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Filled to the Brim (MLK Weekend)

First off, I would like to wish a Happy Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, to all. Whether you are American or otherwise, I hope that you will take a moment out of your day to think about the incredible impact that Dr. King had on our world. As a born and raised Atlantan, I have a great deal of gratitude for Dr. King’s incredible work, and the breakthroughs that he shall be remembered for.

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

Next, I want to say how much you all crack me up to no end. Seriously. Your enthusiasm over the sweet potato nachos was hilarious! Did anyone try to make them? If you did, IG/Tweet/FB/Email/Carrier pigeon a pic to me (or if you are not a crazy blogger, just let me know!), and tell me how it went, what you topped yours with, and anything else. Alex has already requested them for this week…. No lie.

sweet potato nachos suzlyfe 2

I’m going to save the foodie chat for later. Honestly, I have so much food to catch you all up on, it is not even funny. Like, for real. I am going to have to actually plan out posts for once to make sure that I get everything in there! THE HORROR. Planning out posts…. Isn’t that something that…. The pros do??? Luckily, it will still be ghetto fab as per usual 😀

My MLK weekend was fabulous. Saturday was a filled to the brim kind of day, my friends.  And it was a day spent with friends new and old! Erica and I had decided to help each other out and run together this weekend, as we both had 18, and she got her Saturday AM run group involved, and let me tell you, it was what I needed. I woke up not feeling all the peppy, I knew that the wind would be going, I was nervous about my calf, and the top of my foot was bothering me. In short: blegh.

But knowing that they were expecting me, and wanting to see Erica, got me out the door on time. We experienced a heat wave here in Chicago, and I dressed both perfectly and completely inappropriately for my run. And it wasn’t an easy run, but it went by 897u504975402w598x faster with others. Whether you run alone or with others, switch it up every now and then—it is good for your brain. And then when Sara called out to me on the trail, you know that I had to accost her. She liked it.

When I got back, my foot was still bothering me, but my calves felt relatively ok—I ran in my trusty Ravennas to take the pressure off, and I think I am going to have to try and return the BOCOs—I’ll write about it later, but I don’t think my legs like them like the Kismets. So I took an Epsom Salt bath, then iced my food and applied arnica, and then blew my hair dry and Alex and I cleaned up the apartment a little bit.

Why did I blow dry my hair, which we all know I never do?

jennifer claire suzlyfe ig photo 1

I had a photo shoot! I got the chance to work with the lovely Jennifer of Jennifer Claire Photography, a local photographer. I met her in Old Town, and we walked around enjoying the relatively warm weather, perfect lighting , while fighting the wind. I wish I had had more of a vision going into the shoot, but I really just wanted to work with her first, and see what we could come up with together. I’ll share some with you now (also see my IG), and I expect to put a post together with them very soon! I had such a great time—90ish minutes flew by before I headed home to chill out for a bit before dinner.

a10 hyde park meu suzlyfe

Oh. Dinner. I am going to tease you all sooooooo bad right now, but it was too good to spoil my future review of it. And not only was it delicious, but we had an amazing time with one of Alex’s good friends in residency and his wife, laughing and chatting through dinner and then going back to our apartment (thank GOODNESS we had just cleaned!) for drinks and ice cream (also, thank GOODNESS I had just been to the grocery store!).  Just such a fun day, but man was I tuckered at the end of it.

Sunday was a little business and pleasure as well. I chilled out, worked on some workouts for another new client (!!!), and dabbled in a few other things, then Alex and I went out for lunch (which was tasty but they omitted half the ingredients of my salad, which was stupid) and groceries (where the grocery stores were out of Alex’s OJ and our preferred milk as well as any good beer. Um WTF?).  The rest of the afternoon was spend like the cat—lazy and comfy.

No words

No words.

And Sunday night? Well…. New recipe alert. Seriously, I have 3 new recipes and 3 restaurant recaps to share with you. #sprockets

mind blown gif

Too much detail, as always, I know. But I just love to write these types of weekends out—reliving them in the moment and for the future.

I hope that you all had an excellent weekend as well! Here’s to a beautiful week, yes?

Also, I am incredibly jealous of all who were at the Star Wars Marathon weekend. Yes, my family does own Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. Yes, I have been Leia for Halloween before. Yes, my brother and I did use to duel with lightsabers, and yes, Yoda is everything. And I do a mean impression of him.

Any fun gatherings this weekend? Was it crazy “warm” where you were?

Who is working today?

Who else tends to get shafted by restaurants?

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