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Everything is Awesome [Thinking Out Loud}

Let’s start the day off right.

If that doesn’t make you obscenely pumped up about life, then this will.

The-Virtual-Pug-RunI saw this, I believe, on Danielle’s Facebook first, and a few other places, but then when I saw it yesterday on Annmarie’s blog, and found out what it was all about, as well as the fact that the creator is from/in Chicago, I decided “why the f not?”  Shannyn of Frugal Beautiful created the Virtual Pug Run 5k/10k/1 miler to raise money for Northern Illinois Pug Rescue as her fiance is training for the Chicago Marathon. Her goal is to raise enough money to save 26.2 pugs (I wonder what they will do with the other.8 pug…) or $7,860. The race is $27 + a small processing fee (I think it was less that $5) with the option for further donation. And you get the medal (regardless). Done. So that happened during my lunch break yesterday 😀

And Caitlin. You better do this. Or the pug pillow that I gave you is a lie. ps I love you and am so excited for you on so many levels.

Other things that happened in the past 24 hours? Ange nominated me for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I will destroy her. Slash throw Zoe at her. Don’t worry, I am going to do it, but I need the hubs (who is on call right now) to hold the phone for me, so it will be happening this weekend.

PS, if you haven’t read Ange’s Perceived vs Reality post (as well as Danielle’s), do it. Blogger honesty, it only makes us love them more! And speaking of, this was my dinner last night–after prepping for Alex’s lunch (chicken, quinoa, veggies, marinara sauce), I was over the whole cooking thing, plus I wasn’t that hungry (you know that I am no good at not sampling) so I had a French Toast-like thing (basically, bread swimming in egg) with string cheese. Don’t worry, I ate a ton the rest of the day, but once again, Alex gets aaaallllllll the good stuff.

Except this was allllll mine. The last of the banana split ice cream, sunflower butter, and the last of my triple chocolate protein muffins.

Except this was allllll mine. The last of the banana split ice cream, sunflower butter, and the last of my triple chocolate protein muffins.

And, actually, I thought of another point that I wanted to add on–I get the feeling that you all perceive that Alex and I gluttonize all over Chicago all.the.time. Which, yes, is kinda true (we do gluttonize). But we really don’t go crazy and eat out all the time. We went a little hog wild with my family, but that is largely because it was a) someone else’s dime (I’ll admit it) b) this was our chance and c) larger group. I’m very picky about the places that we go to eat (whether we are paying or someone else is)–I take great pride in making good selections! And, if we are going to go out, you know that I am going to get my $$ worth. So we go out about 1x week, but we make it count. This weekend was a REAL treat. And it was fantastic, but my stomach is still normalizing, honestly!


Speaking of delicious food, Blaze happened again 2 nights ago. I finished mine when Alex still had another piece left. LAME SAUCE. But I got a few less toppings than usual (again, trying to normalize), but got all the good stuff regardless.

A few more awesomely random, but shorter, thoughts:

If you were wondering, it is really difficult to type with a cat ON YOUR ARM.

Who puts a box of cereal laid flat at the base of your grocery bag? Underneath everything else? Why not just put my bread on the bottom as well? And then set it on fire?

My phone battery decided to stop participating in life this weekend. Like, went from having an AMAZING life to being useless. NOT. OK.

Going back to LEGO Movie, Alex’s and my last 4 Netflix selections have been Gravity, Frozen, Despicable Me 2, and LEGO Movie. I don’t remember what the 2 were before that, but after having The Wrestler for nearly 6 + months without watching it, we decided to pick movies that we knew we would be down with watching regardless of our days. In short, #nomoredrama.

Coming soon.

Coming soon.

Last things (we are keeping it short and sweet today!): I am in the midst of inhaling my Chocolate Zucchini Protein Bread (recipe to come!) after finishing the muffins. OMG you guys, this might be better than…. well… sliced bread.

Also, I am starting up my work Instagram account! So, if you want to see some cool pics of Chicago buildings, food, and lifestyle, be sure to start following ChiSignature. Also, for you ice cream-lovers out there, I just published a post on the blog about the best ice cream flavors to buy or make to wrap up the summer with.


Even if you don’t live in Chicago, check it out for some incredible flavor combos as well as some great recipes (including amazing quick and vegan recipes!).



Another blog post that you all might find interesting is how to pack for an all-day excursion or day trip. Make sure that you are prepared but not weighed down by unnecessary things!

Labor Day plans? Ice cream plans?

Do you bag your own groceries or are you less of a control freak than me (I literally pulled everything out after I paid and rebagged the entire thing) and let other people do it?


A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

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