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Friday Five Lyfe Pregnancy

Fraud, Fertility and Ankle Appointments (Friday Catch Up 12/22)

Good news, bad news, and just, well, news. Never a dull moment in the Suzlyfe! Friday Catch Up time!

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Friday Catch Up

1) Update on the foot and ankle. Tough to say how it is going. It was doing SO much better after being in the boot for 36 hours that I kind of wish that I had kept it there. I switched to running shoes, but those seem to have compressed the sore ligaments and bones and made things regress. I already had an appointment with my women’s bone health physiatrist on Tuesday, so I just waited it out until I saw her.

Based on my report and her examination, she said that she wasn’t worried, but now I’m not so sure–we’ve seen my body lie to me many a time before! Right now, the issue seems to be finding the right shoes and seeing if that makes a difference. Loosening and changing my lacing helped a great deal straightaway, so I’m going to give it until next week before I really have a freak out. Or I might just boot it again through the weekend. That is more likely, unless we get the precipitation that is being threatened.

2) Wednesday, Alex and I met with my fertility specialist to discuss my future fertility and also the post natal plan. As I mentioned (I think) previously, the nurses were totally confused when we were making this appointment, as it is rare that a pregnant woman would come to a fertility practice! But as he is the only person who has handled my hormonal regimen for the past (nearly) 5 years, Alex and I were adamant that we talk to him before Yoshi arrives. We have a plan in place for the first 8+ months (unless I have a C-section, in which case the timeline will change). 

It was slightly uncomfortable for me to be in the waiting room. Fortunately, they had finished construction in the other half of the floor, so the patients are spread between two totally separate waiting rooms, and thus there were fewer people in the waiting room for my doctor. Also fortunately, we seemed to come at a quieter time.

I just remember all too vividly what it was like to be in that waiting room and in a much different position. Seeing women come in with their kids stimulated conflicting emotions of hope and also jealousy. You can’t help it–you are seeing that which you want so desperately. I just wanted to hug each woman there (2 apart from me) and hold their hand for a moment. We didn’t stay out front long, though, so everyone was spared me making others feel uncomfortable!

3) Apparently, we (or at least our money) is quite popular–I woke up Tuesday to yet ANOTHER use of my credit card in an attempt to send money to someone. This time, via PayPal. I’ll keep the details to a minimum, but we think that the person who stole my account information after my purse was stolen (unrelated) likely sold my information. JOY.

4) Also joyful–poor Alex has to work like a dog this weekend, but at the very least he has Christmas Day off to recover. We have tickets to see Star Wars in the afternoon, and I’m basically considering him a wash until then, lol. MERRY CHRISTMAS DARLING. 

5) This weekend, while Alex is on call, I am dedicating myself to the task of legit setting up the nursery. We have the detergent and stuff so that we can wash Yoshi’s clothes and bed stuff, and I need to finally figure out where the other things are going. After this week, she is full term, and basically, she can come at any time and they won’t stop her arrival!

But she better be a 2018 baby, not a 2017 baby. 

Happy Christmas weekend, my friends! Much love and happiness to all.

Are you traveling anywhere this weekend? Sharing it with family?

Favorite Christmas Season cookie/dessert/treat? GINGERBREADDDDDDDD

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