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So Close and So Father’s Day! (17 months + Catch Up 6/21)


I had to get punny with my Father’s Day recap title! We are so close to our vacation, so close to getting off crutches, and so close to something else that is now so very far away.

My last update was a mondo recap of my trip to Georgia and all about how my mommy came to our rescue. Today is about Daddy!

Catch Up 6/21

1). This past weekend was Father’s Day and a visit with my inlaws! They came in on Friday to celebrate and also to help out with my affliction (cough, crutches). Emmie has been so spoiled having so much time wiht her grandparents of late (as have we!!).

We started off the weekend with Alex’s Fellowship’s graduation–to clarify, he was not technically graduating from fellowship, although he is done with the GI portion of his training and will be starting the transplant hepatology year after we get back from vacation. However, everyone from fellowship goes. And it was still a big night for him, as he got an Excellence in Teaching award as a teaching fellow at the Resident graduation across the street.

I’ve now been to 3 of those graduations, lol. Alex’s residency graduation, then when he was chief resident, and now for at least a portion this year as he got his award! He also DID graduation with a new degree this year, but Northwestern just mailed us his new Masters’ diploma, lol. OVERACHIEVER

Emmie did great for Mimi and Papa and ate all of her dinner and went right down for bed. But that could have been expected after not having a nap because she slept 14 HOURS the night before!

We went to swim the next morning with the whole crew, but I wasn’t feeling well (more on that in a minute) and needed some medicine and a brief nap after we came home.

Emmie took a long nap and after she woke up, we headed up to the Wrigley area for some playtime (even though it was super chilly!) and then dinner at Dutch and Doc’s. She did great at dinner and even ate chicken, which is very hit or miss with her. Ketchup on everything for the girl right now.

We finished the evening at Jeni’s, and Alex and I shared a scoop of salted peanut butter with chocolate pieces and a scoop of southern biscuit and peach jam. They were AMAZING!

Sunday (actual Father’s Day) we did our own thing in the morning before lunch at home. Then Mimi and Papa stayed with the napping Emmie so Alex and I could get groceries done on our own. It was so weird getting a regular cart and taking our time!

When we got back, we went to the Nature Museum to give Emmie a chance to run around, but she just wasn’t herself. Turns out she was super hungry and had something in her eye… once we remedied that, she was much better, but still we didn’t want to rock the boat so we decided to take her to Tarascas for dinner. We made the right decision–girl friend ate a TON of black beans and avocado, and we got all the other good stuff!

We did cards when we returned home, and closed out a great day with the family.

Monday, Alex’s parents and I took Emmie to Present Place for some play time before I dropped them off at their hotel.

2) Health Updates:

Unfortunately, Alex got a virus at the beginning of the week that changed up his schedule a bit, and I definitely got some of that. However, I had not been feeling well even before that. I talked to my doctor, and we decided to bump my prednisone back up. So after telling you all that I would be getting off of the damn steroids on Monday, now it is going to be another 3-4 weeks. UGH. SO FREAKING CLOSE. I got remicade this week, and they ran bloodwork, so we will see.

I’m annoyed that I felt so well on 7.5 mg and then not well on 5 mg, then still not 100% on 7.5 mg (but we don’t know if that was some of Alex’s virus in my system). We are back on 10 mg until MOnday and then hopefully back down.

But more nerve wracking is the fact that I couldn’t seem to make it to Remicade on a 4 week schedule (because of our trip). Let’s just hope that this is a little bit of my body figuring out how to act on lower dosage of steroid as opposed to Remicade not working as well…

This also doesn’t bode well for future IVF plans. That is starting to become more and more apparent. :_( But we still have some time.

On the CRUTCHES side of things, I am starting to try leaving them to the side a bit more. I won’t be seeing my bone doc until after the trip (because of timing), so I am going to take them with me and continue to use them for longer distances but start introducing shorter distances. Also, I won’t be using them in the house. BUT YAY. Things have been feeling well, so please cross your fingers that positivity continues!

3) Emmie is definitely developing more and more!!

We go “ba-ba-bah” last week, and this week, she finally got Moh (Moo) and some semblance of the sound a lion makes. She isn’t so consistent, but if you get her going, she will go through the three of them. And she said “nana” to Alex with regards to her breadfast! She used to just make the bbbbbbb sound and point, but today she did that and then later said “Nan- nah.”

Right now we kind of have to put ketchup on everything. And we are off zoodles. Won’t entertain them. But she at least eats zucchini in her muffins!

She will nibble on some things,–like a little broccoli or sweet potato, but generally that is fleeting. Hummus, eggs with ketchup, quesadillas, muffins, plain greek yogurt with or without a little jam, and Kashi Go Lean original–she loves that cereal sees that I’m eating it because Alex isn’t per last week’s discussion and wants it.

As we discovered Emmie’s love of splashing, Mimi and Papa treated her to a water table, and she LOVES it! Unfortunately, we have only had 2 days that were even borderline acceptable for watertable fun. I had to pull her away one of the days because she was shivering and shaking, and she was NOT happy!

Mimi and Papa also brought her a little scooter, but while it seems a little small for proper use, Emmie loves playing with it in an improper way, lol.

Speaking of playing and engaging, Emmie has really grown up in the past week, as I was predicting after the fussiness in Georgia and the sleepathon last week. At Present Place this week, she almost slid down the slide all by herself, she is starting to figure out scooting (she never scooted as a pre-crawler), she even wanted to do the monkey bars by herself, but we aren’t quite there yet, lol.

4) As I’m writing this on Thursday, I am thinking that I should probably go start packing while Emmie is taking a nap. (spoiler alert: I did not go and pack)

(added later)

Emmie and I are going to Broadway and me this afternoon, then Alex and I are going to the CCFA Poker Night benefit tonight (Thursday). We are going with Ali and other friends and their families to a Zoo event tomorrow nighht (Friday) and leaving Saturday morning for a week. But I’ve made a list, so that counts for something, right??

5) We’ve got a lot of travel and a lot excitment coming our way: 2+ hour plane ride, getting the bags and the rental car, 3+ hour car ride to get to the house. then we will have to shop and unpack. PLEASE HOLD IT TOGETHER EMMIE. We are just going to have to let her run around as much as possible when we can. EEK

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