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First #FlatsFriday and Five Friday Favorites

I love you all. Honestly. I am sorry that I am only half done with comments, but it appears Thursday is going to be my busiest day! Yesterday I got up, ran 7 miles on the mill, went to work 9-5, headed to yoga (for my cleaning shift–we got it switched to a later one), and some other things in and around that.

Appropriate in this instance, for once.

Appropriate in this instance, for once.

Oh, and I burned the ever loving TAR out of my mouth and throat. First thing I did. Reheated my coffee too much and took a sip and ALERT and gut reaction was to swallow and yeahhhhh. I got out my Chloraseptic spray and used that like Jeff Lewis with Binaca all day. Ps, that stuff is like crack.

jeff lewis spray

The Friday 5 this week is a Free For ALLLLLLL. Perfect for me, because right now there is no rhyme or reason to my life, and the 5 helps me be to the point (as much as I am capable) and share my favorites with you.

Friday-Favorites-Button-Housewife-GlamourDC_linkup_ friday_5


I lurve it. I had a minor freak out over wardrobe Sunday night, but luckily their style is business causal, just like me, so I have been living the dream. I have so much love for this job, the opportunity, the people, my desk, my food drawer, your reactions…. My boss is super chill, sometimes almost too much (um, let’s just say that training happened for a few hours on Monday, and not really since, ahaha. But communication is open, we get along great, and we chatter like friends. He’s still my boss, and I absolutely respect that. And that is why this works.

I sent him a text that Alex was coming for lunch Wednesday, if that was cool? And he was like, um, duh. I have Remicade next week, and that is fine. You guys know me, I will get my work done (and believe me, I have). Right now, I am settling in (finally brought my first pic for my office, don’t have a frame #fail), and they ain’t getting away from me. They also aren’t getting my candy, oats, condiments, bars, cereal (Kashi is under the jerky), yogurt, carrots, cheese, PB….

food drawer suzlyfe

And GUESS WHAT.  It’s #flatsfriday  I think it should be a thing on IG, Twitter, the like, what do you all think? Can we start this? Informal for now, but why the heck not?

flatsfriday1 suzlyfe

2) Feeling useful and motivated and applied and like I’m on my way to living up to some sort of potential, though I don’t know what. Also? The sense of release of a lot of financial stress that I have been carrying around. I know that it’s been obvious, and I’ve mentioned it quite a bit, so thank you for hanging with me. I do NOT make a lot of money, by any means, but it takes the worry away.

Luckily, because I don’t make a lot of money, I found a KILLER bag at Target that is my work bag and that I’m obsessed with.

target bag suzlyfe

3) My stomach feeling better. I don’t think that I mentioned it here, but I had some serious cases of the yucks Monday and Tuesday. Only after a peppermint tea did things start to settle down a little. And this was after another tea and a ginger chew. I do not know what happened, but I obviously ate something that did NOT agree with me.

4) Awesome food over the past few weeks, and even more awesome people to share that food with. Blaze with Mom, pasta with Alex, a new Mexican option for lunch with Alex, our favorite sushi… even some great energy bars! Still OBSESSED with Kind Vanilla Caramel and Sea Salt. Got a box at Marianos (on sale).

kind vanilla bar5 suzlyfe

Salad bars at Mariano’s  are legit too 😀

marianos salad second day suzlyfe

Sad face that I’m out of Almond Milk. BAH.

5) My morning workouts. I love the feeling of getting up, eating, doing my blog responses and such, going to the gym/running, coming back for shower, and then leaving. And it takes me 15-20 minutes to get to work. Sure, I sit much of the rest of the day, but I get out and about for lunch, and I hope to get my act together and regularly get to yoga. Tuesday didn’t happen because of the tummy troubles, but Thursday I started. I am so, so going to miss my favorite teachers (who are all during the midday except for one), but it’ll all work out. Or I will work it out 😉


This is going to be busy times for me, and between the blog and work, especially once work picks up (slash they finish training me), I am unsure of how much time will get to go to everything. I love this space, I love talking to you all, building relationships with you, but I am also very aware that the amount of time that I spent here over the past 3 months will have to take a bit of a hit.

It’s a bit like marathoning or hitting a peak in a training cycle and needing to wean off. I just need to learn the balance. So don’t be surprised if, like last Saturday, I miss a post here or there. I will always be back. Like the plague. Lucky you.

How do you find the balance in life, work, blogging? 

What is a fun snack that kept you going this week?

Do you have a food drawer at your office? If you don’t, is there something wrong with you that I should know about?

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