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Hola, amigos! How we doin? I want to begin first by saying that I have had the time of my life writing this blog over the past few months, but I feel that it is time for me to move on. I’m just not seeing the results that I wanted, and that has been really, really hard for me. Plus, I just can’t balance it and the demands of my life on a daily basis. So I want to thank you, all of you, from the bottom of my heart, for the support that the lucky few have extended my way.

NOT. You wish.

WELCOME TO THE CRAZY THAT IS MY BRAIN! And thank you, Amanda, for giving me an open forum upon which to unleash this Kraken of a mind 😀


0) Right now, long on to your Instagram and follow me: The_Suzlyfe. Do it. Now. Funny story, I created a Suzlyfe account, linked it to my email, but before I could even log on it decided that I was acting inappropriately (for once, this happened prior to any incident, I swear) and disabled my account. And it won’t let me start a new account from the same email. Also, Instagram has the worst support system of all time, and no way to contact actual people. So I have to use a very old extra email and thus the extended moniker. Truly a Suzlyfe moment.

Even TC wants to help me. But, like him, I am past hope.

Even TC wants to help me. But, like him, I am past hope.

1) My body actually does hate me. It has been doing so solid this week with adding running back in to my life. And I had a fantastic, intense yoga practice yesterday (worked on some inversions, which are doing a great job of showing me how much stronger my core has become over the course of the month, and also how much better my hamstring is doing, though it is still really hard to release), and then walking home, I was like, that’s weird, it kinda hurts for me to walk at the topmost point of my ankle (interior side). So now it doesn’t feel great to press off of my big toe on my left foot. FML. Giveth, taketh. Taylor Swift should make a song about it.

Pretty sure my body does think this

Pretty sure my body does think this

2) I am loving geeking out over my NASM study material. The true rationality behind myofascial release? Static stretching? Yes please.

Admit it, it's funny.

Admit it, it’s funny.

3) Runnerd moment #3000 of yesterday: the arrival of my Isokinetic balance board that I will be using for ankle mobility and proprioception (basically, the ability of your body to sense where it is in space and relative to itself). In a perfect world, I would get a BAPS board, but those run between $500-$1700, depending on the set you get. YEAHNOGONHAPPEN. What I affectionately refer to as “BAPS-ing” at PT can now happen at home! YAAAAYYY.


4) No, I am not stopping the blog, let’s face it, you all are the only people I talk to all day. Well, that is, other than the cat, and she is driving me bananas right now.

cat on laptop

5) I am now convinced that the majority of you that do grace this blog only read it so that you can tell me how much you love my mom. Hands off, b*tches. She is all mines. That said, I am thinking the Madrebamus (one of my nicknames for her) might need to take over the blog in the near future. Thoughts? Tell me topics you want to force her to cover in the comments!

Look what I do to her.

Look what I do to her.

6) Madrebamus = Madre (my best friend growing up took Spanish–we were always around Hispanics at the barn, thus we spoke in Spanglish from time to time–and she would refer to mothers as Madres, this rubbed off on me) + bamus (NERD when conjugating the imperfect tense in Latin, -bamus is the 1st person plural ending. I thought it was funny). Over time it just stuck. Until this past year, when I had to clean up my phone numbers, her caller ID in my phone would say Madrebamus (Maiden Name). It became confusing because she had 3 different id’s in my phone, so I had to scale back.


7) I love the BETTY WHO EP. If you haven’t become acquainted, do so now, please and thank you.

8) I tried to switch up things a little bit at lunch yesterday and last night. Had actual (and really tasty) roast beef with some fun strange flavor combinations and then shrimp and spaghetti for dinner.


Not much, but a start. The creative juices were not really flowing, as I had (for unknown reasons) gotten basically no sleep the night before. I do remember Zoe walking on my back at one point. Freak.


9) When it rains, it pours: I have 2 major discounts to enjoy at 2 major athletic apparel stores. And a $50 gift certificate (out of nowhere) to the furniture store that we got our sectional from. When I don’t have money/access to things, all I want is everything. And then when I finally have the chance, my mind is blank, and I have no idea. Mind. Boggled.

Bahahahahaha I know who else will like this :D

Bahahahahaha I know who else will like this 😀

10) All I want to do is rewind Rascal Flatt’s “Rewind.”

What are some of your favorite songs of the moment?

What would you want to hear from my mom? And yes, I am volunteering her for this.

Last geek out moment?

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