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Fall, Friends, and Family! (20 Months + Catch Up 10/21)


Hello! It has been two weeks filled with friends, family, and fall, and I am excited to fill you in!

Two weeks ago, I posted about our trip to Atlanta!

Catch Up 10/21

Fall weather is here (and some wintry weather as well). I got new boots that I am so excited about, but unfortunately, two HUGE blisters mean that they are languishing in my closet.

Mouth pain #toofs and canines! In the past two weeks, all of the canines have broken through, so she has what looks like the nubs of white ball point pens bursting through her gums. We had to dose her up a little bit one of the weekends because her mouth her so much, she wouldn’t eat and couldn’t sleep! Luckily, she is such a sweetheart that she didn’t put up much of a fuss, but she was a little bit off at times.

Mimi and Papa weekend! Of course, the toofs started coming through just in time for Mimi and Papa to join us. But we still had a great weekend with them, filled with playtime, exploration, and food!

We started off the weekend with a freezing trip to the pumpkin patch! Temps plummeted overnight, and we woke up to 36*F and wind! We met Ali, Ryan, and Justin at Didier, and the girls had a grand time being chauffered in a little red wagon and then riding the ponies together.

We indulged in some delicious treats like pumpkin and apple cider donuts, kettle corn, and candied pecans. SO GOOD.

The rest of their trip included some marathon spectating for Emmie and I

and then a family trip to the playground for some motorcycle riding and lots of play with the buckle turtle 😀 Thanks, Mimi and Papa!

*I got rather emotional watching the marathon. Yes, I was also having an allergy attack and my eyes were weepy, but , selfishly, I was accepting that I will not be running another marathon, if even a 5k. I really, really loved running marathons. Yes, I know I will find something else, and I absolutely don’t want to risk injury. But, still, I yearn for even the smallest run.*

We had lots of great time with friends over the past few weeks. We started off with taco tuesday at Tarascas with Ali, Ryan, and Justin, then fall fest at the zoo with Ali and Ryan,

Ali and Ryan met us as Present Place before we both went to lunch with friends. Emmie and I had a quick lunch (someone’s toofs were aching and she was tired) with our friend Katie. She just raised a ton of money with her husband, Ben, for CCFA via the Spin4 fundraiser!

We had another quick taco tuesday with Ryan and Ali at a new (to us) spot, and then the girls ran rampant after. Emmie was in rare form, shrieking for fun in the restaurant and trying to play peekaboo with the table cloth, lol.

Mom’s Night Out was this week at Jack’s Pumpkin Pop Up!

It ended up rather chilly, but we had a grand time there and then at Parlor Pizza after. I didn’t get home until well past my bedtime!

I am so thankful every day for these ladies, who not only keep me going during the day but also remind me that I can stay up past 9 oclock at night if I really want to!

We had a grand Saturday out with a visit to the Brookfield Zoo and a baby shower after! I didn’t realize that Boo in the Zoo was going on, so we were basically the only ones not in costume, and Mom forgot both her water bottle as well as her mini stroller, but she had fun being a “big girl” with a real water as well as running hither and thou for nearly 3 hours! She didn’t get a nap (a pattern she kept up the next day), but she had a great time, as did we!

Brunch with Ellen!! My lovely little *sister* came for a visit this weekend, and we had brunch with her and her boyfriend on Sunday. I have missed her terribly, and we barely got to speak when she was here for Emmie’s birthday party. I miss our dinners! HOW DID WE NOT TAKE A PIC??

After brunch, Instead of taking a nap, Emmie played around in her crib, eschewing a nap and singing “up and down” aka wheels on the bus as well as sitting with all of her animals around her saying “el-bow” and “kneeeee” to them. It was adorable.

Who is walking who?

After I messed up the laundry (I didn’t fully turn on the dryer, delaying our departure by an hour), we headed out to Ali’s parents for football Sunday. The girls had a smashing good time–Emmie is so much more comfortable and just jumps into playing at their home now.

Emmie likes to set up her people to eat. Often the little boy aka “Daddy” is set up across from her (“mama”!

Oh! During MNO, Daddy was in charge, and he and Emmie named her people Ali, Mama, and Daddy. So now she can carry us all around! It is perfect, because the “Ali” has long dark hair, “Mama” has blond hair, and “Daddy” has brown hair! Much better than “guuurl” and “boy-eee.”

“Ali” and “Nee-Nee” aka her little horse went with “Big Truck” on our journey and were the talk of the car ride. As always, we had a great time with them, and she was saying “Bye, Ah-Ali/Ry-Ry/Judy aka Justin” the whole way home. She is just the best nugget that ever nugget-ed.

We have another busy week ahead of us. Play dates, car servicing, and much more!

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