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Fit to Be Cheeky, Social, Jolly, and Marvelous #MIMM


To begin, big time shout outs to #mamasalt, Caitlin, and Laura for beastmoding the craps out of this weekend. You all rock my socks. For real, super proud of everyone for being amazing and pushing through and just accomplishing things that were unfathomable not too long ago. <3

And the juggernaut that is currently the Suzlyfe keeps on trucking! Another jam-packed week and weekend, and another one to come! But before we get ahead to that, let’s look back at the happenings of the weekend!

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

#Flatsfriday continues to be epic. I was cracking up all day with y’alls’ submissions.If you all didn’t check them out, please do so, and feel free to continue to submit! I know that some people do their longer runs/bigger workouts on other days–still counts my friends!

My after-flatsfriday-flats

My after-flatsfriday-flats

I will say, though, that #flatsfriday did the trick for me–I had a fantastic 14 miles on Saturday morning through hilarious fog. Like, hilarious. And the fog burned off within 15 minutes. At noon. And by 3 it was cloudy (having been cloudless for 3 hours) and by 7 it was thunderstorming. Coooooool Chicago. I made Alex and I the simplest ever chicken sandwiches–Mexican seasoning on chicken breasts, avocado, sauteed onions, tomato, TJ’s Habanero Lime Salsa/TJ’s Cilantro dressing, with a little Miracle Whip, on pretzel buns. Super good, super simple, done in 10 minutes. BOOM.

Like this but with more chicken, plus avocado and salsa. And sadly, minus the purple cauliflower

Like this but with more chicken, plus avocado and salsa. And sadly, minus the purple cauliflower

Sunday, I woke up hella early, because that is my lot in life, and got to make my egg-white oats and fresh coffee for the first time in at least a week. So. Freaking. Good. And with frozen blackberries and sunflower butter. Mmmmmm. Midmorning, it was off to the “north” ie Lincoln Park for Cheeky Chicago‘s Fit to Be Cheeky Fit Fest! (say that 87 times fast).

ccftbc rooftop

I got there a bit early because I was VIP as Media, but unfortunately I missed out on the rooftop yoga sesh, and the gift bag (SAD FACE–it looked awesome)–you snooze you lose! But I headed over to Lincoln Park’s Grove 3 (where the classes and some of the vendors were set up) to wander about and cause trouble, as per usual.

ccftb debra suzlyfe

HI DEBRA! Debra works for Cheeky, and invited me to the event. I am so, so glad that she did, and I hope that I can work with Cheeky in the future! I love the company’s point of view, and the ladies that run things just seemed super fun and like a great group of women to get to know. And I won’t mind going to more of their events πŸ˜‰

ccftbc arch

Also, who doesn’t love balloon arches?

ccftbc broad

Vendors: Oakley (need the “Freestyle” aviators), Luna Bar, JuiceRX, David’s Tea, Perillo BMW, Freshii (who brought around fresh bananas, peaches, and apples to everyone!), FlyWheel (plus I won a free class hollla), Madison & Rayne (a local food delivery service, sounded and tasted delicious!), Live Grit (a West Loop running, swimming, and biking store that is going to do a Tri-camp of sorts and also carries Swirlgear!) and Jolly Oak (“happy earthy snacks,” I will talk more about them in a minute).

Fitness Vendors/Class instructors: Equinox, CrossTown Fitness, Om on the Range Yoga Studio, The Daily Method and Shred415.

ccftbc workouts

I took the ViPR Circuit with Equinox first, and it was probably the least effective, for me. The ViPR equipment (basically, it is a rubber pipe with handle holes) wasn’t quite heavy enough for me on certain things, a bit awkward on others, and, to boot, it was the first class of the day. I dunno, I just wasn’t feeling it. I could tell some other people were, so to each their own!  I took the next class time off, to walk around and talk to the vendors, and in retrospect, I should have done the Stacked Equinox class–those people looked like they were FEELING it. No matter.

I did the Daily Method Daily Interval class next, and it was definitely an improvement for me in terms of “feeling the burn.” Lots of yoga inspired movement, lots of muscle endurance, and micro-movements. I could definitely feel this one a bit more.

In terms of getting the best workout and having the most fun, arms and abs with SHRED415 definitely took the cake. We did 10/5 intervals 2x thru of bandwork/running drills, and I definitely could feel it by the end of the session. My heart rate was up, I thought the instructors were great, and I would definitely look to them for a serious workout.

After Shred, I headed in to check in on the vendors inside. I focused on a two in particular: Social Enjoyments and Seven Daughters Wine. Seven Daughters was super drinkable, and I can see it going well with just about whatever. I tried the “Seven Daughters Serenity” made with their Crisp White blend, muddled mint, lime and cucumber–it was perfect for post workout. Might need to become a habit πŸ˜‰

I want to highlight Social Enjoyments and Jolly Oak, whose products I am most excited about, and both of which are local!! (also, for the sake of time and space, I am going to be brief, but have no doubt I will be returning to them!)

social main banner

Social Enjoyments (Launching their first flavor, Hibiscus Cucumber, July 1st in Chicago!!) is an 88 calorie, gluten-free, all natural, cocktail (4% abv) that is something that you can drink, be social, and feel good about during and after. And the taste is great! But what I love most about this product are the slogan, Freedom to Enjoy Life, and the story behind its creation and of its founder, Leah. When Leah was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 26, she decided to turn her life around and take care of herself. Now that she is better and in remission, she is able to enjoy some of the “perks” of the healthy life, but her past made a huge impact on her. So she set out to develop a product that enables health conscious individuals to enjoy being “social” without sacrificing their health or lifestyle.  Not only do I completely relate to her story, but this would definitely be a fantastic option for me. You know I will be looking for it July 1st!

jolly oak granola banner

The other product that I am most excited about is Jolly Oak granola, which is already available for purchase in stores and online. Founded by Kim and Mandy, Jolly Oak offers what is essentially guilt free granola–made with nothing artificial and with far less sugar than just about any other granola I’ve ever seen–prepackaged for easy of use and portion control. I tried the s’mores flavor and YES YES AND THRICE YES. I will be ordering/buying this. I can’t wait to try the Apricot Cherry and the Dark Chocolate Coconut Raisin. For more info–check it out here.

work survival giveaway suzlyfe

OH and guess what may or may not be included in a certain CHICAGO-INSPIRED OFFICE SURVIVAL KIT???? Ooooohhhh, I dunno…. Maybe some Jolly Oak? PERHAPS.

The rest of that day involved me going to Plum Market and getting salad bar and coming home and collapsing. And watching it be simultaneously sunny and foggy. And the World Cup. EXHAUSTION.

Any local companies that you think the world should know about? I am all about Social, Swirlgear, Jolly Oak, and Cheeky Chicago. ALL ABOUT IT.

Have you been to anything like Fit Fest before? Any good/funny stories?

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