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Fall Non Running Activities to Try During Marathon Recovery


You heard me–today I am talking about fall non-running activities to try during marathon recovery. Join us and link up with Running Coaches Corner!

Marathon month is drawing to a close, and this weekend brings the Marine Corps Marathon. This was my first marathon, and perhaps my favorite marathon experience, as I discussed yesterday in my post about race rewinds and do-overs and also last week in my favorite race moments. I still can’t believe it has been 3 years since that race–it feels like a lifetime, but I remember it like yesterday!

I’ve talked about how to handle the before, during and after your big race, and then how to approach marathon recovery. Today, I am looking at various active, non running activities for fall that will get you back to a routine (after you take a proper break, of course!) while helping you mentally and physically recover from any burnout. 

Fall Non Running Activities to Try During Marathon Recovery

Try these Fall Non Running Activities during marathon recovery and stay active and engaged mentally and physically! Check out Running Coaches Corner!

As I mentioned in the post about marathon recovery, it is important to give your running muscles (both mental and physical!) enough time to recover and recuperate. After rigorous training, you need to give you mind and body the chance to rebound. That said, marathoners tend not to be able to sit still for long, so what are some non running activities you can pursue and try that won’t overtax your body or brain but will still give you the chance to get back to some sort of routine and maintain some fitness?

Disc Golf (or traditional golf)

Disc golf is a great non running fall activity for marathon recovery! Get more ideas at

Disc Golf is a great way to spend the day outside in the crisp fall air while also getting some good walking in! Granted, not many of us have retained our frisbee skills, but if you have, give it a go! There are also tons of social clubs, so after all the isolation with other running nerds of the marathon season, meet some new people!

Corn Maze

A quintessential fall activity, going to a corn maze would be a great substitute for your long run on Saturday. Grab your family and friends (if you still have them after training) and spend the afternoon with an apple cider, a pumpkin donut, and getting lost and frustrated in the boonies.

Go to a corn maze! More great non-running marathon recovery ideas at

You have to admit that this is impressive.


Get out and enjoy the weather and scenery before another Polar Vortex hits (which it just might this winter). Laura has great info on hiking, but, if all else fails? Check out the National Parks Service for information on just what you might need, and some parks in your area. 

Rock Climbing

Utilize those hard-won leg muscles with rock climbing! With the rise in rock climbing’s popularity over the past few years, it is likely that there is a climbing gym not too far from you!

Raking Leaves

Raking leaves is a great fall non running activity for during marathon recovery! More great ideas at

Make your idleness useful with raking leaves! You might even be able to create a little side business out of it. You never know, it might be your untapped talent.

Cleaning Your House

Because you know you weren’t doing that during marathon training. While you are at it, clean out your fridge and scrub your shower. And start wearing real clothes again.

Walk Your Dog

As I said on Instagram... I CAN"T EVEN HANDLE HER. Ridley

Or walk someone else’s dog (with their permission, of course). Volunteer at a shelter, or just dog sit/walk for a friend. Therapy for mind and body!

Other social activities to try out: Kickball, softball, basketball, badmitton, horseback riding…

I still got it! My first time jumping a horse in nearly 5 years and I did great!

Most importantly, have fun! Give your legs a rest from intensity, but keep them and your mind engaged and stimulated. 

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What are some non running related activities that you are looking forward to (post race or just in general)? 

What do you like to do during marathon recovery beyond the typical workouts?

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