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Family Time! Favorite Visits of Past 3 Years

It’s family time! I have a few clients today, but otherwise, this weekend is given over to my family. And because today is Friday, that means Friday Favorites and Friday Five, so I thought I would look at some of my favorite moments with my family that have been covered by the blog!

Short and sweet today, because I have to go meet them!

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Friday Favorites (Heather), and Friday Five (Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia).

Favorite Family Time Moments from the Past Three Years

(in no particular order)

First Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving set up 2013

I know my dad wasn’t there, but my brother was, and it was just a fantastic celebration of Alex and my new life as well as connecting with traditions of the past. We made it our own, and we had an amazing visit. 


Our family at Los Tamarindos after a delicious dinner! |

Anyone who has followed the blog since the start of this year knows that I adore our trips to San Jose del Cabo, where my family has a small 2 bedroom apartment. This is our place to escape Chicago and the polar vortex(es) and to indulge in the meaningful parts of our lives. We don’t leave our lives at home behind, we simply give in to the best parts of them!

Plus, I eat all the fresh seafood, jicama, and tequila. #margaritas Plus, it might have helped heal me.

My Dad’s Birthday

family belllyq

Two years ago, my family came up for my dad’s birthday (and his first trip to Chicago!). We did all the things, ate all the foods (Elvis pie, anyone and Ciccetti, RIP)  and just had an amazing time. It was an amazing trip to cap off the summer!

Chicago Marathon Weekend with my Mom 2015

Mom and Suz before the Chicago Marathon

My mom supports me in all the ways possible, and last year, she came up to watch me race the Chicago Marathon. Not only did she see me blow my own mind (and, likely, break my back, lol), but she and I picked pumpkins, ate as much food (marathon, you guys) as possible, and just had an amazing time catching up with each other. And wine. Lots. of. wine.

Bar Pastoral in Lakeview has an excellent wine selection, fantastic small plates, and warm, romantic, and friendly atmosphere. Drink up! Learn more at

Oh, and trying to pick one last one….

Can I pick all of the girls’ trips with my mom? Going home for my birthday, going home for her birthday (even having an anxiety attack during), Thanksgiving last year, going to New Orleans, seeing them that weekend I went home for a friend’s wedding…. any and all time with her and with my family is precious.

And because her birthday is on Sunday, I want to throw it back to my forever favorite

Love this look back at @suzlyfe's favorite family adventures! #family #love #Chicago Click To Tweet

I am so lucky! I’m probably going to disconnect for the weekend, but you can likely find me on Snapchat (@suzlyfe) and Instagram (@the_suzlyfe). See you guys on the flipside!

Most memorable family weekend since you moved to your current location?

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