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Fitfluential, Fall Fitness + Get Your Run On (Giveaway)

Hello, hello! Welcome to the new week, people!

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

I hope you all had a fantastic past few days. I certainly did. Before I recount the weekend, 2 bits of business:

1) I have been LOVING reading about your fall intentions. Each and every response was so personal, and often so raw, I really felt privileged that you all feel that level of comfort in sharing, so thank you. I will respond to them on Friday, when I announce the winner of the giveaway!

2) I get to add another title to my resume! I am now a Fitfluential Ambassador!


Those of us who applied have been waiting months to hear back, and so this was a great bit of news to receive to start the weekend. FitFluential is considered to be one of the most selective ambassadorships, so I am really proud of myself that they chose me, and honored to be in a group with the other ambassadors, many of whom are already great friends who I adore and admire. #classofawesome!!!

Now for a brief foray into the weekend, and then what you are all here for (play along with me, if you please).

On Friday I had coffee and then lunch with two new friends that I met at the NAPW event that I attended the week before. It was the perfect day for a hot tea (cold and drizzly) with one new girlfriend and then dim sum with another new friend! Then it was back to the office, where I caught up on a few things before starting work on a new project–organizing, promoting, designing the logo for, and getting raffle prizes for a charity flag football tournament! I hope they don’t expect me to play… I would rather just meet them for the open bar after 😉 The logo still needs some work, but considering that I worked on it for all of 45 minutes, I’m pretty happy with the first iteration.

flag football logo

Saturday was fantastic, aside from the 1+ hours I spent making what should have been a 30 minute drive home. Thanks, Chicago. Anyhoo, it was long run day, and Mo and I decided that we would ease each other’s pain by running together! I headed out a little earlier (I had more miles to do), and then we finished out together. We took the North Branch Trail and ran up to the Chicago Botanic Gardens! I happen to love botanic gardens (hello, I got married in one!) and walking around chatting with Mo meant that I was a happy camper. We rocked our run, btw. I’m getting spoiled! haha, side note, we both wore flowery shorts/capris in the spirit of our run. We aren’t huge nerds, we promise. Okay, maybe we are.

Stolen from Mo's IG Account.

Stolen from Mo’s IG Account.

Plus, I have to say, it was just so, so lovely to get out of the city and to see lush, natural green and color that wasn’t just plopped in a planter. One of the aspects of the east coast that I miss the most is the natural color throughout the year (oh, and the whole 4 seasons bit), and it was just invigorating to see it, even on a dreary-ish day (it fluctuated between cloudy and sunny a bit before finally clearing up by the time we got to lunch.

Speaking of lunch, HOLY CRIPES I’ll tell you about it soon, but if this place was around the corner from me and Alex, we would be in ttttrrroouubble. I may or may not have reprised it (as best I could) for dinner, haha. Oh, and had pumpkin Chobani. I’m a fan, I will say.

chobani pumpkin pizzele

Sunday was a chill day–my legs worked harder than I anticipated, and my arch was feeling a bit stiff and sore (I ended up hauling assssssss on my run Thursday, and in old shoes, so I think it was just over-worked a bit.

And this brings me to the big ole giveaway! As I mentioned on Friday, I am joining up with Kristy of Runaway Bridal Planner and Lacey and Michelle of Fitness and Fairytales for the Get Your Run on Giveaway Blog Hop.

Get Your Run On Giveaway Hop

As in, you really will have a chance to win ALLTHETHINGS! All of the giveaways will be open today, Sept 15-Sept 29 (2 weeks), and all are themed towards promoting the fall running season.

You guys know me, I like options and I love to try new things. A bit of this, a touch of that, I want to test drive before I buy (who wants to find out at mile 14 of 20 that you CANNOT TOLERATE the fuel that you brought along? So I decided to create the Suzlyfe Runner Box–a chance for you to try all sorts of things so that you, too, can see what you like!

get run on giveaway suzlyfe

Included in Suzlyfe’s Runner Box:

  • Samples of Skoop A-Game and B-Strong, Plus Skoop T-Shirt
  • Vega Chocolate Protein Powder
  • Jelly Belly Protein Recovery Beans
  • Gus
  • Jolly Oak Granola Sampler
  • Hyland’s Organics Arnica Muscle Rub
  • Running Hat
  • SweatPink Laces
  • RockTape Sample
  • plus a few other things that I might throw in for good measure!

There really is something in there for everyone, runner or not. And, if you don’t like a sample or two, no sweat, they are just samples! If you do like them, contact the company and see if they will send you more or purchase an entire shipment! And who doesn’t want hot pink shoelaces?

a Rafflecopter giveaway
What are your fall fitness plans? Races? Just a general frolic? Teaching soccer?  Which of these things are you most excited to try? Be sure to see what everyone else is giving away!

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