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Emotional Support Chips (7 Months + Friday Catch Up 8/24)

This week was a DOOZY between colonoscopy prep, the colonoscopy itself, trying to feed Emmie, and then trying to feel like myself again. Thank goodness my mom was here! Telling you about it in the Friday Catch Up!

First, though, some discount codes and other opportunities for you!

Ok, back to life back to reality. Did you see the Weekend Catch Up from Monday? So many great memories!

Friday Catch Up 8/24

1 ) My colonoscopy is over, and I am cleared and good to go for another few years! Thank goodness, because the prep is NOT easy for me. Even my GI husband, who literally spends his call nights fielding SOS’s from people who are having the scope procedure and having trouble with the prep (not working, nausea, etc), thinks that my body’s reaction, or lack thereof, to the prep solution is awe-inspiring. 

As in, my body doesn’t react.

I shit you not (and there is not way to not make that play on words), by Monday night, I had done an entire day of prep (a full week of laxatives in 6 hours), and nothing had happened. NOTHING. Other than cramping and bloating on my end. Tuesday, I started in the morning, and did another full week’s worth of Miralax during the day, and I was only making minimal progress and feeling pretty terrible from not eating any solid foods + nothing actually going through me. 

Then I did another week of Miralax in the wee hours of the morning. As I pumped. I didn’t go tons, but luckily, by the time we got into the pre-procedure area, I was cleared out. And so, so ready to be done. 

I won’t go into detail as to how miserable I was. The misery came and went. But it sucked. It is over. Let’s move on.

The scope was A+ (and squeaky clean), my biospsies were negative, my labs look good, and I am FREE AS A BIRD after a summer of a lot of time spent dealing with my Crohns (all of those infusions from a month ago…). Now I just have to get Remicade next month… and then start to talk to our fertility people about getting my next egg retrievals done (so that they are under the same insurance year as Emmie’s birth).

2) Mom has been here this week, and it has been a godsend. Not just because she has been able to take over and help with Em when literally felt like ::poop emoji:: but also because we got to spend some more great time together! 

She’s been getting in some SERIOUS Emmie time–there were parts of Monday and Tuesday where I was pretty useless because of how unwell I was feeling. And though it seemed like there is no way that it is possible, Mom swears Emmie is bigger than she was just a few weeks, and it must be true, because the shoes that we debuted just the other week don’t go on her feet anymore!

We hung around the apartment Monday and Tuesday and just played with Emmie. Wednesday, she took care of the nugget while I was at the hospital, and then she met me with her at Yolk so I could #refuel (and goodness, did I!). We were pretty lucky to actually see a decent amount of Alex, too, and we ate dinner al fresco in the gorgeous weather both Wednesday and Thursday. 

3) Thursday was super fun, as well, as Emmie, Mom, and I went to Broadway and Me! They performed Rock of Ages, a musical perfect for Emmie and her “big” hair, lol. She is just getting more and more interactive each time I take her, and I love that they are getting to know her as well. She really studies each instrument that they bring out, and though she will try to play with or use them, she is much more interested in studying the thing in her hand.

No lie, I give the kid a purple plastic spoon, and she is entranced for a good 10 minutes. I keep one in the stroller. 

Em is continuing to sleep like a champ at night, with only one earlier wake up and feed situation and a few wake up and go back to sleep situations. She was also able to get herself to sleep without me nursing her Wednesday night, but the bottle/sippy cup/drink milk not from the boob continues to be an issue. I actually had a really emotional moment on Wednesday when I was trying to feed her, but she wouldn’t take the sippy cup or bottle. I couldn’t breastfeed because of the sedation from my procedure.

She was crying because she was hungry, and I was crying because I was so tired (I had basically gotten 3-5 broken hours of sleep thanks to prep and pumping and not being able to get back to sleep) and frustrated and hormonal (your kid crying like that f’s you up) and just so sad because I didn’t know what to do or how to make it better.

Enter the emotional support chips that I consumed while taking Em and Ridley for a walk. I was just drained and DGAF and needed the salty goodness of a yellow corn tortilla chip. 

Alex had some success the next morning with her taking a bottle, so we know she will do it, she is being super stubborn. But after she slept the entire night with only a lightly wet diaper (which is usually soaked by the morning), continued to fuss after Alex got in the shower, and refused the bottle from me, I had to nurse her because I was concerned for her hydration levels (she hadn’t drank enough the day before either). 

So, to make a very long story short, weaning is going poorly, and formula is probably a long time off. I’m going to regroup this weekend.

4) This weekend should be a blast! After being really chill this whole week thanks to the colonoscopy, I am planning on going to Stroller Strides today, though we might be pushed inside by weather. 

Tomorrow Alex and Emmie and Ali’s husband and Ryan are going to do the Bubbles Academy music class for babies in the morning, and then we are having an adult night with them and going to dinner with them while Sarah watches Emmie! Sunday, an old friend of ours is coming to spend the day and night with us, and I think we are planning on going to Bitter Pops to use a Groupon before it expires. 

I haven’t even looked at what is on the agenda for next week. I had to get through this week first! 

Oh, and I don’t want to be near chicken broth or Gatorade again for a long, long time. 

Can you believe Emmie is 7 months old?

How is it almost September? Are you looking forward to fall or wanting to hold onto summer?

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