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Essential Foods and Drinks (Friday Five + Favorites)


What are your essential foods and drinks? I think runners, are, by and large, creatures of habit. Here are five foods and drinks that I have every single day!

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My Essential Foods and Drinks

I think chronological order would be the best way to go about this. I can’t prioritize my loves.

1) Coffee

Yes, I do believe in “I am going to take over the world, but first, coffee.” Yes, I do have coffee 2-3 times a day. But here is where I rip the floor out from underneath you: I drink black decaf coffee–except in the morning, when I have quarter-caffeinated coffee. But coffee is as much a ritual for me as getting up to do blog things: it is programmed into me and a part of my life. Could I give it up? Yes, and I have in the past. But do I want to? NOPE. Coffee is like a warm hug from my mom (since I can’t always get the real thing from my mom. When she is here, you know that we go for coffee, and it is like… well, you know!). 

2) Chocolate



And yes, we are still in the morning here. Chocolate is something that, like coffee, is just a part of my life. As I am sure that my mom will talk about in the comments 😀 my first taste of chocolate happened when I was mere days old and my brother shoved a giant Mrs. Field’s chocolate chip cookie in my tiny mouth to “share.” I’ve never turned back. I keep M&M’s in my fridge in a baggie, and I grab like 2-3 after breakfast. In the morning or midday/after lunch, I will have another smidge of the good stuff, it is likely that I will a chocolate accented something for my midafternoon snack, and there will be a recurrence of it that evening. And yes, I do keep chocolate in my purse. And desk. And squirreled away. I don’t go nuts with it, but it is a necessity.

3) Carrots

What foods do you eat everyday? I love carrots! Like this bunny in heaven with carrots meme

Although I’ve been a carrot muncher for a long time (hello, I grew up riding horses!), I started my baby carrot consumption in high school as a replacement for sweets and trying to put good things in my body rather than not so great options. At the highest point, I would go through a pound bag in 2 days. Now, I am much more metered about it, but carrots will always be my first veggie to grab. And like the chocolate, you better believe that I have some baby carrots in the morning!

4) Salad

I know this isn’t a specific food, but it is part of my life I LOVE salad. I love the crispness, the refreshment, the flavor, the texture, the customization and options, and layers of awesome. I really am a salad ho, and I am proud of it. I start 95% of my nonbreakfast meals with salad (yep, even brunch! Or I will have tomatoes with my omelet). Or a giant entree salad from Whole Foods with unlimited sides (had one last night). Salad is my spirit animal: complex, layered, and usually cold haha.

5) Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a staple in my life. I opt for plain Greek yogurt and then add in flavors myself. I will also include Siggi’s in this, even though I know that it is skyr, a slightly different preparation. I love the consistency, the flavor, and the nutritional punch of both skyr and Greek yogurt. I buy the big containers and then some small containers of flavors that are low in sugar (I like Light and Fit Greek (yes, I know it is fake, I’m ok with it) and Chobani Simply 100). I love to have it by itself or layered with cereal and pb. 

Notice something scandalizing: I’m not including ice cream. I have had ice cream 2-3 times since the beginning of last December. WHAT. With my injury last year, I shifted my focus to higher quality calories to fuel my recovery, and I also jut lost my appetite and caloric cravings with the decrease in my activity. But I’m sure if I were to train for something, it would re-emerge 😀

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Your turn! What are your essential foods and drinks?

Do you drink regular or decaf coffee, black or with milk, or tea?

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