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Time Capsule Thursday: First Married Christmas

Luckily for me, Thursday presents the perfect day for a little recap of Alex’s and my first married Christmas!

Thank you to the beautiful Amanda! Happy Holidays, Darling!

Thank you to the beautiful Amanda! Happy Holidays, Darling!

Though not my typical “Thinking out Loud” type of post, I think I will link up, because if you look a bit deeper, there are plenty of thinking out loud moments.

The majority of Tuesday was rather uneventful. I had been so tired Monday night that I fell asleep sitting up on the couch still wearing my regular clothes and down coat (I was cold) and without washing my face or even brushing my teeth. I think that sums up the exhaustion pretty clearly. At about 4 am I turned the TV off and moved to the bed, but didn’t get much sleep before Alex left early in the frigid temps to go to work. Is it cold where you are? Did you have a white Christmas?


Yeah. No joke.

I lazed around, trying to doze on the couch, etc, until about 10:30, when I went to the post office to sent our last chunk of Christmas cards (I was out of stamps) and then to the gym, where I busted out my (currently) usual 7 miles on the tmill. A tasty omelette, kale salad, english muffin, and cottage cheese lunch refueled me for an afternoon of projects!

I went to TJ’s and Jewel Osco for supplies for dinner and baking (and of course forgot to get more butter. FAIL), and while milling about, I had a great chat with my Madre, who just returned with my dad from Mexico. It was great to talk to her after she’d been gone for 2 weeks. TJ’s was completely out of flour and sugar (excuse me?) and doesn’t even seem to carry unsalted butter (double excuse me?) NOR did they have spaghetti squash (WTF?), so it was off to grocery number 2. I did get some wine though. Unnecessary but necessary. Alright, fess up, how many people did this happen to?

Grocery number 2 did have any bags of sugar smaller than 5 lbs (uh, no thank you), and my cookie project called for both molasses (which I couldn’t find) and sugar. Then I had a moment of smartness (so few and far between)–BROWN SUGAR = MOLASSES + WHITE SUGAR. Done. Anyone else too stubborn to buy a ridiculous amount of sugar, etc?

When I arrived home, I pulled out Henri and turned on OnDemand Vanderpump Rules and got to work making brown sugar-ginger cookies for our building staff. I melted butterscotch chips in the microwave and dipped the cookies in that while getting updated on the shenanigans of Sur and Jax’s sluttiness. But their superficiality was very beneficial, as it led to scrumptious cookies that Alex and I delivered to our building staff.


Alex texted me that he was coming home early, and he certainly did! I was finishing up when he walked through the door and gave me the best Christmas present possible–that he had THE WHOLE DAY OFF FOR CHRISTMAS. Considering we thought he wouldn’t be home until 8 or 9 for any of the days that I had off, this was amazing news. Is there anything better than surprises that enable you to spend the day with loved ones?

We pondered our options for dinner, and ultimately decided that we would open a bottle of wine, turn on lights and tunes, and have a cozy Christmas Eve dinner in the comfort of our own home, with our kitty kat and no distractions.


Andre Brunel Cote du Rhone Villages. One of my absolute favorites. A little bit spicier than we typically go for, but paired very well with the pasta and mustard sauce that I created. I used a super colorful farfalle that I had gotten at Home Goods, Beans so Green (TJs), chicken that I seasoned and cooked, garlic, sundried tomatoes, and the latest riff on my signature mustard sauce. So delicious.


We just hung out and talked about everything, really. Wine=Deep Thoughts. I was definitely a bit buzzed. I’m not talking about being drunk, but who has the best convo’s over a glass of wine?

We finished out the night with ice cream, cookies, Chopped, and me falling asleep on the couch. In bed by 10:30, and a solid sleep (yay!) before we woke up Christmas morning (me around 7:30, Alex around 8:30). I nibbled and made coffee while waiting for him, but didn’t eat breakfast because a) I nibbled a bit too much, and b) I wanted to see if we would do normal breakfast or if I should make something fun. Ultimately, I decided to make something fun.


Recipe of awesome to come. Do you eat first or open presents first?

Then Alex and I opened presents and cards from each other and our family.


One of my favorite Christmas traditions is that my mom always puts together a stocking for us, and it always includes gift cards and little things. It’s great because I get a lot of trial sized beauty products, and Mom gets to offload all of her free gifts from department stores! WHO ELSE LOVES TRIAL SIZES???


Perhaps my most favorite gifts were my running related presents and also this beautiful bracelet from my MIL.


I think that I will talk about my running related presents on Saturday, because I am really, really excited about them for my future running plans.

I had a picture to post, but it really was too unfortunate for me to broadcast.

After we unwrapped and cleaned up, it was time for Elf! We went to the gym in afternoon (bike + back day), and then it was time to cut Alex’s hair and go see Catching Fire (yeah, it’s pretty bomb). I also picked up 350 photos (no lie) from Walgreens for my Wedding Photo Project. Who wants to come and help me?

Sushi for dinner was amazing. I’ll talk about it more later, too. Then home for ice cream and falling asleep on the couch as the snow fell outside. A perfect combination of Gentile and non-Gentile traditions, no?

Just a beautiful, beautiful day. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have been able to spend it with my husband, to get the chance to talked to my family, to eat delicious food, to work out, and to give as well as to receive gifts, both tangible and intangible. I am incredibly spoiled by the love in my life, and I hope that I never take it for granted.


I hope that your Christmas, whether you celebrate it as a believer or it it simply a feeling in your heart, was a time that you spent with loved ones and enjoyed the truest sense of what the season is about.

Tell me one thing that captured your heart this Christmas. And then tell me one thing that you saw or received that made you postivitely, superficially giddy.

Did this make you Think Out Loud?

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