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Facial Hair to Flooding to Running to Food Weekend Recap


Good Monday, friends. It was quite a weekend for us all, wasn’t it? Let’s take a look at my weekend, which covered everything from facial hair to flooding to running to food and lastly, to heartache.

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Shall we start with facial hair? Whyyyyyy not. 

Thursday night, I finally got Alex’s face back as he shaved for the Mustachio Bashio, at Citizen Bar (decent beer selection, great atmosphere, slow service, and pretty mediocre food, though good Cajun fries). Remember a few weeks back when I went to Headquarters Beercade? This shindig was part of that series of social events for the residents at the end of the year, but this time they went without shaving for 4 weeks (well, a handful of them did it). This is the reason that I have been kissing a broom/Brillo Pad for the past 4 weeks, and I am SO GLAD to be done with it. Alex was done with it, too. The beard was itchy, and it impeded his eating. He went with a “monkey tail.”

Alex's "monkey tail" fun facial hair for the mustachio bashio!

It was great fun, though–one of the guys had an epic 70s handlebar stache and soul patch and FULL (as in, 4 piece) denim suit. It was pretty epic.

Friday, after I got out of work early, I came home, changed, and “might” have fixed myself a drink (hey, I finished the antibiotics, okay?), went out to our nearby park, and got my Vitamin D on.

Napping in the sun with a cocktail is the perfect way to spend a summer Friday in Chicago!

It was hot, I was NOT bothered, and it was heavenly. Alex had another end of year event that night (this one for the interns, who are now 2nd years! Congrats, newbies!), so we went to Gaslight for dinner. Or, should I say, we went to Gaslight for apps that we made into dinner. 

Gaslight Bar and Grille in Lincoln Park is a fantastic Four Corners Tavern with AMAZING Guacamole and Hummus! One of the best healthy appetizers in Chicago!

Turns out that Gaslight is part of the Four Corners Tavern Group, which also runs one of our other favorite bars, Benchmark. We were pretty pumped to discover that the seriousness that Benchmark takes with regards to their hummus and guacamole is honored at Gaslight. And that the Sriracha chicken sliders are just as delicious at our new haunt. I still got froyo on the way home (hey, it is on the way) and then went home and watched TV while Alex when to the event. 

Saturday I was up nice and early for Team Challenge, but it turns out that everyone was traveling or taken this week, so it was just Coach Bill and I! Oh, and yet again, we were #twinning like the champions that we are without any planning. Also, ironically wearing the reverse of our outfits from last week. It was warm, but my super cool, no sweating self and his runs hot, always sweating self (I say it with love, Coach ;D) had a great run with a few fun detours. 

Then I came home for a quick breakfast and shower before going to work, where I had a rare Saturday client, plus I wanted to see Tiffany. My second client ended up canceling, so I took the opportunity to head home early as I knew that the flooding specialists and our landlord were coming by to check out the damage from Wednesday’s flood

Or, as Tiffany so awesomely coined it, #SuzFlood2016. 

The news? Not so awesome, and right now, we are just crossing our fingers that the industrial fans will work and we/he (our landlord) won’t have to replace the floors. 

After those shenanigans, we went out for a fantastic lunch of a massive cobb salad, salmon burger, and swoon worthy sweet potato wedge fries at Standard Market and Grill.

How delicious is this salmon burger and sweet potato fries from Standard Market and Grill in Lincoln Park Chicago?

Oooooohhhhh yes #healthyfoodporn

After dealing with laundry and our new industrial fan situation, Alex and I head out for a nice long walk over to Oz Park, which he hadn’t seen before. We also picked up this amazing book which is one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen in a while.

TRex Trying by Hugh Murphy is a hilarious book that is perfect for any Trex Tuesday lover! @suzlyfe

Seriously, I’m obsessed with this book.

The rest of the night was low key, but I made baked cod and roasted potatoes (I got a Hello Fresh deal) and we watched some Netflix. 

Hello Fresh Lemon and Dill Baked Cod en Papilotte with roasted potatoes and red peppers. Light and delicious for summer!

Sunday, I got up and went for a run (I needed to switch my running days this week because of my schedule, and this allowed me to do that) and it was a picture perfect running day, if a bit windy. The entire day was 25* cooler than the day before!

A beautiful view of the Chicago skyline from the Fullerton S Curve on a gorgeous summer morning! Perfect running weather.

Alex and I did our gym, grocery, lunch bit, and then lazed around for the rest of the day, doing work with the TV on in the background.

From facial hair to stuffing her face, I love @suzlyfe's weekend recaps! #sweatpink #chicago Click To Tweet

I am going to say a little bit about the tragedy that occurred at Pulse Orlando because there is just no way I can recap this weekend without mentioning what happened. I am working on a post that goes a bit more in depth into the issue, but for now, I just want to express my deepest sympathies for all of those effected, especially those directly involved as victims, spectators, and families of all.

I will be back with more thoughts, as this event impacted me deeply, but I just want to offer love and support to the world. I wish I could give blood, but I cannot because of medical reasons, but I ask that anyone who can, please contribute. 

To end on a positive note, how was your weekend?

Has your significant other ever shaved a weird beard for something?

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