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Fit Moms Galore + Best Face Ever (33 Weeks + Friday Catch Up 9/14)

What a week of fit moms and awesome Emmie faces!

Did you read the epic recap of last weekend?

Friday Catch Up 9/14

1). Big time Fit4Mom Week

I started off the week with a great Stroller Strides, which was extra special because I had convinced my friend Rachel to join me and try it out! Even better, when I got there my old coaching friend Sam was there for her trial class, and then #allthemoms showed up! There were 24 of us!

It was a great class, as usual, but seeing how many moms showed up and then hanging out with them before, during, and after was the most awesome aspect of it.

Thursday was the big Fit4Mom Back to School Bash! There were some great vendors, like Babyganics and Happy Family Organics, but what was really impressive was having around 100 Fit4Mom mamas working out with our kids on a gorgeous morning. All of the Chicagoland groups had members there; there were even some mamas from nearly 2 hours away! 

I had a great time with my friends as well as meeting moms from the other groups and seeing the kids play. It made me extra thankful for the Fit4Mom community!

2) Mommy Social time:

Rachel and I took the kids to Yolk for lunch after Strides on Monday. The kids ate while we talked about all sorts of things, and not just mom things. I KNOW RIGHT.

I met up with Holly for a little shopping time on Wednesday. I needed to do some exchanges near where Holl was going to be, so we met up at Whole Foods and then milled about for a bit before heading back towards our places. 

Ali and I headed for lunch at The Dock on the beach at Montrose after the big Stroller Strides bash, and we just tried to soak up being outside while we could! 

3) Emmie Development Updates

Emmie and I have been busy with various classes and playtimes this week. 

At playgroup after Monday’s Stroller Strides, Emmie played with other kids and also made her first art project! She did not enjoy having her hand painted, but since Alex and I likely will never make her sit for Santa, we need to find other things to force her to do.

We tried out another new physical development and play class on Tuesday: Tiny Tykes at MyGym. It was a super fun class (see the #bestvideoever, but I think I will wait until Emmie is a little older and more mobile before we really commit to going with any regularity, simply because there are so many great things to do for crawlers, etc. Once she starts crawling, this will be a great class for her–lots of play, some skills, and tons of equipment that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

A SUPER exciting development this week: Mom gave Emmie a session (7 classes) of Emmie’s favorite, Broadway and Me Lullaby League! We will now get to go every Friday! Ok fine, I’m not shure who is more excited. It might be me, but I’m going to pretend that it is Emmie.

Other Emmie Updates (mostly food):

We have started introducing “allergy” foods like peanuts. I went to Whole Foods and got the freshly ground peanut butter (with no other ingredients but peanuts). The first time I gave it to her, I watered it down a little bit to let her taste it, and then I let her have the peanut butter in its regular consistency. She has ended up being a fan, or at least not hating it!

Speaking of things that she is a fan of, the Happy Baby organic puree pounches are amazing. Emmie seems to have loved the banana plum + granola one the most so far. Mommy likes them, too…

I’ve started testing soy, as well. I had dairy and soy on Saturday, but she didn’t seem to have an adverse reaction. She isn’t any whiny, flatulent, or having diarrhea, so I’ve tried it every other day this week. We will see what happens next week.

In a VERY exciting turn of events, Miss Emmie took a bottle from me after the big Fit4Mom bash! She took 2.5 oz there (from the bottle that I am trying for her and then from a bottle that her friend Ryan uses), and 2 oz later at home (that was in 2 stages with a mini meltdown in between).

It has been an amazing overnight sleeping week for little Em–she is sleeping 10-11 hours straight at night! Then 2 hour naps during the day!

I’m thinking we are about to grow like a weed–between the amount she is eating and the amount she is sleeping + the fact that she can’t keep her hand out of her mouth. Can you say teething?

4) Random Suz updates

Currently, I am plowing through Armchair Expert, Dax Shepard’s podcast. I love conversational podcasts like this, and so far I am a big fan!

This week, I was inspired by us listening to Broadway in the car this past weekend and I discovered the magic that is the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman, and then I started listening to the soundtrack to Hamilton (better than I thought it would be).

At Monday’s Stroller Strides class, the Question of the Day was what our last Mommy Brain moment was. Well, for me, it ended up being Thursday morning, when I left my whitening trays in… whoops. 

5) This weekend:

This weekend will be a little more open than the other weekends, but we are still soaking up the last delicious days of summer! I’m meeting Ali and her clan at Taco Fest this weekend while Alex helps out with fellowship interviews (sucker). Sunday is the start of fellowship BBQ! We had a great time last year, and I expect the same will be true this year!

Have you ever won anything at a raffle? are

How are you getting the most of the last days of summer?

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