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Before I commence, I want to throw this out there: I am thinking about/exploring options re: moving to self hosted/registering my domain. I figure, if I am going to do this, I should do it before things get too out of hand. Any advice? What do you all use? Did you hire someone? Cost? If you don’t feel comfortable talking about it below, shoot me an email ( I would greatly appreciate it.



Hi, Friend.

Hi, Friend.

You lushes. Audrey would not approve. One of the best Google Doodles ever, btw.


How about a Marg Gu Chomp? I think I will have a limey something for breakfast. Or just some Resposado.

I know that many of you had crazy, jam packed weekends with alllll sorts of races, and I am starting to lose track of who all has/hasn’t run/raced, so I am going to say, please post in the comments and brag on yo’self. I’m not going to embarrass myself or make anyone feel less than loved by forgetting anyone. Make my day even more MARVELOUS than a MORNING MARGARITA!!!

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

PS. My parents are in Cabo today (they come back home for good tomorrow). Methinks they planned this, and I am jealous.

Weekend catch up!

If you missed it, Friday I became an Ambassador for Sweat Pink! Because I need more color in my life…. #iamsusie #idontdoquiet


Saturday, I reminisced about my life before running. And I wanted to add another picture to the mix! Here is PENNY!!

As my mom says, WHAT A DIVA.

As my mom says, WHAT A DIVA.

Still trying to find a Luna pic. Speaking of pictures, with switching my phones, moving in/out of icloud etc, I temporariliy lost ALL of my pictures. GUESS WHO BACKED UP ALL OF HER PICTURES APRIL 14th?? THIS GIRL. So, like with the phone, what could have been a really bad bad thing turned out ok 😀

Me giving Bri a serious talking to a few years ago.  HE IS SO SEXY

Me giving Bri a serious talking to a few years ago. HE IS SO SEXY

Other good Saturday happenings: I went for a run, nothing hurt (except for a random shooting pain in my hamstring, but that when away), it was glorious, and I needed it so badly. Then I went to the gym and did a short leg-machine circuit for the first time in ages. Had a nom nom lunch (yeah, I said it), Alex came home, we went for a looooong walk in the sunshine, and I had foot pain and then 2 random shooting pains in my foot and then the pain when away. I. Give. Up.

We came home, and I proceeded to get a horrific headache for the rest of the night, but still managed to make an awesome dinner of Balsamic Honey Mustard Salmon, Sweet Potato Chips, and Spinach Salad. Self Brag: Alex said it was restaurant quality. But he could have just been trying to get in my pants. Sadly for him, the head didn’t get better, and after ice cream (it was all I wanted at one point), I gave up and finally fell asleep. I slept like a rock until 4 am Sunday and felt a lot better.

I recently embarked on a major rehaul of my eating habits (adding and rejigging) that I will discuss later, but my body has really taken to it. Taken to it so much, in fact, that if I miss one of my “feedings,” I feel atrocious after I do eat–stomachache, headache, weird energy. Seriously, body? You would think it would be happy and behave a bit with me giving it more food. BUT NO. Instead, it has been demanding more and more food, more and more often. And then, when I don’t feed it every 2-3 hours, it throws a huge hissy fit. I mean. WTH?

pretzel compl

Before I go any further, I want to say a huge thank you to Lori at Getting Fit with Bipolar for being just a stellar person. I posted onto some of our ambassador page, and Lori took it upon herself to help me out without me saying anything more–reminiscent of another one of my favorite ladies, #mamasalt. Moments and actions like these are precisely why I applied to join these networks. No, it actually wasn’t for the self promotion, or to get cool stuff, or whatever. I reached out to feel a part of something more. And they have delivered. Even better? Both Mama Salt and Lori are Girls I’m Fit Possible, Sweat Pink, and SwirlSisters. LIKE MOI. GREAT MINDS. I am honored to be in communities of amazing people.

Speaking of, do YOU like Suzlyfe on Facebook? Because you should. All of the cool kids do. You know what the cool kids also do? They go over and check out Lori’s blog and Mama Salt because they are awesome.

The big ticket item for Sunday (other than some time in the gym and cheering on friends as they finished their races) was going through my closet. I decided that even if Chicago wanted to pretend that 40-50 deg days in May is okay, I would just ignore it and bring out my summer stuff. So I put on mindless TV (um, I am all for crazy, but can we discuss the insanity of the “Married to Medicine” women? All I know is that in the promos for the new episode, a woman shouts that “I will not come off CHARIOT  and throw tomatoes with you, sweetheart!” WOW) in the background and got out my plastic tub (classy, I know), and flip flopped some of the clothes. Not that it really is going to matter, as I basically only wear 3 things during the summer: maxi dresses, v necks, and shorts. (The workout clothes are as much a given as underwear at this point, so not even worth mentioning as a category). Some of my things are starting to get pretty worn, and I am thinking that it is time to retire them, but these are (of course) some of my absolute favorite pieces. Some decisions will have to be made. And I am also now left with a bag of clothes that need new homes. I even have some that have never been worn. I know I could consign them, but I’ll get nothing for them that way. I’ve gotta figure that out.

I also gathered/started to gather the things that need to be taken to the dry cleaners/shoe cleaners before we put them up for the winter. My hope is to convince Alex to participate like a good husband and get his jank together, but we’ll see. I think we’ll need another crate for that. Le sigh.

An outstanding thing did happen Sunday afternoon: I got to experience simultaneously 3 things that I didn’t think existed in Chicago, much less together: Sunshine, palatable temperatures outside, and BLOOMS. Oh, and not getting things stolen at Starbucks while sitting outside. HASHTAG WINNING.

sbux outside

Not too many big time events this weekend, but this week is going to be very busy, and next weekend as well. I will keep you abreast of any developments as they occur, but right now I have to wait some things out until I know how they will come to fruition. SUSPENSE.

Tell me about your marvelous!!!

Races/Runs/Yoga poses. This weekend. GO. I was going to go to yoga on Saturday, but then I saw my fave wasn’t teaching so it didn’t seem worth pushing my foot for. So I ran. Logical? Probably not. But it felt so gooood. Until walking with Alex after. But whatever.

What were 3 things that this weekend that created a pleasant surprise by happening simultaneously? Another trio? Alex, mid afternoon, walk in the sunshine.

Did anyone do something extraordinarily gracious and completely unprompted for you this weekend? I’ve said it before (when #mamasalt sent people over to the ol’ blog, unprompted, that I am constantly venerated by my decision to enter into this blog world–I have received nothing but love, support, and people going above and beyond to help one another out.


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