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First Father’s Day + End of Vacation (Weekend Catch Up 6/18)

Well, I certainly enjoyed Alex’s First Father’s Day, and I hope he did, too! Find out what we did (and the amazing restaurants we went to) on the Weekend Catch Up!

Did you see what we got up to last week? Friday Catch Up

Weekend Catch Up 6/18

1) The big ticket item this weekend was obviously Alex’s First Father’s Day! We celebrated the same way we celebrated my first Mother’s Day: with running + family time + food.

Running: Emmie woke up a little earlier Friday and Sunday mornings, but in both cases her slightly earlier times (6:15-6:30ish) worked in my/our favors because it meant that the runs could start sooner. In both cases, we were out the door by 8:30 and it was already hot (especially on Sunday). Alex got to push the stroller on Sunday though #happyfathersday.

It was a bit of a slog in that we weren’t quite acclimated to the heat, but the runs felt great and helped us get ready to chow down! I’ll get to Friday in a minute, but we refueled after a trip to the grocery store and showers with some Frances’ Deli. I also refueled immediately after the run with PB rice cakes and an apple, but who’s counting…

Family Time: Saturday morning, we met at the dog park after I had an easy reformer Pilates class so that Ridley could play some before the temps got into the mid-upper nineties. 

We also did lots of playing with Emmie, and really tried to soak that up while Alex could. She might have had a meltdown mid-afternoon, and I might have taken a nap while Alex took the kids on a walk (because, as he said, he knew I wouldn’t sleep otherwise), but we will just call it family time. Poor Ridley didn’t enjoy the walk as much as the other two, but that’s another thing I will return to.

Food: I already mentioned Frances’, but the cornerstone of our culinary adventures this weekend were two restaurants, where we spent way more than we should, ate more than we should, and couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more 😀

Friday night, we ate at The Gundis, which I’ll describe with the rest of the Friday Happenings below.

Saturday night was our last dinner out for some time (unless by surprise), and Alex’s Father’s Day Dinner. For that, I made reservations at Little Beet Table after seeing the menu and discussing with him. 

We started with the dip trio with crudite (cauliflower hummus + white bean avocado dip + muhummara (spicy tomato and walnut) and blistered shishito peppers with piquin seasoning. Let me say that I want to live in that cauliflower hummus. OMG. The muhummara was also delicious (we were less of a fan of the white bean avocado dip, which was good and zesty/herby/fresh, but just nowhere near as amazing as the others). The shishito peppers were on.point. and I’ve missed having those in my life!

For mains, I got the sesame chili chicken salad with the white balsamic dressing. The salad was solid, and honestly exactly what I wanted after such a huge meal the night before, if unexciting. Alex got their grass fed burger, which came with all the fixin’s (he added bacon) and a gluten free bun that was fantastic. I love how they gave him a succulent sweet potato as a side!

We also got their spicy grapefruit margarita, which was so nice we ordered it twice.

We sat outside, and while it was warm (and warm enough to hold Emmie out of the stroller to help her cool off), it was a pleasant night. 

I heart this picture so hard

2) Friday:

Friday was a pretty rockin day, at least for me (Alex did have to go to work). It started off with my longest stroller run so far–4 miles! I got to go back to my favorite view of the city, this time with my baby. I will never forget going there for a mental restart after our first failed transfer nearly a year an a half ago!

It was a hard run, no doubt about it, especially after several high step count days last week. But I was happy that my body recovered fairly quickly and in time for me to walk to Whole Foods to meet Sam (and Owen) + Sara (and Allie and Logan) + Autumn, my former CES co-coaches for lunch! We had a blast, and I hope that we are able to repeat that soon. 

Alex texted me as I was walking home that he was able to be off early, so after he gymmed and I fed Em, we took Ridley with us for a family walk, which became a hunt for slurpees. WORTH IT.

The day was finished off with our amazing dinner at The Gundis Kurdish Kitchen

We started with the appetizer sampler, which is Ezme (a tomato condiment similar to a tapenade) + hummus + babbaganoush + octopus salad, served with a matzo-like cracker and fresh seedy wheat bread.

Seriously, I could eat this for the rest of my life and be the happiest person ever.

Then I got the octopus salad, which could have used a little more herbaciousness or acid (something bright and zippy), in my opinion, but the octopus was cooked beautifully (even Alex liked it!). Alex got the Lamb Sec Tawa, which was AMAZING. I don’t even like lamb, and I would gladly devour that! It is a spicy, complex, savory tomato stir fry that was mouth wateringly good. 

With two glasses of wine between us and more food than we needed, we didn’t even think about dessert… until later when I ate Halo Top and he got ice cream. But we needed to digest first!

3) Poor Ridley

Poor Ridley indeed. Alex noticed she had an ever so slight limp on Saturday morning, and what he discovered while I was napping is the fact that she had lost her outer nail. Poor thing is hobbling around, but we are keeping it clean and covered with a sock. I’m going to keep a close eye on her for the next few days to make sure it doesn’t get infected. 

4) Emmie

I have to laugh at this and share, but Emmie had the most epic poosplosion yet on Friday. It came out the side of her diaper and pooled in the Rock N Play. Her digestion is so much better since I got really really really careful about soy (as previously discussed), and so she is only going 1x maybe 2x a day (!!!), and apparently, the diaper just couldn’t keep up!

Living her best life with crinkle book and fan (and after the whole thing got washed)

She may be getting better at digesting, but she isn’t getting any better at eating sweet potato. So we are going to leave that alone for a bit and try some other things. We picked up some Gerber first foods to try, and I’m going to make her pureed pear. We also got her fave avocado 😀

She did a little better with her tummy time and rolling this weekend–she finally rolled for me again!–and she even almost rolled back to front! She has also started to have enough control to sit up (while wedged, but with much greater control) on the couch, and she now likes being held on my hip.

This also means that she wants to be held. Like NOW.

The one benefit of the carseat is that she can more freely play with her feetsies. She also wants to turn book pages!

Something that happened just yesterday that was SUPER cute was that Emmie discovered Ridley in a whole new way! Alex was sitting and holding her (Emmie), with Ridley next to him, and Emmie turned to Ridley and started to touch her. So Alex set her a little closer, and Emmie just kept touching Ridley and feeling her fur. Ridley, bless her, was so perfect and just lay there, very still. Part of that I’m sure was the fact that she was uncomfortable because of her foot, but that is also just how Ridley is as a dog. It was adorable and perfection.

And now our vacation has come to an end. I am so glad that Alex got to see Emmie for these 2 weeks–I feel like he really got to see her grow. It is going to be hard transitioning back to “real life.”

How was your weekend?

Are you a sucker for dips?

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