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Favorite Healthy Food Companies and Products


You gotta love it when the stars align, and other people want to talk about the same thing as you on the same day 😀 I was going to give you all a heads up of some new snacks that I have recently discovered, and lo and behold, Friday 5 is 5 Companies to love! PERFECT! So let’s talk healthy foods that we love, shall we?

baby fist pump 2

We hadn’t seen if for a while

Thank you to Heather, Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia!

Healthy Food Companies (that you already know I love)

1) Jessica’s Natural Foods

Jessica granola motor city crunch 2

Yes, I know that I sound like a broken record with this #sorrynotsorry but I truly adore Jessica’s Natural Foods: the company, Jessica herself, the ingredients, the product, the mission, the story. Get the full review here, but I love Jessica’s for more than just its granola and the fact that I can share it with so many of you because it is gluten free and non-GMO. And again, no one is telling me to say this, no one is paying me to say this. JUST NOMS.

2) Daily Serving and Farmer’s Fridge

K, well, this is a two-fer but I’ll tell you why: I see them as compliments of the same system. Also, they are local to Chicago only right now, and I am trying to speak to everybody here.

daily serving recover defend fuel reviewMy Daily Serving review is here, but for the uninitiated, they provided dietitian-approved and created snacks and cold-pressed juices in convenient sizes, delicious flavors, and tailored to your needs. Everything here is non-GMO, gluten free, and vegan (except for the chocolate chips, right now).

farmers fridge north napa suzlyfe

Farmer’s Fridge, on the other hand, provides locally sourced, nutrition-driven delicious meals and meal plans that are made fresh every day and served via vending machine!

3) TastyMakes 

 tastymakes new bar bites flavors

I’ve mentioned this company as well before, but TastyMakes has recently completely rehauled their product line, so they are worth a second/fresh look. They still have their granola, but what I was most impressed by were the bites.

tastymakes barbites superberry healthy snackThey were perfect little snacks, and I especially like mixing them up and having them with my mid-morning yogurt or ice cream at night. Like Bearded Bros, which I will mention in a minute, they are raw, gluten free, non-GMO, and I love that you get an inspirational saying with each bag! You gotta try the Superberry and the Brownie Bites. Seriously. Lots of protein, fiber, and not too much sugar.

4) Lyfe Kitchen and Seasons 52

barramundi soba noodle bowl lyfe kitchen review suzlyfe

I adore these restaurants: both Lyfe Kitchen and Seasons 52 offer seasonal, ingredient and flavor (not tricks) driven food that I can eat with minimal modifications. 

No reason to pick just one :D HEAVEN

No reason to pick just one 😀 HEAVEN

This is food that speaks for itself–it doesn’t need to hide behind crutches of butter and oil to do so. Check out my reviews and get yourself over there. 

5) Mariano’s Market (Chicago) and Publix (Southeast)

marianos herbs (500x333)

Mariano’s is one of my favorite stores to shop at, period. Everything you need is there, and this a store that is at the front of its class with regards to innovation while still managing to do things a bit the old fashioned way–curated produce, hand made candy, bakery, hand made sandwiches, grill, and pizza. Check out my post on how they are even changing the way we buy eggs to ensure maximum freshness! And Publix, well, it’s where shopping is a pleasure! I spent so much time there as a kid, and I will always love those stores. The best prices for uncompromising quality, no-questioned asked, the friendliest people, the BEST BIRTHDAY CAKES IN TOWN (seriously, my mom would request her cake be from there over any other place). I love going back to Publix when I’m home!

5 New-to-My-Tastebuds Healthy Foods Companies:

1) Bearded Bros

 bearded bros healthy food bars

I have heard of Bearded Bros, but as I’m not a big date-based bar person (lots of sugar when you already get plenty with your ice cream every night), I didn’t look to much into it. Well, at the allergy friendly tasting that Erica and I went to, I finally got the chance to try them, and boy was I impressed! Some of the bars are date based, some are fig and date, but all are raw, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, the whole shebang, and the packaging is 100% compostable (which I am happy to see is increasingly becoming a trend in food packaging). My favorite flavor was the ORANGE KALE. Which, tastes very little of kale and all of yumminess! Yes, it is a word, get off my back. You get the fig base, then a little balance and finally a little bit of orange at the end. Other favorites were the Raspberry Lemon and the Chocolate Maca. Each bar has its own stats, so I won’t speak directly to that, but I was very impressed and would recommend them. 

2) Yummy Health 

yummy bars review

hobbled over was introduced to Yummy Health Snack Bars at the Phoenix Marathon. Well, let’s just say that the Coconut bar is literally a Mounds/Almond Joy of sorts: coconut covered in chocolate.

yummy health snack bar coconut reviewWith lots of fiber, sufficient protein, and low in sugar, this is a treat that isn’t a “treat.” I love the slogan “taking the fight out of food.” Yummy Health appears to have a similar story to many of the other companies that I know follow: a mom/dad/parents looking for a tasty, nutritious option for their kids that was low in sugar and starches. Great flavors (cookie dough, PB, coconut, chocolate, and more) and also snack chips with real Wisconsin cheese.

3) Simply 7 

Simply-7-Quinoa-Chips-Sea-Salt-764218651248 OMG you must get these Simpy 7 quinoa chips ASAP. 7 (or so) g of protein per serving, absolutely delicious, and perfect for a quick snack or side with lunch. I’ve got the original through Fit Snack, and LET ME TELL YOU. I hoovered those suckers in about 2 seconds and then bought 2 bags of them later that day when I saw them on sale at Whole Foods

4) Fit Snack  

fit snack boxes

I’ve seen this popping up recently, but Erica (hell, she introduces me to everything) officially introduced me to Fit Snack. Samples of the latest and greatest healthy snacks? HELL TO THE YES. Expect a better review soon, but check them out!

5) Wai Lana Chips

wai lana casava chips

These are some suuuuuper tasty chips my friends. I found Wai Lana chips while perusing Abe’s Market one day and, because they were on sale, I bought every flavor. #wellplayed. These are delicious, and I love that they are made with Cassava, so they have a slightly different texture and consistency–this is a bit more to the lentil chip side. Gluten free and free from all the usual icky things, I can’t think of a reason not to try them!

Yes, I know that there wasn’t a gobsmacking ton of new info there, but I know what I like, and I like to help talk about the people and companies that I like. Many of these companies I pursued myself at the recommendations of others, or I stumbled upon by luck! But regardless, if I am talking about it, you know it is because I adore it. No other reason. 

Tell me an old favorite company or product and a new favorite that you just came across! It doesn’t have to be a health food or related–just go for it!

What are you up to this weekend? I’m off to PGH!!!!!!

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