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Empowering Quotes To Help Maintain Perspective


Every now and then, you just need a few empowering quotes to maintain perspective. Here are some of my recent favorite quotes that I’ve been keeping in mind.

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It is no secret that I’ve had some heavier issues on my mind of late. I’ve been open about my anxiety and about how I’ve had some moments over the past few months, particularly since my injury, where I’ve found myself a little bit stuck. Though I am not the type that typically relies on “motivation quotes” in an ideaboard way, I am finding value in returning to certain empowering quotes in order to help maintain perspective and mitigate anxiety.

Empowering Quotes That Help Maintain Perspective

I wanted to share a few of my recent favorite empowering quotes to help maintain perspective in the hopes that they might be useful to some of you when you are struggling. I also recommend my top motivational quotes for tough days. I am not going to lie, I have repeatedly reminded myself that I have made it through all of the rough days so far…

Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends. You are enough!

The reason I love this quote is not with regards to thinking, “Oh, yeah, I am so beautiful!” Rather, this quote and the idea that there is gold at both ends of your rainbow means that there is success and a pot of gold waiting for you at either end of your rainbow–the gold may be different, but as long as you make a move in one direction or another, you will find gold for yourself. Keep moving forward and love yourself because gold is gold, dammit. Doesn’t matter what it looks like!

You are the most influential person that you will talk to today. Make the most of it!

The idea that you are the most influential person you will talk to all day to me takes two meanings: a) you have the power to be the most influential person in any room you walk into and b) you have the greatest impact on your day of all people. So when you walk into a room, OWN IT, and when you talk to yourself, make sure that what you say is appropriate, constructive, and empowering.

Adversity brings growth and takes you to the next level, as Malcolm X says in this empowering quote.

I love this. Anyone who has trained for a marathon can DEFINITELY attest to the fact that the easy runs are lovely, but it is the tough runs that make us who we are, that prepare us and build our mental strength. Every time that you find yourself fighting a wall, think of it not as a wall but as a seed that you are going to cultivate.

If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission. Show initiative!

Again, another quote that serves multiple meanings. One the one hand, stop getting in your own damn way. On the other hand, take initiative and achieve greatness yourself. Stop waiting for someone to give your permission to achieve your greatness.

You can't please everyone all the time, so honestly keep yourself motivated with what you care about, and do the best you can. You will be more productive if your try to achieve your own high expectations than others'.

The other day, I was having a bit of a rough time with a few issues that I am working through when until my husband said just the right thing: You can’t please everyone all the time, so honestly keep yourself motivated with what you care about, and do the best you can. You will be more productive if your try to achieve your own high expectations than others’.

Every now and then, I think maybe that kid is smart. And that speaks for itself.

Now go out, seize the day, the weekend, and own that farmer’s market tomorrow ;D

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What helps you get through those times of wavering?

What are you up to this weekend?

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