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Eatza Thin Crust Pizza From My Kitchen and Chicago

You guys amaze me. Every day. I hope you continue to amaze yourselves.

I think this a ripely timed post for the carb-loading taper-ers amongst us 😀

And ps, if you are coming to the Chicago Marathon, be sure to check out my work blog for the posts about navigating and organizing your time here and (posting tomorrow) the best places to fuel and refuel! And you know I won’t let you down there!

I was going to post this last week but decided that it would be even more spot on today. And I totally couldn’t wait any longer on my Peach Protein Yogurt Cake. I hope you will forgive me 😉


I think that it is safe to say that I like pizza. I lovvvved it as a kid, went off of it for a while (bad combo of 24 hr bug and veggie pizza = couldn’t be in the same room as it for like 2 years), got back into it (thin crust Papa Johns Garden pizza–the tomato slices changed it for me to something magical), stopped eating it again, then got back into it when Alex and I discovered this amazing place near us and also got into frozen pizza nights. The affair has continued.

And last weekend, I had it 2 nights in a row. And you know that I will be having some more in the next few days. Also, Pizza Cake anyone?

pizza cake

I like my pizza in a particular fashion:

  • thin, crispy, almost flaky crust, preferably wood fired. Or puff pastry/tarte crust
  • all the toppings (veggies GALORE)
  • non-sausage/salami type. I love, love sausages and such, but my stomach can’t handle it. I’ll do chicken sausage, but I have to add it (and know that I can handle it). Other than that, let’s go.
  • well seasoned (salt, pepper, red pepper, thyme/parsley, maybe garlic powder)
  • light light cheese (or just a touch of parm)
  • red sauce, bbq, or creme freche (on the TJ’s pizza)
  • fresh basil (with red sauce)

Essentially, the opposite of Chicago Deep Dish. Sorry. But I’m not sorry. I would rather have a corn bread biscuit with a bowl of chunky marinara. Would be way more into that.

Some people like to say that if it doesn’t have cheese, it isn’t pizza. Well, some people also say that decaf coffee is “like a hooker who only cuddles.” I beg to differ. And I don’t have time for haters. I will gladly let them eat things they don’t like or that make their stomachs hurt. Meanwhile, I’ll be enjoying my pizza.

So what are my favorites? Welllllll.

Last Saturday night, we had California Pizza Kitchen’s White Pizza. CPK makes the best frozen thin crust pizza, INHO. I adore their bbq chicken pizza, the margerita is great to add things too, I used to be all about the Hawaiian single, and I even really liked the Greek. But we have decided that the white pizza is our favorite of these.

Blaze pizza. You make it EXACTLY what you want. And it’s thin crust.

blaze dinner

(Discontinued) Trader Joe’s Puff Pastry Pizza/Tart. I was obsessed with this. It was basically a tart, the simplest thing ever–puff pastry  with tomato slices and a brush of garlic and basil. Goodness me.

Trader Joe’s Maitre Pierre Tarte d’Alsace (the mushroom one is good too). Caramalized onions, ham, gruyere, creme freche. THIS. IS. A. MAZING. I have probably had this 4 times in the past 2 months. And that is because other pizzas were involved. The crust is just basically my dream–thin, just enough of a butteryness to feel decadent. The right amount of everything.

TARTE d alsace pizza suzlyfe

Every pizza that we had in Rome. I had one of the least impressive pizzas ever in Rome (the first time that I went), but during our honeymoon, we had the best pizzas (and food). I will (some day) do a recap of our trip, and the food will obvs be prominently featured.

My Winter Harvest Pizza. I am so looking forward to making this again. Beets, chicken sausage, mustard, cottage cheese, squash, spinach/arugula. Just fantastic. And yes. When I make it again there will be better pictures.


Cicchetti’s Flatbread. Whatever it is, it will be good. They make baloney (gourmet baloney, at least), spinach, asparagus, ricotta, and pepperocini work. That is magic, folks. And every bite was incredible.

cicchetti salad pizza ravioli suzlyfe

Volare’s prosciutto, artichoke, ricotta, basil. Classic and perfectly made. Buffalo mozzarella that just pulls apart, an amazing sauce.


Sable. Their flavors rotate, but we have had one that featured mushrooms and one that was duck confit. The duck confit was a bit rich for my taste, but I loved the other toppings. The mushroom one that we had (last summer) as incredible, though. Their crust and the seasoning on it is truly fantastic, and then you add to that some really great flavor combos with A+ ingredients, and well, you know.

sable7 (800x729)

Cantina Laredo’s Steak, Cherry Salsa, Mushroom, and Queso Fresco Flatbread. On the heavier side, but the flavors absolutely sang. Cherry + steak+ mushroom = glory.

cantina laredo mains Collage

Fry Springs Pizza margherita. (Charlottesville) The pizza that brought me back to the promised land of freshly made pie. We’d add chicken to it, and I would “gift” Alex the extra cheese. Dipped in their house balsamic vinaigrette, holy bananas. Fresh basil, perfect sauce, fresh mozzarella, fire oven seasoned and crisp. Many a date night was had there. It was one of our places, and I miss it. We tried a few others, but always came back to this one. Fresh ingredients, you just can’t beat it.

My purple cauliflower crust/flatbread. I loved this as much as a base for flavor as well as a compliment. And the fact that there is no cheese in the recipe makes it safe for all!

cauliflower crust suzlyfe

We’ll keep it at that, for now. I have been promised a trip to Moretti’s by Mo, and you know that I am eagerly awaiting that, both for the food and the company.

Thin crust vs Medium vs Deep Dish–preferences?

Toppings? Cheese?

Cold Pizza for breakfast?

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