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Empowering Others Empowers Me

I am increasingly realizing just how much empowering others empowers me. Ironically, I realized this because I was unable to run the Boston Marathon. Let me explain.

Of course, I have to congratulate all of my friends, blends, social media friends, and all the strangers who I will never every meet on running the Boston Marathon yesterday. 

You know what I did instead of running, or even watching, the Boston Marathon? I realized, even more:

Empowering Others Empowers Me

Instead of being in Boston working towards my own #lifemoment, I ran my own race, for myself and for my family and my future. I wanted so badly to run outside, but I knew that if I did, there was no way I would stick to my intervals (which are getting longer, but still!). Consequently, I took my run to the treadmill (I was a gud goirl, I was). Luckily, the treadmills at the gym are right in front of floor to ceiling windows, so I could take in the lovely morning light.

Then I took a shower, shoved a nutrition bar in my gob, and trained two clients, and they sort of blew their own minds by what I had them do. For my first client, I shortened his recovery interval and made him WORK for it. Over the past month of us working together, he has gotten stronger, he is so much more stable, and he is able to do more during our sessions.

You Got This Meme

My second client is an elderly spitfire of a lady who has been somewhat trapped in her body, and we are helping her find out what she can do. I love watching her face light up as she gains more and more confidence! She may be 79, but she is more dedicated to training than just about anyone I know. She came in early to practice her exercises from our previous session, and I have no doubt that she will do her “homework.” I love watching her live beyond expectations.

This is why I coach. This is why I am in personal training. Empowering others empowers me.

Living with a chronic illness, after an injury that made me scared to move and feeling like I was unable to participate in life, I know what it is like to feel like you are trapped in your own body. I know what it is like to peel back those layers and, piece by piece, discover that you are able to do something again, however mundane. To feel empowered again.

I love helping people blow their own minds. Watching as they find new power and empowerment where before there might have been doubt or even dislike. I redirect when my clients talk about losing flab etc–I know that they need to get it out, and that they feel safe with me to talk about it. But I don’t want that to be their focus. Instead, we focus on the work of the move, the grit that they are showing as they push through that last rep, the new gains in stability or strength.

I understand what drives them, even if I don’t realize it at first. I understand what it is like to be uncomfortable in your body (either through pain or not being happy with how it looks) and how amazing discovering that there is a) something you can do about it and b) that there are ways that you can work on it right now is just about the most profound moment of your day. 

First continuous 2 mile run since my sacral stress fracture on my birthday and in the SNOW. Thanks, Chicago winter! @suzlyfe

I have a client with a currently broken wrist and a recently healed broken leg (he had a rough winter, lol). But I did some sleuthing and came across a new idea of ways that we can still work on upper body without putting his injury at risk. I seriously felt like a rockstar when I had the idea, no joke. Now I just hope that it works! 

Empowering others empowers me. I may not be living up to my “academic” potential, but I feel like I am fulfilling one of the missions of my life. 

I just got hired as the new Member Experience Manager and Head of Personal Training for Anytime Fitness Chicago North! @Suzlyfe

Did I fulfill a current life goal yesterday? No, but I fulfilled a part of my life mission. And I was ok with missing Boston.

.@suzlyfe traded the #BostonMarathon for something smaller, but greater #empowerothers #fitfluential Click To Tweet

Tell me something that fulfills you?

Do you know what you consider to be your life mission?

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