happens when I make declarations.

Classic pre marathon face

Classic pre marathon face

After training over exuberantly for my first marathon and then racing conservatively, I took the opposite approach this time around and ran for the love of it. Sure, there were days when my legs felt like lead, but I didn’t really, truly push myself, if I am totally honest. I didn’t do speed work, I didn’t work on certain things that I knew that I could have. In short, I trained conservatively and raced a bit over exuberantly. (though it was totally worth it, haha).

So this next time around? I am going to see if I am capable of finding the middle ground.

There. I Said It. For my next marathon. I want to find the Middle Ground. The one that my head, heart, and body can at least attempt to be in sync on. And if I don’t BQ? You know what? That’s ok. I have (I hope) decades to try again, if I so desire. But I think that I owe it to myself to try. And to try in earnest. Not just because I am fast (like I was). But because I believe that I have the potential to do it.

My 4th marathon? I want to do New York. Back before my “marathoning days” LOL I said that the only marathon I could ever see myself doing would be NYC. And especially now, having lived there. I want my victory lap around my old city. I got one around Atlanta, I’ve run in Chicago, and I’ve run in Charlottesville (which, I can tell you, while an AMAZING race, is NOT a “flat fast course” BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA).

But I’ve never run a NYC Race. I don’t intend to go there to BQ, and I’m sure it will be a hassle to end all hassles to deal with. But I truly love that city. And I would love to run it. For the love of the run, for the love of my memories, and for the love of what is possible when you learn to believe that you might just possibly can start to believe. And then see what happens.

Hopefully I will be more impressed.

Hopefully I will be more impressed.

I don’t know what is next for me RIGHT NOW, race-wise, and I don’t intend to make plans. Races are expensive, I tend to get hurt before them, and I don’t have any major major goals in them at the moment. I know I can get faster, but I want it to first come in service to the full. I’ve said before: I’ve a limited number of those left. I have the capacity to run many more halfs. And, as we are approaching the end of the racing season, it is now about recovering FULLY before I start to train again, and to see what the weather is going to throw at us this year.

I have 2 other goals on the horizon, accomplishment-wise:

I want to do a Triathlon. I’ve had this in mind for some time now. But I want to do the Chicago Triathlon next year or the year after. First I gotta get a bike a pool larger than 20 ft… but details.

I want to do a Ragnar and I am! Sara and I are teaming up with Mo to run Madison to Chicago next year!

For the immediate future, my routines are gonna change up. 

I am going to take a little bit of a break from yoga. GASP. This is for 2 reasons. A) the yoga for trade thing, as fabulous as it may be, is taking away those precious few hours that I get with Alex. And I need them. B) I need to let that love recharge a little bit. I have reached a sort of stasis, as it were: I’m not making any improvements to the point that I need to fish, and really delve into it, or cut bait for a bit, get all afluster because I miss it so much, and then hit it again, feel the progression, and feel the progress.

I am going to take advantage of my Class Pass. I have a month of Class Pass coming up, and I want to try out the classes that I’ve never gotten to! And it seems silly to keep my yoga thing up while I’m not using it and going elsewhere!

But if I want yoga, I have the option of my own practices as well as the intro to Muuyu that I won from Mama Salt forever and a day ago!

But first,  during the week and after this weekend, comes rest cardio-wise for the legs and back to the weights for the upper body. And let’s see what the next few months have in store for me. Maybe I’ll knock it out, maybe I’ll get injured. Maybe I’ll decide to give it all up and get cat herding.

Who’s to say? And really, isn’t that beauty of it??!

What is something that you found yourself going after, even though you never thought you would want it?

Taper time check in: HOW ARE WE DOING TAPER PEOPLE?

Who is going to let me use their bike?




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