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Encouragement: The Power of the Shout Out



One of the most powerful methods of encouragement is the shout out! Never underestimate the power you have to make someone else’s day and give them an extra boost. 

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One of the most powerful methods of encouragement is the shout out! Never underestimate the power you have to make someone else's day and give them an extra boost. @suzlyfe

This past weekend, I let one of my clients down. I didn’t trust my intuition (aka I wasn’t sure that it was him) and as a result, I didn’t accost him with a shout out as he entered the pain cave portion of his race. 

Shameful. I of all people know how important the shout out is. 

Encouragement and The Power of the Shout Out

Who doesn’t love a good shout out, right? Shout out to your mama, your brother, the people who wrote the film, the Academy, sure, why not a shout out to Jesus (regardless of your status of belief, you know that it happens).  But I’m not talking about acceptance speech shout outs, though they certainly qualify. Motivation can come from anyone, anything, and at any time. I want to talk about something a bit more innocent. The “you’re killing it” or even the “I know you” or the “I like your pants” shout out.

new old navy floral pant suz

Side story: Alex once told a nurse or fellow med student (when he was in med school) that he really liked her pashmina and it basically made her die and then come back to life. Then she said, “you obviously have a girlfriend.” I’ve trained the boy well.

Recognition. We all seek it in various ways.

A huge part of living is seeking recognition, and a huge part of confidence and satisfaction regardless of circumstances is knowing that you don’t need recognition to consider your job well done.

Still, there is something so uplifting about having your name mentioned in a positive way. To know that your efforts and time here on Earth are not wasted on others. That someone has noticed you (hopefully for positive reasons). One could say that at the heart of the shout out is a sort of egotism and competitiveness—the fact that you are selected above all others. But, again, let’s focus on the power of the shout out in a positive light.

As I mentioned in my Ragnar post, at the start of my first leg I heard “Omg! That’s my coach!” and it I had been so nervous about my foot and about my ability to run the entire thing that hearing those words just took me out of my body and mind for a second and then set me firmly back in the moment, thereby allowing me just to run. And run for the pure and natural good of it.

Running Happy.

Running Happy.

How many times have you been “shouted out” in a race from some random person and it totally revolutionized your experience? That’s why I love it when they put your name on your bib. When I ran my first Team Challenge race, I was registered as Susan, and hey kept calling out GO SUSAN! And I kept wanting to say THAT’S NOT MY NAME. I’ve made sure that the bibs have said “Susie” ever since! I want to know that you are yelling at MMEEEEEEEE.

I hope that they know that this is what happens when I volunteer...

I hope that they know that this is what happens when I volunteer…

PS, if you’ve never been cheered on by Marcia, Emily, and Erica during the Chicago Marathon, go sign up for it right now just so that you can have the experience.

So if you are ever questioning whether or not to pick out that random person in the crowd and say YOU GO GLEN COCO. Well, you go, Glen Coco. Shout that out. Bonus points if you know them, but let’s be honest, even being acknowledged by a stranger feels gooooooood. So go on: take it upon yourself to make someone’s day with a little motivation in the form of a shout out. 

Matthew McConaughey Oscar Acceptance Speech

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When was a time that someone gave you an unexpected shout out that totally rocked your world?

Make a point to give someone an unexpected shout out today! Shout out in the comments!

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