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Five Favorite Snack Flavors (High Protein Ips Snacks Review + Giveaway)


Do Ips Snacks come in your favorite snack flavor? Can a chip or popcorn really be satisfying and provide sufficient protein for athletes? Find out and enter for a chance to win your own!

(And massive thank you to everyone for their thoughtful and respectful discussion on my post yesterday! After the heavier post yesterday and the day before, let’s have some fun today!)

Ask your friends what are their favorite snack flavors, and you better believe that the conversation will get heated. Has it changed over time? Are you salty and tangy, cool and refreshing, umami, or sweet? Ask what their favorite high protein snacks are, and you will take it to another level!

We all know that I have a serious snack problem. As in, I am constantly running out of snacks and needing more! Especially now that I am running more–the runger is real, folks! The market is saturated with saturated fat unhealthy options that coming in temptingly delicious flavors that do absolutely nothing to satisfy your actual hunger and leave you just wanting more. 

What is your favorite snack flavor? Ips Snacks makes high protein chips and popcorn in amazing flavors to fuel your healthy lifestyle with healthy snacking! Check out the review at

Craveable Favorite Snack Flavors

White Cheddar

I loveeeeee me some white cheddar. And who doesn’t love the finger licking of white cheddar powder from their fingers?? I don’t really care for sharp cheddar, but white cheddar? Sign me up!  The one exception I will make from my not-into-sharp-cheddar is Goldfish… 

Jalapeno Cheddar

You all know that I love me some spicy goodness! The first time that I had true jalapeno cheddar in snack form (and not my famous jalapeno cheddar cornbread) was on Alex’s and my trip to Madison, and I’ve had an eye out ever since for the flavor 


I don’t know if it is the southerner in me, or what, but I LOVE me some BBQ flavor. If I can get BBQ chips with a side of BBQ sauce… EVEN BETTER. My brother and I would legit fight over the KC Masterpiece BBQ Lays in the variety packs.

Salt and Vinegar

I didn’t eat these as a kid, actually–nobody else in my family liked them! It wasn’t until I was in high school that I got into them, and zomg, I will clean that bag for you like a dog in a dishwasher.  Salty, tangy, zingy, YUM.

Hints of Lime or Sweet Chili Pepper

I have these together because, to me, the allure of Hint of Lime or Thai Sweet Chili chips lies in the HINT of the strong flavors, not in being whacked over the head with it. I love the complexity that these types of flavors lend to the chips or to popcorn.

Ips Snacks — High Protein Chips and Popcorn

So now that we’ve talked about flavor, let’s talk about the fact that few snacks on the market that are appropriately snacky and high enough in protein to be actually satisfying are also made with pronounceable, accessible ingredients? And to want them to be delicious? That might be too much to ask! NOT NECESSARILY PEOPLE

Looking for a delicious gluten free high protein snack? Try out Ips Chips, with 6-7 g of protein per serving and made from healthy whey protein and non GMO corn. Not to mention great flavors like barbecue and white cheddar! Get the review at

Ips Snacks is a line of whey protein chips and the very new to the market protein popcorn (more readily available by the end of the summer). YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT PROTEIN POPCORN. #swoon The Ips Snacks chips come in some of my favorite flavors — white cheddar and barbecue — as well as some soon-to-be favorites, salt and pepper and cinnamon! The popcorn (which I am dying over) will be available in white cheddar and classic salted.

Ips Pop is a high protein popcorn that is made with healthy whey protein and non-GMO corn. They are delicious and come in great flavors. Get the review at

Ok, flavor is covered, how about the protein and satisfaction? Well, the chips and popcorn have 5-7 grams of protein per serving and are light and airy but also stick with you. Also? They are made with non-GMO corn flour, gluten free, and made without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Ips Snacks High Protein Chips are delicious, satisfying, and high in flavor and protein! Check out the review at!

I have been mowing through them during lunch, and they were a great way to switch things up at my afternoon snack as well. 

Ips Snacks makes high protein chips and popcorn in amazing flavors to fuel your healthy lifestyle with healthy snacking! Check out the review at

And I am definitely going to bring them out the next time I make guacamole! 

Favorite snack flavor? @IpsSnacks might make it! #glutenfree #fitfluential #sweatpink Click To Tweet

Ips Snacks Giveaway

have you heard of Ips Snacks High Protein Chips and popcorn? Non GMO and Gluten Free, win some from

Want to try Ips Snacks for yourself? TWO WINNERS will each win a bag of the Ips Snacks Chips and a bag of the Ips Pop. US only (sorry my lovely Canadians and friends abroad). Giveaway ends next Friday, June 24 at Midnight. Enter via the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

What is your favorite snack flavor?

Cooler Ranch or Nacho Cheesier? Chips or Popcorn?

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