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Fit Foodie Finds: Healthy Snacks Rocking My World


A pause to remember 14 years ago. May they rest in peace.

never forget

Don’t forget the Zarbee’s Giveaway! But read this post first.

I can’t believe it has been so long since I did a round up of the various yummy foodie finds that I have been shoveling in my gob like a HH Hippo. I have been neglecting my civic Suz duty to inform, enlighten, nourish, and tastify the world, and I hope that you will forgive me.

please forgive me puss in boots cat meme

But I’m returning the love in a big way with my finds today. Seriously. I have enjoyed the following 5 products every day this week (well, the first 3, I’ve switched on and off with the last two!).  Thank you to Heather, Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia for the link ups! Love you all!

Fit Foodie Finds: Healthy Snacks Reviews

Get ready for the ultimate healthy snacks review!

New Fit Foodie Finds (1)

1) Oatmega Protein Bars

Erica introduced me to these bars and all I can say is OMG OMG OMG. 

crazy face suz

Seriously. I’m obsessed, addicted, I had 4 of them in 5 days. And I don’t remember why I skipped that one day. Why are they awesome?

  • High protein (14 g)
  • Low sugar (5 g)
  • High fiber (7 g)
  • 100% of your Omega 3’s (no fishy taste or smell!)
  • 190 calories
  • Healthy fats.
  • Hormone- and soy-free whey protein from grass fed cows
  • Organic ingredients where possible and Non-GMO
  • Gluten free

And freaking delicious. Awesome chunks of goodness in a bar that I would liken to a Quest Bar if they weren’t gross.

Think more like a peanut butter bar with chunks of goodness like chocolate or white chocolate and oats. My favorite flavor so far? Chocolate Coconut Crisp, with the Vanilla Almond and Lemon Chia right behind. 

Oatmega Protein Bars

Even more impressive? They give their bars to local food banks. The company’s mission and business model: “Heart first. Business second. Nutrition Shared.” Please share with me.

2) Ozarks Trail Butter

Another Erica introduction. I needed a shake up in my nut butter situation (you eat a lot of it when you are marathon training, we know this). This is like if you made trail mix of all your favorite things, put it in a blender, and then folded in a little extra nut butter. In fact, that might be just what it is. Love the texture and spreadability, and as for the flavor? NOMS. Love the little pieces of chocolate and dried fruit as well as the variety of nuts and seeds! What about the nutrition?

  • Protein, healthy fats, and fiber from nuts
  • Potassium and antioxidants from dried fruit
  • Natural minerals like sodium and magnesium

Absolutely delicious and great for you. Highly recommend.

3) Momme Meals Go Chews

I won these from miss Jess as part of her blogiversary giveaway. So far, I’ve only delved into the Turkish Apricot, but I’m pretty freaking pumped about the Fig Ginger Sesame. No, I’m not preggo, but I am a female athlete, and as we know from Annmarie, those two can be pretty similar, lol. 

Healthy fats, Complex carbs, lean protein, calcium, iron, omega 3s and folate are all necessary for women and especially female athletes. And I love the taste! Similar to a date chew, but I love the flavor of apricot as the major base. Can’t wait to try the fig ginger sesame! Gluten-, soy- and dairy-free and vegan to boot. And like the Oatmega bars, no fishy taste!

4) MyProtein Protein Crisps

Myprotein reached out to me to try out some of their products as they try to expand to the US (they are huge in Britain). You may have seen these on my IG–in fact, my friend Khit did and demanded that I bring her some! (I did). I’ve been digging the sour cream and onion flavor (there are several different ones) as part of my lunch. They are perfect for the office and don’t upset my stomach at all! Soy and whey protein provides 15 g of protein and they are low on fat and sugar. A great savory snack or meal element!

5) Supereats Kale Crisps

Another great crunchy option, I won these from Vegan Queen B Linda, and I have been hoovering them like it’s my job. I have these with lunch as well–first bag I went for was the Sriracha flavor. Loved the heat that was very Sriracha like, but don’t worry, they didn’t burn at all. If you are a bit gun shy of heat, you could still totally dig these! Each are:

  • Vegan
  • Non GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher
  • 4 g Protein
  • 3-4 g Fiber
  • 100 calories per serving (3 servings per bag)

They are made of kale, chickpeas, rice flour, lentils, etc and natural flavors and spices. They are also substantial enough for dipping purposes–making them perfect for a tailgate opportunity!

Zarbee’s Naturals Vitamin Drink Mixes.

(Not technically a food, so I’m not counting it in the five, lol). Not kidding when I say I love them! Gluten Free, no additives, vitamins in PROPER proportion… and super tasty. Love. And 3 readers will win a sampler of each flavor from me!

I was going to do some returning favorites, but I think that this is good for now!

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Have you tried out any of these products?

Do you like creamy or crunchy textures (nut butters, etc)?

Do you make sure to get your Omega-3s? How?

All opinions are my own though the products were won or given to me to try.

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