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Endless Summer (What I am Taking With Me)

I am determined to have an endless summer. As much as I love fall and pumpkin and crispy leaves and flannel, there are certain parts of summer that I am determined to take with me.

With all the craziness of this season, I feel like the summer flew by, and that I missed out on some really fabulous parts of it. Can you believe that I only laid out once this summer, and it was this weekend? That said, there were some pretty spectacular parts of this summer that I heartily enjoyed, and I am determined to take with me into the next season (and the next, likely!).

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Hummus Plate Dinners

Warm weather rocks! We love our snack plate dinners of veggies, chips, and hummus on our balcony!1

I can’t tell you how often we had hummus, veggies, chicken/chicken sausage, and tortilla chips with a cold beer out on the balcony this summer. Though I have a feeling it will be too cold to enjoy these dinners al fresco in a few months, I can tell you that they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. We had yet another round yesterday (but this time I burnt the tortilla chips, whoooooopsies). Also, McCormick Beer Can Chicken Spice blend is delicious. Just saying. 

Coconut La Croix

This has been the summer of coconut La Croix for me. I’ve been a La Croix fan for a long time, but this summer, I got obsessed with the coconut flavor. OBSESSED. It is pretty much the only flavor that I buy cases of, and then I have the other flavors piecemeal at Whole Foods or wherever. And I made a smoothie with it yesterday!

Protein Smoothies

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides is my favorite protein powder for protein smoothies. Blends PERFECTLY and no grit, sugar, or nonsense! I love it! Get the review at

Speaking of, this has been the summer of protein smoothies. Green Blender started to change my mind about smoothies in February, trying Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides and Cocoa Whey + Coconut Water protein powder mid summer made me a fan, and now with my commitment to replace the weight I lost during my stress stoked Crohn’s Disease flare, they aren’t going anywhere. In fact, no lie, I am drinking one right now (now being as I write this). 

Marathon Training Diet

Take me out to the ballgame! Who doesn't love a beer and Cracker Jack? Perfect for a Cubs game at Wrigley Field

Regardless of how much I am running or working out, I am going to continue fueling like a beast. Lots of nut butter (and Clif Nut Butter Filled Bars!), protein smoothies, snacks, and yes, a beer or drink every now and then (until we restart the fertility treatments) to keep the calories, protein, and healthy fats coming. You all know I get my carbs in–I’ve called for a carbtervention in the past!

Running Outside

There is nothing so glorious as a perfect run! @suzlyfe

We have, by and large, had a spectacularly pleasant summer. Right around the 80s, of course with some warmer days (remember leading up to our first race?). I know that as it gets colder, I am going to be less inclined to run outside, particularly if I am not training for something. However, I want to make sure that I don’t stop running outside, if for no other reason than for Alex and I to run together! 

Trying to Convince Myself to Lift More

at least you tried meme

This is going to be an ongoing battle for a while, I am sure. I started getting back to lifting heavier around midsummer, but then my SI joint started to give me some trouble again and I got pretty darn sick, so I basically focused on survival. However, a recent new pursuit has helped me get more motivated to get back to the weight room to work on my unilateral exercises, particularly for my glutes and core. More information on that pursuit tomorrow!

Getting Inspired by the Trials of Life

Thankful Thursday time! Practice gratitude during bad times--they will make the good times all the more sweet.

Life has certainly thrown me some curveballs over the past year: breaking my back, getting laid off, anxiety and depression flare ups, Crohn’s Disease flare, and needing to step back in our fertility journey, to name a few. But even so, I am trying to see each of these obstacles as side steps, not steps back. I decided to start my journey of writing a book and I am about to announce and debut a new initiative (separate from the book, which I see as a long term project) in the next few weeks.

For Suz, certain parts of summer are endless #fitfluential #running #health Click To Tweet

Summer may be winding down, but as far as I am concerned, it doesn’t have to be over! I want to take the same excitement and openness to new adventures into the next season! 

What are you taking with you from this summer into the next season?

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