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My First 29th Birthday Weekend (Everything You Need)


My first 29th Birthday Weekend was pretty freaking stellar. It was low key perfection that I am so happy to share with you!

Let’s jump right in to the awesome! Thank you to Katie for Marvelous Monday and the WIAW crew!


Well, a quick pause on the  awesome because Mom’s flight got crazy delayed and instead of getting in at 2 PM, she got to my apartment at 11:30 PM….

But I made it work with a dinner of Whole Foods hot bar, Halo Top, and chardonnay! (the wine was a sweet gift from one of my clients!)

When she finally arrived, she actually had to wake me up, but when your mommy is visiting, you wake up and rally for a bit of girl talk before going to bed.


I woke up to gorgeous skies and crisp temperatures, perfect for a run. I #nailedit with my oats that morning–seriously, they were AMAZING (get my recipe here). After 2 weeks of exploding oats, I had an entire weekend of perfect oats, and it made me soooo happy.


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2.5 miles to the start, 2 miles along the lake with Team Challenge (chatting all the way), then 2.5 miles back home on a crystal clear morning and updates from my client who ROCKED his first half marathon. I actually saw him on the path (I overlapped with the race a little bit), but I wasn’t 100% sure it was him until he had passed. AARON I LOVE YOU I’M SORRY I DIDN’T ACCOST YOU. I will be sure to next time, ok?

I got home, picked up Starbucks (skinny vanilla latte for my berfday!), and then Mom and I took Ridley to the park! The playground was already swarming with kiddos, but some of Ridley’s puppy friends were in the open space next to it. I don’t trust her off leash unless she has her friends around her–she will chase them, so as long as they return to their owners. I did have a major proud puppy mommy moment when she was running the other direction and then CAME WHEN I CALLED HER.  #mommyvictory

I called and set up an appointment for her to get a bath, so we walked her up to Petco, dropped her off, and then headed to meet Erica for brunch at Mortar and Pestle!  (PS, Erica has a huge 5th Blogiversary giveaway going on right now)


Mom and Erica both got the Avocado toast with an egg on top, and I got the Crab Benedict and a Burnt Sol (tequila, mango caramel syrup, cilantro rim).

The drink was ok, but the Benedict was A+ (I could have used more crab, though). We had an awesome awesome time with Erica, but ultimately, we had to leave and pick the puppy back up. 

We spent a few hours at home (I had to do a few worky things), then a walk in the gorgeous day with the pup, then the first al fresco wine of the year on the balcony!

We did a chill dinner nearby–bacon and mushroom mac n’cheese + sweet potato fries + Wrightwood salad = HAPPINESS. 


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We rounded out the night with puppy cuddles and Netflix!

Sunday–My Birthday!

A solid night sleep, another perfect oatmeal, and enjoying the last of the good smelling puppy before I took her out for a short little run–it was my birthday, after all!

A quick jaunt with the pup, and then the piper had to be paid… aka I had to do laundry. But what better way to spend time doing laundry than by eating an omelet with all the fixings (not pictured). 

Later on, we took Ridley for another walk and romp and then picked up salad bar from Sultan’s on the way back. A big ole bag of popcorn accompanied. 

The afternoon was taken up by doing some work and chatting, but we didn’t have long before it was time for dinner. 

Upon the recommendation of a client, I selected Gather for my birthday dinner, and the only option for reservation for at 5. Honestly, it worked out, because we spent the next 2.5 hours eating!

The meal was fantastic, and hardly anything was left–I think some chicken liver mousse, one of the salamis, and half of one of the cheeses was all that remained of the board, and there was nothing left of the burger, fries, and charred broccoli and pork belly. Mom had a bit of her burger, and I took care of the rest… hey, they didn’t take it away! I can’t be blamed! lol


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As Alex and I always joke, we are NEVER eating again… until we get home. 

This weekend really was a gift. We didn’t do anything fancy: we just ate damn good food, enjoyed good drinks, basked in the sunshine, and talked about everything under the sun (literally and figuratively). Mom got some SERIOUS Ridley cuddles in, too. Ridley has grown a bit from the last all girls weekend.

I don’t know which picture I love more. 

Alex gets/got back in LATE last night from his trip, and though he had fun, I’m glad that I stayed home–and the party came to me 😀

What more could you want for your #birthday? I can't think of anything! #drooling #sweatpink Click To Tweet

This week, I have Remicade (today), I should finish up training at the restaurant, and Alex and I will have 2 chances for dinner together. 

Oh, and I have to eat a bit more responsibly… maybe. Screw it, let’s do that again!

How was your weekend?

Avocado Toast or Crab Benedict?

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