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Establishing Balance in Life – Thinking Out Loud


This week has been full of thick posts, so I want to lighten things up a bit. After all, isn’t a huge part of taking back your life about finding balance? This week I’m working on re-establishing that balance in life.

Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!

I’m really digging getting back to these more off the cuff, spur of the moment posts–I love having these conversations with you all! Sure, product reviews are great, and, in fact, expect a great recipe and review tomorrow from one of my favorite companies! But what I love more than anything about this space is the writing, the dialogue, the stories, and the fun life hacks, recipes, reviews of restaurants (not that Alex and I have really gone anywhere new recently!), and random mind musings.

I’ve obviously had a lot on my mind of late, but I feel like this week my brain has really evened out, thanks in large part to a real effort at living in moment last week after being all up in my head the week before. I am hoping that, moving forward, I can work toward my dreams of the future (thanks to my sassy kick in the pants from Lauryn and the Skinny Confidential Book) –in my head work + productivity–while also living the moment (action, rather than mental), and learning from the past, but not dwelling on it (mental). It isn’t going to be seamless, but you’ve gotta try, right? 

And speaking of trying, even if everything goes awry, I want to thank you all again for sending good vibes to Alex. He also is doing much better–fighting the fight, as it were. Even after a long day, he is back to coming home tired but content, and his bicep is hurting less and less. 

Speaking of working out, I am having so much fun with Class Pass right now! I think I’ll do another After the Marathon post regarding what I am up to, but suffice it to say, I am taking advantage of the service while also running as I see fit. Fitness, as well as just flat out life–all about balance, baby. As least in my case!

new balance windblocker jacket

Or get this jacket (which is from New Balance and I am obsessed with (from the Fashion Show) and just got in black on freaking sale. WINNING

Geez, I am segueing like a champ right now. #winning

The other side of activity? That would be rest, and sleep. I am happy to report (KNOCK WOOD) That I have been sleeping a bit better at least over the past few nights. Definitely has something to do with my new mentality!

Also putting in an amazing mood? This video (which you might have seen on Tiff’s blog, but she got it from me, so I’m stealing it back):

As I said on FB, if this doesn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know if you soul. Start dancing, fools. 

And I have to give a major shout out to my girl Whitney. Mama is KILLING IT with her workouts. If you ever need a smile (and don’t have time for the video), check out her Instagram, where you will find pics of her sweaty mess of a self and her adorable family.

Also, her bday is on Saturday so show her some love! And quick other aside, one of my clients and I just discovered that we were born on the exact same day. #epic #destinedforgreatness


 I was definitely reminded of the power of social media at helping to provide motivation and inspiration last week, and she is definitely someone who reminds me to find the fight within. After all, I give her the workouts, but SHE is doing the work. SHE is finding the fight. And because Tina loves it….

baby fist pump 2

And for busty girls–check out Whit’s post yesterday about finding the proper bra!

So that you can do this

So that you can do this

Alright, some serious thoughts, lots of nonsense, and a few reminders to be sure to live the life you are given. That doesn’t mean accepting defeat, etc, it just means that you have to make relevant choices for where you are in life and where you want to be. Don’t regret the past–it has gotten you where you are now. And if you are living, breathing, and still fighting? That is a pretty great place. Even if you are still dealing with freaking snow. 

the skinny confidential book review fitness

imagine you are doing lunges here instead

Still need a kick in the pants and another injection of sassitude? Check out my review and giveaway of Lauryn Evarts The Skinny Confidential book!

Happy Thursday! 

What is currently on your mind? Who else put their big girl panties on this week?

I know a lot of us are feeling a bit out of whack right now, so share your strategies for finding the balance again!

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