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Few Words + All Night Long (29 Weeks + Weekend Catch Up 8/20)

For once, I am going to try to keep things to a few words and just bask in some really awesome pictures. And some terrible pictures. It’s called balance. And the Weekend Catch Up.

We were super busy last week!

Weekend Catch Up 8/20

1 ) Sleeping through the night

Someone slept through the night–all the way through the night–multiple nights this weekend! Emmie fell asleep around 6:30-7:15 Friday and Saturday nights and didn’t wake up until 5-6 the next mornings. She had a few little wake ups during the night, but mostly just repositioned and then went back to sleep.

I think that this is a combination of sleep training as well as the fact that she is coding a lot of new information into that big ol’ head of hers. She had multiple days last week where she woke up at a normal time, ate, and then went right back to sleep. This weekend, she needed just as much sleep! 

We worked on having Alex put her down for her naps on Saturday, and he was able to put her down and have her get herself to sleep both times. I tried to have him feed her whenever I wasn’t needed, and the two of them had a grand time. 

2) Swing Swing + Walking Tall

We finally had the time to take Emmie to the park so that Alex could push her in the swing! He has been looking forward to this for a long, long time, and it was just so cute. She loved it, he loved it, I loved it. 

Emmie got to show off a lot of her new tricks for Daddy–her turning on her tummy, kicking with her feet while seated, and her attempts to start coordinating arms and legs in the effort to start crawling! But one of the biggest hits of her new skills is her increasing strength on her feet, and how she is starting to push herself up using her legs (like you do in a squat motion). 

3) Colonoscopy Prep Meal on Repeat

While Daddy was having fun feeding Emmie, I was eating the same thing over and over. I’m not kidding. After my oatmeal breakfast on Saturday and then 6 oz of chicken with BBQ and a rice cake, I ate nothing but mushrooms, egg whites, hummus, English muffins with dairy/soy free butter, avocado, rice cakes, chips, and soy/dairy free ice cream. Oh, and some fun liquor drinks 😀 I had to have fun somewhere in all of this.  Why was I eating this way?

Because I have a colonoscopy on Wednesday, and I have to eat a low reside diet, plus I can’t have dairy/soy.

This morning, I have my last solid foods, and then it is clear liquid diet plus laxatives until Wednesday after my procedure. Don’t worry, I will get my calories in.

If you are interested in some of my colonoscopy prep diet tips, check out this older post. I am likely going to do an update to it as I have some new tips and tricks. 

4) Moroccan Tagine without the Tagine

Meanwhile, Alex was eating some crazy delicious food, particularly Sunday, and his lunches during the week will be killer! We had brunch with friends on Sunday, and we ended up having them over to our place after Emmie just had to go down for a nap–it was non-negotiable. I had already eaten because of my stupid diet (I could have gotten something similar at brunch, but it would have cost $$$, and I couldn’t guarantee that the breads would be soy/dairy free). Alex had a feast, and then that evening, I made him a gorgeous sweet potato and chicken sausage quesadilla with a raw corn salsa. I so wanted to help him with that salsa….

I had my hummus/egg white/mushroom combo with a silly amount of chips so that I could save my last English muffin for the next morning. 

Earlier that day, I had put Alex’s lunch for the week into the slow cooker–I made Neil’s Easy Moroccan Chicken Tagine with Butternut Squash. I added chickpeas and a few red potatoes to it as well. I only really got to taste a little bit of it (definitely not low residue), but it was DELICIOUS. I HIGHLY recommend it!

5) This week, Mom is here again! YAAAY

She is going to help me get through the next 48 hours, and after that, I get 48 hours to actually enjoy her company. She is going to have to feed and wrangle Emmie Wednesday morning, but I have great faith, particularly after she managed the nugget a few weekends ago. 

I’m going to try to go to Stroller Strides this morning (Monday), if I’m not already being held captive by the bathroom (I started the laxatives this weekend in a small amount, and I start the first real dosages today). 

I also have a feeling I won’t be outside much over the next few days, lol. I’ll be very happy when this is all over, and I can go back to my normally restricted diet ;P

Have a great week, everyone!

Do you like swings?

How are you bringing summer to a close with a bang?

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