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Summer is Here, and I am Ready (?) For It!

Thank you all so much for your sweet anniversary congratulations yesterday. I am lucky enough to have 2 soulmates in my life: one that raised me and one that took over for her to guide me through the rest of my life. I may have a hilarious body, but I know that my soul is taken care of! Alright, alright, enough Sappy McSappiness. Let’s get to Friday Favorites and Friday Five. 

Linking up with Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney for Friday Five, Heather for Friday Favorites, and Angela for High Five Friday.

Five Friday Favorites for the Final (F)Week of (F)May

1) Spending so much Time with Alex

Three year wedding anniversary! We celebratated at Drum Bar in Streeterville.

Don’t ask me how I feel about the beard. It is for a mustache thing. Last night at our anniversary do!

I may have gotten a bit of a break last weekend, but this was our first week of being pretty solidly on each other’s schedules. After spending Saturday afternoon and Sunday together, we were able to have dinner together every night this week save one, I made dinner (or “made” dinner, but I did grill veggies and sausage for our hummus feast) each night except for our anniversary, and even when we had to do work, we were able to do it together on the couch. We are still busy, still have WAY too much piled on our plates (well, that is normal #alwayshungry lol), but we are able to be each other’s support. Even if Zoe is feeling a little neglected at the moment. She’ll get over it. 

2) AMAZING Runs Outside (and running into friends!)

I woke up Monday feeling a little apprehensive about the week, or just not “dialed in” to it yet. Then I went for a run in the gorgeous weather and came back refreshed. On Wednesday, I was busy from start to finish: I woke up, blogged, went to the gym to train two clients, and then went for my run in slightly warmer weather, but the best part of the run was seeing Erica! Thank goodness we both got later starts on our runs, right? The rest of the day was filled with training clients, working on gym things (like prepping for new clients coming on next week, and our upcoming Ladies Night and Group Fitness initiatives starting next week), and then I came home and made stuffed peppers and corn on the cob. And then wrote my blog post. 

I swear, running makes everything better.

3) Knowing that I made the Right Decision(s) 

a) to Increase My Anxiety Medication Dosage

Tuesday was just as busy as Wednesday, just in a different order: I started with my own workout, then started to train and see clients. I was supposed to go to another awesome Siggi’s event, but I ended up not being able to go because of later clients. During the course of that day, I realized just how much I actually have on my plate between clients, the gym, the blog, and coaching, all of which have new initiatives starting next week (COOL YOUR JETS, FIRST WEEK OF JUNE). But I was able to sort through all of it in an elevated, but not anxious, state, when previously, I would have lost my ****.

b) An Executive Decision Regarding Run Coaching this Summer

I was already kind of trending that way, but I decided that I am capping my running coach client roster at a bit less that I was carrying this winter/spring. I will not give my clients anything less than my best, and I know that with everything going on, taking on additional clients would just be pushing it and potentially leading to a subpar product and experience for them. I may change my mind as the season progresses and various races are finished (everyone wish Rae good luck this weekend!), but we shall see. I may take on a few one-of plans, but until I have another ongoing consult open up, I am going to leave those to the people who have already contacted me.

4) Operable Windows and Outdoor Access in Our Apartment

I know, I know, I think our apartment is the chee to the bonk (old joke, and none of you will get it, but it makes sense to Alex’s and my old friends), but can I just say how magical it is to have a) a balcony to sit on and b) operable windows to open up. Even Zoe is obsessed. She loooooves sitting directlyinfrontof whichever screen is available and just staring. She has discovered a whole new world. One that she will never be a part of, but a cat can dream.

Warm weather rocks! We love our snack plate dinners of veggies, chips, and hummus on our balcony!1

5) Realizing that Summer is Almost Here

I’m sorry if you are a stickler for summer starting at a certain point, but for all intents and purposes, summer has arrived. That means festival season in Chicago (ALL THE FOOD), even more alfresco dining, Alex being FINISHED WITH RESIDENCY (holy balls), traveling and weddings and visits from parents and family, more clients, more things to do at the gym, and warm weather, running outside (when the body allows), and just… SUMMER. Our anniversary kind of kicks things off, and now it is time to PARTY. 

Whipped mozzarella + cherry conserva + aged balsamic. Delicious! Third anniversary dinner.

Whipped mozzarella + cherry conserva + aged balsamic. Delicious! Third anniversary dinner.

And yes, by party, we all know that I mean take naps. 

Good luck to all racing this weekend, have a fabulous weekend and Memorial Day for the other Americans, and I will see you on the flip side!

Holy balls, summer is HERE! Friday Faves from the week! #sweatpink #memorialday Click To Tweet

What’s on tap for this weekend? 

What is coming to a close for you at the end of May?

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