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Favorite Podcasts (Society and Culture)


What are your favorite podcasts? I’m looking for some new ones since I’m going to be spending quite a lot of time walking in the future (not running)!

But before I get into that, GIVEAWAY Reminders!

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And I would be amiss to not tell you all thank you all so much for the support and love that you have shown me as I start on my IVF journey. I have loved hearing from those of you who have, are, or are going to be embarking on your own fertility process, though I obviously wish that we didn’t have to deal with it. (Wondering what I am talking about?)

My intent is to discuss IVF in the same manner that I do running: yes, it is going to be a large part of my life, but there are other aspects to my life as well. I am not just a Crohn’s Disease patient, or a runner, or a foodie, or a healthy eating and living lover and advocate, or the wife of a doctor, or a fur mommy, or a Southerner living in the midwest. I am all of those things. These are all part of the Suzlyfe. My goal and hope in sharing my IVF story is to, as ever, educate, inspire, and connect (the mission behind my blog). We will figure out the balance–both in how to share and how much to keep personal and private. 

NOW, let’s lighten the mood, shall we? I love podcasts, and I’ve picked a few favorites in the past, but I thought it might be time to tell you all about the ones that I am currently loving that, dare I say it, have nothing to do with running, or really any sort of applicable use! Yep, these are informational podcasts that provide information for the sake of information. And great storytelling. I hope you will check them out and give me some more ideas in the comments!

My favorite podcasts looking at society and culture--from the designed world to stuff you should know!

Favorite Society and Culture Podcasts



I sped through these episodes. Heavyweight is a podcast about life-changing moments and the people involved in them. From a father who ordered that his ashes be scattered by a particular son on a particular hole of a particular golf course, to the guy who leant Moby a set of records that became the backbone of his greatest album, and beyond, these stories range from humorous to heartfelt and gut wrenching (like the story about bullying). The narrator is fantastic, and there is always some great humor and self deprecation involved.


Revisionist History

Malcolm Gladwell. that should be enough! This podcast is billed as a second chance, or reinterpretation, of certain aspects of the past. Gladwell is brilliant, the stories are interesting, and the application of those principles to today is really worthwhile. I really loved the episode about the “food fight” between Bowdoin and Vassar, and how their solutions also effect and address the poverty line in their students.


The Allusionist

OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE HELEN ZALTZMAN. She is freaking hilarious. And British. The Allusionist is for all of those of us who have ever wondered where the hell that word came from. Like Jenga. Or bra. Or step-sibling Or why certain cuss words are considered “worse” than others. The episodes are short, but they go deep, and they always leave you with a word of the day that I just DARE you to use (as Helen suggests) in an email!


99% Invisible

My grad school bud Sarah (who hosted us for brunch in NYC) suggested to me, and I am so glad that she did. 99% Invisible is to the designed world what Allusionist is to words. From looking at the SoHo Effect (which my grad school thesis examined) to the NBC Chimes, “99% Invisible is a weekly exploration of the process and power of design and architecture.” You will never look at food photography, McMansions, or think about ice or the letters written to the President the same way again.


Surprisingly Awesome

Concrete. Mold. Post Offices. Yoga. Flossing. Topics that seem mundane but that are actually surprisingly awesome. This is an AMAZING podcast, with fantastic hosts and you really do get your mind blown! 


Stuff You Show Know

Stuff You Should Know is my latest addition to podcasts that I am binge-listening to. From how polar bears work, to temper tantrums, to IVF, to flea circuses (!), if you have wondered about it, chances are that they are going to talk about it at some point. The hosts are funny, witty, and obviously know a lot about a lot, but I will warn you that they can get really ramble-y. Like, you’ll go from talking about kids to vomitoriums. In about 30 seconds. And not for the reason that you would expect. So, if you are ADD, you will love this.

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Looking for some more great podcasts? Check out my previous picks!

Alright, hit me with them: favorite podcasts! NO TED TALKS OR BUSINESS PODCASTS! I’m not looking to actually improve myself, people, just to be even more of a smart ass than before.

Joining Heather for Friday Favorites.

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